Earth Wind and Fire — Let’s Groove!

Yes, believe it or not, that is what I woke up with in my mind this morning. Earth Wind and Fire’s Let’s Groove. I have to say, that I wish these guys were around still putting out music because even their 35 year old music is far better than the gansta rap that replaced funkadelic. I didn’t realize how much their music was a part of the pop culture back in the 1970s. I was too busy listening to Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd over and over and over again… no wonder I was so depressed growing up. But that’s another story.
Here is the video of Earth Wind and Fire singing Let’s Groove.
Now, here is the reason it has come to mind lately. This video is much better quality and by far more funny. It’s take from Kronk’s New Groove, 2005, which we purchased about six weeks ago. My boys love the movie, and I love this scene. It reminds me of Fred-the-Intern back in Aiken, and one of the women he dated because they would go dancing at the local clubs and try to be just as hokie as the could be… sort of like Kronk and Birdy-Poo in the clip.
I hope Fred doesn’t mind me bringing up his dance moves. I think he’s quite proud of them. He and Kronk are just cut from the same groove.BTW, I strongly recommend the movie. It’s funny and does have some redeeming qualities. Kronk is in the predicament he is in, because he always tries to do the right thing, which ends up costing him. Instead of promoting a selfish attitude, like so many movies do, this one is promoting doing what is best for others, even if Kronk has trouble telling his father about it. So I give this move a solid Papi’s thumbs UP!

Watch the movie and you will understand that last line.