The High Priest of Global Warming Came out of His Igloo this Week.

Al Gore wrote an article for the New York Time’s saying that while he made some mistakes, global warming was still real and that all this snow and cold weather was a result of global warming. Here is what one columnist had to say about his reappearance:

If hyperbole and chutzpah had a child, it would be the opening paragraph of Gore’s op-ed in Sunday’s New York Times. Gore surfaced from the global warming witness-protection program to opine that despite admissions of error and evidence of fraud by various agencies, we still face “an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.”

Perhaps he’s trying to protect his investments as he knows them, for he is heavily involved in enterprises that deal with carbon offsets and green technology. If the case for climate change is shown to be demonstrably false, a lot of his green evaporates like moisture from the ocean.

Interestingly, it’s that moisture from the ocean that he uses to defend his failed hypothesis. The blizzards that have buried the Northeast, he writes, are proof of global warming because record evaporation due to warming is what produces record snows. Except that supporters of his theory not long ago argued exactly the opposite.

Follow the money when it comes to Al Gore. He’s not all that interested in the planet. He just wants more money so he can increase his own carbon footprint. That alone should cause everyone to be skeptical of this fraud. Gore should be tried for fraud… and now murder.

Did you hear about the couple that had a suicide pack because of global warming? They killed their children and themselves over the fraud that Gore has perpetrated. One of the babies actually survived. Read about here. This is truly sad. Gore, and his accomplices in the press, have generated so much fear over this fraud that one couple could no longer handle it and committed suicide. I really believe the best thing for all of us is to turn off the mainstream-media. They don’t care about what is true, but what sells their product. Gore and the press both wear the same harlot’s clothing.