Senator Tom Coburn Stands Strong

I love this video because it makes it clear that the Republicans in the Senate will take notice to what takes place in the House concerning the health-care power grab. Coburn warns those in the house, that if their vote is sold, it will be made public. I hope this helps those in the House vote “no” and to not be coerced by the President and Pelosi.
I think what is so sickening by this entire process is the Dems latter contempt for the will of the people AND, more importantly, the Constitution. They are pulling every trick imaginable for this power grab. I know that it will back fire on them in November, but if they manage to schinnizle their way into passing it, I hope it leads to the jettison of D.C. all together, and the starting of a new union among the states. A more perfect union that truly is under God, the Christian God, and one in which we are not ashamed of our past, our achievements and our greatness.
If this bill passes… we’ll just be a larger version of the Soviet Union. “But Timothy, the Soviet Union no longer exists!” Exactly.