Joey Time

Now that Andy is in school,  Joey and I get to spend a lot of time together. I watch him while I work around the house and work on sermons, etc. It’s been quite a wonderful time, but also a challenge. There are days where he demands  a lot of my attention.
But most days, he is happy once I set up the track for Thomas the Tank Engine. Maybe I should post some pictures of my master pieces. We have a lot of track, which really gives me lots of options when I put one together for him. He can play with them for hours and really loves connecting all the cars together and getting them around the track. On the good days, the track stays together all day. On other days… well, I spend a lot of time fixing it.
Today he is happy watching the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I think it’s his favorite movie. Something about Pooh that the boy just loves. I’m glad because picking out a movie can be quite a challenge. Even at 2 years of age, he is really picky when it comes to movies.
He also has his moods. This morning, he has gone into his room and wants me to leave him alone. I didn’t think that started until he was 13, or so. But for some reason, he quit watching Pooh, and charged into his room. I will have to give him a few zerberts when he comes out of his cave.