Freedom of Religion Presupposes Proselytizing

I love this article by Michael Gerson of the Miami Herald. He points out that freedom of religion presupposes that those in that religion will proselytize. This came about when Brit Hume suggested that Tiger Woods should turn to Christianity in order to find forgiveness. See my first post here. Hume’s suggestion brought about the ire of many on the left. But Gerson responds by writing:

But the American idea of religious liberty does not forbid proselytization; it presupposes it. Free, autonomous individuals not only have the right to hold whatever beliefs they wish, they have a right to change those beliefs — and to persuade others to change as well. Just as there is no political liberty without the right to change one’s convictions and publicly argue for them, there is no religious liberty without the possibility of conversion and persuasion.

This will not sit well with the left. They will do anything they can to silence the truth because the truth presupposes that the left needs to be saved from their sins as well as those on the right. The left is very comfortable in their sin, sort of like a 2 year old and his stinky diaper. No matter how much reasoning one does with the 2 year old, the 2 year old likes the stinky diaper more than he does the process it takes to remove the diaper.

BTW, on another note, Keith Olbermann went off about this as can be expected. His big comment was that Christianity was offering a “get-out-of-jail-free card.” The lefty is so daft that he nailed the point exactly, but failed to see it. Christ does offer a get-out-of-jail-free card, but the card is for being free from the wrath of God, and eternal damnation. It is free. Christ paid the cost. By believing in Christ, Tiger would be free of God’s wrath for breaking the Seventh Commandment, Thou shalt not commit adultery. There would probably still be some earthly consequences for his adulterous behavior, but in the eyes of God, he would be free. I hope that Tiger does take up the cross and trust in Christ. But that will never happen unless someone like Brit Hume is brave enough to point him in the right direction. Again, kudos to Hume for being brave enough to endure the wrath of the left, so that Woods can be free of the wrath from above.