Texas Aggies Defeat t.u. 24-17!

Like many of their games, the Texas Aggies came through when it counted Thursday night in defeating the evil-orange-empire Austin, a.k.a., t.u. longhorns, with a defense that stepped up when it needed and a Cyrus Gray who stepped us for 223 yards rushing and two touchdowns. That was the most ever for an Aggie back against Texas.

Von Miller also stepped up to make several key defensive plays with three sacks, a fumble recovery and an interception which sealed the game for the Aggies with a little over two minutes to go.

The t-sips were moving the ball with determination and it looked like they would be able to score a tying touchdown with just under 3 minutes to go. I remember thinking to myself that if they did indeed score the touchdown and tie up the game, there would be just enough time to take the ball down and get a field goal for the victory. The Aggies didn’t need it because Von Miller dropped back into coverage instead of rushing the passer and picked off the ball ending t.u.’s hope. It was sweet and a wonderful end for a defense that has stepped up for the past six games. I would have to say that the Wrecking Crew Defense is definitely back in town.

Yet the most explosive plays came from Cyrus Gray. He had two touch down runs of 84 yards and 48 yards. This really showed how explosive he can be. It was also his sixth game in a row with 100 yards plus in rushing, doubling the effort for 223 total yards. That was the first time a running back has had more than 200 yards for the Aggies since 1995, when Leland McElroy did it. That was back in the Clinton Administration. That is a long time and shows that we haven’t had a dominant running back in years. Just part of the puzzle.

That most awesome aspect of the game was knowing that it kept the t-sips out of bowl contention for the first time under Mack Brown’s leadership. The t-sips ended the season at 5-7, with a losing record (their first losing season since 1997) and a chance for all their players to get plenty of rest during the Christmas holidays because they will be sitting on the couch, eating Hot Tamales watching everyone else play football. The longhorns must be really smarting since they just played for a National Championship back in January and here they are not even getting to a bowl. That makes the Alabama win over Texas in January much sweeter.

Some of you might ask, “But Timothy, don’t you want texas to do well when they play outside the conference?” No, no I don’t! As my father says, “They could be playing North Korea and I hope they lose.”

Other records to fall this season for the t-sips, they also lost to Oklahoma State and Baylor for the first time in 12 years! Ouch! They get to sit at home!

Here are a couple more notes from David Ubben, ESPN’s reporter that covers the Big 12:

What it means for Texas: Texas will most likely be home for the holidays for the first time since 1997. There are 64 bowl-eligible teams in America, and 70 slots for bowl teams. Eleven more teams will play over the weekend to achieve bowl eligibility. Want to keep an eye on your fate, Longhorns? Here are the remaining teams playing for bowl eligibility this week: Colorado, Louisville, Houston, Western Michigan, Oregon State, California, Tennessee, Georgia, Troy, Florida International and Louisiana-Monroe. Six of those teams must win to keep a 5-7 team from playing in a bowl.

What it means for Texas A&M: Texas A&M finishes their regular season on a six-game winning streak in Big 12 play that featured two road wins and two wins over top 10 teams. If Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State on Saturday, the Aggies will be in a three-way tie for first in the Big 12 South. Here’s more on how that tiebreaker will be settled. The Aggies aren’t completely eliminated, but in all likelihood, the winner of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on Thursday will advance to the Big 12 title game next Saturday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Also, please note the following, Bruce Feldman had this prediction about Thursday’s game.

ESPN senior writer Bruce Feldman:

Texas A&M 24, Texas 17. UT had 57 carries and still didn’t have a single rush go for more than 18 yards against [Florida Atlantic]. This isn’t a great Aggies D, but it has improved, and A&M has more firepower and confidence on offense at this point.

It’s not often that you see someone get the exact score. All in all, the Aggie victory was truly sweet icing on the Thanksgiving cake.