Replace the Cross with a … Woman’s Breast???

Yes, apparently that is what the guest speaker at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Va., is going to be speaking about at their 2010 Sprunt Lecture series. The seminary used to be known for sound theological discourse, but has been given over to liberal theology. The guest speaker, Margaret R. Miles, feels that the cross is just too violent of a symbol to be used in the faith. A woman’s breast is far more gentle, and therefore should replace the cross. 
Well Margaret, the violence of the cross is the point for it shows us how wicked our sin truly is. While there is a part of mankind that is all for women’s breasts, I don’t think it will lead to salvation and holy living. In fact Margaret, it seems you would fit really well in one of the false religions of Paul’s day, where the woman’s breast was central to worship and the men had regular relations with the temple prostitutes. 
Here are some quotes from head-temple prostitute Miles:

In “God’s love, mother’s milk,” a January 2008 article that appeared in The Christian Century, Miles argued that the use of the cross to symbolize God’s love was a latecomer to church history. An earlier and presumably more persuasive symbol of God’s love, she claims, was the virgin’s breast.
“Although theologians may have claimed that crucifixion scenes exhibited the extremity of God’s love for humans, it was scenes of the child sucking at the breast that spoke to people on the basis of their earliest experience,” she said. This symbol was replaced by the cross, argued Miles, when patriarchal Western Europeans “secularized the breast.”
Miles suggested that the cross is inappropriate as a symbol of God’s love because “it presents a violent act as salvific.”
“The equation of love with heroic violence and suffering is typically a male-centered perspective,” she argued, leading to her conclusion that “the value of the nursing breast as a symbol of God’s provision might need to be reconsidered in our own time … In societies in which violence is rampant on the street and in the media, the nursing virgin can perhaps communicate God’s love to people in a way that a violent image, the image of one more sacrificial victim, cannot.”

Miles was also involved in the Re-Imaging Conference of 1993, which was run by a bunch of feminist who wanted to start addressing God as a woman. Alas, but the Bible never presents God in that light, and His Son actually says we are to address Him as Father. That never stopped feminist and liberal theologians from casting God in their own image. The farther these liberals stray from God’s word, the more ridiculous they become.
Read the rest of the article here.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

One of my pet peeves about the misuse of Scripture, is when people take the phrase: “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” out of context. They are presenting this phrase as if it were a universal truth for all mankind. But it is not. When you look at the context of these words that Christ spoke, you see they have a very different meaning than is often put forth in our corrupt and depraved culture.
First of all, to understand the context, Jesus is speaking directly to those who believe in what He has just proclaimed about His death.
John 8:28-30 Then Jesus said to them, “When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He, and that I do nothing of Myself; but as My Father taught Me, I speak these things. 29 And He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do those things that please Him.” 30 As He spoke these words, many believed in Him.
Jesus spoke to many of the Jews about His death and the reality that He does nothing apart from the Father’s will. Where we are constantly at odds with the Father’s will, known as sin, Jesus was in perfect obedience to His will. When He spoke this truth, many believed in Him. It is at this point He says the words above, but not just those words because the clause above is a conditional clause. This means that for the words above to apply to anyone at all, the condition first must be met. Here those words in context.
31 Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. 32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
First, we must note that He said those words to those who believed Him. If there is no belief in Christ, the words have no meaning whatsoever. They apply exclusively to those who belong to Christ.
Secondly, the words only apply to those who are His IF they meet the condition. “If you abide in My word…” The condition is that we abide in His word. That means we remain under the authority of His word and are obedient to His word. By doing so, then we truly are His disciples. Again, the words that are quoted above do not just apply to anyone, but those who are His disciples, those who remain under His authority and the authority of His word. It is under this condition that Christ’s utters the phrase, “and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” 
There is even a conjunction tying the phrase to the condition. To rip it out of context is a misuse of God’s word. 
There is even more to the phrase than that. What is it that we will be freed from? Often times those using this phrase are trying to free themselves from the authority of Scripture. They want freedom from God’s word and the restraints found in His word. In other words, they uses these words to justify the freedom TO sin.
Yet what Christ is telling us is that the Truth is actually intended to free us from sin. The Jews protested when Jesus made His statement to freedom, saying that they had never been in bondage to anyone. I guess they forgot about that entire Exodus ordeal. Jesus countered by saying: “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. 35 And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. 36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”
The freedom that is being offered, is freedom found in the Son alone, and freedom from sin. We are born as slaves to sin. Through Christ and His atonement, we find freedom from that slavery and freedom NOT TO sin. That does not mean we are perfect, but in Christ, we have found a freedom from sin that doesn’t exist in us apart from Christ. 
This being the case, you can see how out of step those are who use this phrase as an excuse to sin all the more. Christ has given us the opportunity to turn from sin, yet the debased and wicked nature of man, is such that it takes His words and turns them around to mean the exact opposite of what Christ intended. This is sad to say the least. 
Let us endeavor to know the Truth, be known by the Truth, and lead holy lives.

Drinking, Smoking Jesus!

Well, it seems some publishers in India decided to use the image here in school room text books for children. The image, of Jesus, shows him drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. They wanted to use it because it illustrated an “idol” for the letter “i.” Needless to say, the Christians in India are outraged. The Roman Catholics have banned the use of all books by the publisher, and Protestants are demanding an apology. The government has also weighed in and said that it was unacceptable to portray Jesus in such a way.
What I don’t like.. is THIS image of Jesus. Why do we portray Jesus as such a pansy looking fellow? I know he wasn’t much to look at, according to Isaiah. But why is he always portrayed as such a wimp? 
If you must know, I really don’t think we should try to portray Jesus at all because we cannot do Him justice. But if we are going to do so, can’t we update the image of Him. I’m not sure who we could use to do so. I thought about Ahnold Schwarzenegger, or Mel Gibson, but neither quite do it. How about John Candy, or Steve Martin? I don’t know. I guess I can’t really come up with anyone to portray Him because I don’t believe we should portray Him. So I guess the best thing to do is get rid of all the images of Christ.
If you want to read the Foxnews story, go here.

Tiger Woods Apologizes

Tiger Woods came out today and apologized for his sinful behavior towards his wife, children and the public in general. He says that he has a lot to atone for. I hope and pray that he realizes he cannot atone for anything given his sin. He needs the atonement of another, that of Jesus Christ, and the atonement that He offers freely in the gospel. While Woods it trying to change he behavior, he needs salvation for his sin towards God. That can only come about from God, through His Son, Jesus Christ. May Woods find true forgiveness in Christ.

See his public statement below. – Tiger Woods Addresses Infidelity Scandal in First Public Appearance

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Earth Wind and Fire — Let’s Groove!

Yes, believe it or not, that is what I woke up with in my mind this morning. Earth Wind and Fire’s Let’s Groove. I have to say, that I wish these guys were around still putting out music because even their 35 year old music is far better than the gansta rap that replaced funkadelic. I didn’t realize how much their music was a part of the pop culture back in the 1970s. I was too busy listening to Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd over and over and over again… no wonder I was so depressed growing up. But that’s another story.
Here is the video of Earth Wind and Fire singing Let’s Groove.
Now, here is the reason it has come to mind lately. This video is much better quality and by far more funny. It’s take from Kronk’s New Groove, 2005, which we purchased about six weeks ago. My boys love the movie, and I love this scene. It reminds me of Fred-the-Intern back in Aiken, and one of the women he dated because they would go dancing at the local clubs and try to be just as hokie as the could be… sort of like Kronk and Birdy-Poo in the clip.
I hope Fred doesn’t mind me bringing up his dance moves. I think he’s quite proud of them. He and Kronk are just cut from the same groove.BTW, I strongly recommend the movie. It’s funny and does have some redeeming qualities. Kronk is in the predicament he is in, because he always tries to do the right thing, which ends up costing him. Instead of promoting a selfish attitude, like so many movies do, this one is promoting doing what is best for others, even if Kronk has trouble telling his father about it. So I give this move a solid Papi’s thumbs UP!

Watch the movie and you will understand that last line.

Georgia Campaign Shows Abortion is Racist

Another great campaign against abortion is taking place in Atlanta. The Georgia Right to Life decided to get in your face with the ad campaign that shows how abortion is racist since it targets mostly black children. They have put up billboards around the Atlanta area like the one you see here.
It’s about time that someone stood up to make this point. Abortion of blacks was one of the key reasons the abortion movement was started. It was never about choice, but genocide and money. Time to shut down the death mills. I’m sure the pro-death camp will be outraged and try to stop this. But it is freedom of speech and true.
Read more here.

Music in Worship from Heritage Presbyterian Church

I found the following at the Heritage Presbyterian Church, in Edmond, OK, website. It is one of the best philosophies of music I have ever seen. It cuts through the chatter found in the worship wars. We meet in worship to please God, not to be pleased by our musical fancies. The following captures that essence.

Before formulating a view of music in the church, rather than taking a harder look at music (the common method in these discussions), we need to take a better look at the church. As has been pointed out by authors such as David F. Wells, the church is not a vendor of religious goods and services. It is not just one more store among the stores at the mall where everyone can be catered to as consumers. It is exactly the opposite: a place where satisfaction is found in denying oneself, a place where you come not to have your personal preferences met, but your personal preferences changed. The church is a place where you ought to assume that most of your natural inclinations are wrong, but will be set aright.

This helps us understand that the church’s music must not be the defining factor in worship. It is the defining factor for your radio station choice, for your tapes and CDs and TV channels (all consumer products whose purpose is to please you), but music has an altogether different purpose in worship.

Any time the church sets out to accommodate, rather than amend, a variety of personal preferences, it will be damaged. We live in a culture that promises you a situation where, for a minimal charge, as Garrison Keillor describes Lake Woebegon , all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average–and with good customer service to boot. The motto of consumerism is “more of what I want is better.” We simmer in this philosophy from childhood having our affections molded and shaped to be good consumers. And sadly, this is what we begin to expect from the church. No doubt, it is an extraordinary challenge trying to convince people that music in worship is absolutely nothing like consumer music, which is most of the music in our lives.

Our music-in-worship philosophy is this: the corporate music should be doctrinally dense (as in the Psalms), aesthetically rich (the Lord cares about beauty), communally held (people know a lot of it by heart), and historically representative (both older songs and newer songs that pass the first three criteria). This means we have fewer hymns and Psalms overall (maybe 150-200 so that we and our children can sing without so much discovery every week), selected by trained people (those qualified to evaluate if the tune is accessible to both older and younger people and if it fits the attitude of the text), representing Protestant history proportionally (meaning we have more older than newer).

And in all of this, we are happy and glad to stand next to our brothers and sisters in Christ and help them sing a song they enjoy that we don’t necessarily like, knowing that next time they’ll help us sing a song we enjoy that they don’t necessarily like. In this way in worship, we are denying ourselves and making a bold attempt to bring unity to the church. This may not make for a big church of consumers, but at least it treats the church as the Bible does: as the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, the house and family of God.

They Were Upset Over That???? Tim Tebow Ad

I finally got to see the Tim Tebow Ad supporting life… and my first response: “they were upset over that?” It’s a great ad that simply tells a wonderful story of those who chose life. If the pro-abortion crowd were truly pro-choice, they wouldn’t object to this so much. Perhaps the simple truth is too damaging to their cause. Here is the ad.

Your thoughts?

Steven has a good summary of the issue here. I think he get’s credit for coining the phrase, National Organization for (Unaborted) Women.

Snow Day turns to Snow Weekend! Or the Real Reason I don’t Believe in Global Warming

On Friday, it began to snow. It snowed all day. The boys and I took advantage of the snow and spent a good deal of time playing in it. I even tried to build them a snow man. But every time I got started, one of them would take the big round ball for the base, and either kick it to pieces or pick up up and throw it, breaking it into pieces. The carrot is still buried in the snow out front.
The snow froze on Friday night, making it quite crunchy on Saturday. That didn’t keep us from playing in it. The boys loved it, and I found muscles I haven’t used in years.As we were walking up and down the street, the boys would discover something new and we would have to stop and look at it. Saturday afternoon they discovered ice sickles hanging from our neighbors house. The neighbor came out and we got to talking about all the snow. Apparently, the 8 inches we received on Friday wasn’t nearly as much as this area had last year. They had a full 13 inches last year.

We got to talking about Al Gore and global warming. She laughs at him because he has become such a fool. I even reminded her what God said about the seasons. He set the seasons in motion and said they would not cease (Genesis 8:22). This is why I don’t believe in global warming, or climate change as they are now trying to call it. God is the One who set all the seasons in motion and He promised us that it would never cease. So to say that we were going to have an eternal summer, as Gore was saying, is to go against God and what He has said.

Yes, I know all the scientist kept trying to confirm the data that supported this view. After all, it was consensus (which is not science). Now we have learned that much of the data was skewed in order to support the theory. What gets me is that people are still trying to support the notion of global warming/climate change. What bothers me more is when Christians try and support it, trying to be enlightened or acceptable to the GW crowd.

They are so busy trying to impress this GW crowd that they forget God’s word. God’s word is authoritative. I know that it is not a science book. But it still speaks to creation because it speaks of the Creator. He has told us He made the world, the heavens and everything in them and He gave all of creation order. Summer will follow spring, spring will follow winter, winter will follow fall, and fall will follow summer. That is the order that He put into motion and there is nothing piddly man can do to change that order. To think that we can is to delude ourselves into thinking we are gods. Yes, Al Gore probably does think he is a god, but mankind is not. We do not know more than the Creator. We cannot predict the future, or the future of the weather. Heck, most climatologist can barely predict weather for the week, much less for the next 20 to 30 years.

All of this GW stuff could have been avoided if we would just use “common sense.” The very sense that the GW crowd accuses us of avoiding. The sad reality is that the GW crowd are literally fools. They lack true wisdom for they deny God and His place in all things. Only by viewing the world, the data collected through the lens of the Creator will we have true knowledge. Otherwise, it will degenerate into a religion of myths and fables.

Please don’t feel sorry for the high priest Al Gore. He has made billions off the scam. He has his riches. But don’t be fooled by him either.

As for our snow day, it has turned into a snow weekend, and a snow Monday. No, we didn’t get any more snow. But all the snow keeps melting during the day, freezing at night, making the roads dangerous. So school was canceled for Friday and Monday, and church was canceled yesterday. It’s been a long weekend for us here.

Now, where is that carrot.
PS I took that picture yesterday. It one of the roads in my neighborhood.