Snow Day turns to Snow Weekend! Or the Real Reason I don’t Believe in Global Warming

On Friday, it began to snow. It snowed all day. The boys and I took advantage of the snow and spent a good deal of time playing in it. I even tried to build them a snow man. But every time I got started, one of them would take the big round ball for the base, and either kick it to pieces or pick up up and throw it, breaking it into pieces. The carrot is still buried in the snow out front.
The snow froze on Friday night, making it quite crunchy on Saturday. That didn’t keep us from playing in it. The boys loved it, and I found muscles I haven’t used in years.As we were walking up and down the street, the boys would discover something new and we would have to stop and look at it. Saturday afternoon they discovered ice sickles hanging from our neighbors house. The neighbor came out and we got to talking about all the snow. Apparently, the 8 inches we received on Friday wasn’t nearly as much as this area had last year. They had a full 13 inches last year.

We got to talking about Al Gore and global warming. She laughs at him because he has become such a fool. I even reminded her what God said about the seasons. He set the seasons in motion and said they would not cease (Genesis 8:22). This is why I don’t believe in global warming, or climate change as they are now trying to call it. God is the One who set all the seasons in motion and He promised us that it would never cease. So to say that we were going to have an eternal summer, as Gore was saying, is to go against God and what He has said.

Yes, I know all the scientist kept trying to confirm the data that supported this view. After all, it was consensus (which is not science). Now we have learned that much of the data was skewed in order to support the theory. What gets me is that people are still trying to support the notion of global warming/climate change. What bothers me more is when Christians try and support it, trying to be enlightened or acceptable to the GW crowd.

They are so busy trying to impress this GW crowd that they forget God’s word. God’s word is authoritative. I know that it is not a science book. But it still speaks to creation because it speaks of the Creator. He has told us He made the world, the heavens and everything in them and He gave all of creation order. Summer will follow spring, spring will follow winter, winter will follow fall, and fall will follow summer. That is the order that He put into motion and there is nothing piddly man can do to change that order. To think that we can is to delude ourselves into thinking we are gods. Yes, Al Gore probably does think he is a god, but mankind is not. We do not know more than the Creator. We cannot predict the future, or the future of the weather. Heck, most climatologist can barely predict weather for the week, much less for the next 20 to 30 years.

All of this GW stuff could have been avoided if we would just use “common sense.” The very sense that the GW crowd accuses us of avoiding. The sad reality is that the GW crowd are literally fools. They lack true wisdom for they deny God and His place in all things. Only by viewing the world, the data collected through the lens of the Creator will we have true knowledge. Otherwise, it will degenerate into a religion of myths and fables.

Please don’t feel sorry for the high priest Al Gore. He has made billions off the scam. He has his riches. But don’t be fooled by him either.

As for our snow day, it has turned into a snow weekend, and a snow Monday. No, we didn’t get any more snow. But all the snow keeps melting during the day, freezing at night, making the roads dangerous. So school was canceled for Friday and Monday, and church was canceled yesterday. It’s been a long weekend for us here.

Now, where is that carrot.
PS I took that picture yesterday. It one of the roads in my neighborhood.