Tim Tebow and the Feminists!

CBS has agreed to air a television spot during the Super Bowl by Focus on the Family and the feminist are fit to be tied. The commercial is starring Tim Tebow, of the Florida Gators fame. The basic idea is that when his mother was carrying Tim in her womb, she was very sick and the doctors said he probably wouldn’t live. They were encouraging her to have an abortion.

She didn’t. Tim was born and has gone on to a really productive life. The entire commercial is about the value of life and this has pro-abortionists enraged. WND reports:

Jehmu Greene, president of Women’s Media Center, demanded that CBS refuse to run the ad.

“An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year – an event designed to bring Americans together regardless of background, faith, ideology or political affiliation,” she said in a statement today.

Yes, right. Like sports are meant to unite us. Where is that written? Sports are entertainment. Sports make money off of advertisements. Sports really don’t care who pays the bills as long as the bills are paid. To silence Focus on the Family would be censorship in the worst way. Of course, libs are always in favor of censorship when the message is not to their liking. This is because they know their message fails, and the message of life/truth/conservatism, etc., wins out every time.

So let the feminists get mad… well, get madder since most of the time they are mad about something. Tebow is not saying to shut down the abortion industry, as it should be shut down. He is just saying that life is precious. The fems know that such messages will damage their killing machine. They can’t have that, so they will do whatever to silence the truth. I’m glad Tebow is willing to stand up for truth. No matter who you are, when you do stand for righteousness, you will take a hit. Even Jesus felt that sting, why should we be any different. Let’s support Tebow all the more.

Here are the links to both stories. Look here. And here.


KJV Only?

I’ve only run into 2 of them in 15 years of ministry, but I have to admit, they are some of the most frustrating Christians to deal with. (I imagine Church of Christ being just as frustrating, but when I find out someone is Church of Christ, I politely change the subject with a phrase like, ‘how about them VolsHogs?’) That usually does the trick.Who am I talking about here? I’m talking about those who believe in the King James Version of the Bible and only the King James Version. According to most of these people, all other versions of the Bible are spawned by the Devil himself, and trying to help them understand that the KJV is only a translation, not the original manuscripts, is like trying to get the Devil himself to repent. OK, maybe a bit of hyperbole, but you are getting the idea.My latest encounter came this past Sunday after morning worship. We decided to go to Perkins for lunch instead of going home and eathing cereal again. (We were out of groceries or things that we can cook. We are really realizing how much we need a new grill. But that is for another post). So we went to Perkins and got a booth as is our custom since keeping the boys under control is easier in a booth.

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Interesting Thoughts on Favre’s Downfall

Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN calls it like he sees it. The reason the Vikings lost on Sunday to the Saints was not the Saints superiority, but Favre’s worst enemy, himself. Instead of letting other revel in the glory, Favre had to do it himself, and lost the game. Here is what Easterbrook writes:

Hamartia. The “tragic flaw” described by Aristotle: A leader cannot control his own inner shortcoming, which causes him to achieve the reverse of what he desired. In “Antigone,” the king, Creon, tells himself he is acting in the interest of the city, when actually he is acting to glorify his own ego — this hamartia destroys him. Brett Favre comes up a bit short of a character in ancient Thebes, but on Sunday he was brought low by hamartia all the same. It was not enough for Favre’s team to reach the Super Bowl — he had to get the credit. Game tied with 19 seconds remaining, Favre scrambled at about the New Orleans 40-yard line, with open field ahead of him. All he needed to do was run a few yards, hook-slide, call timeout, and the Vikings’ strong-legged kicker, Ryan Longwell, had a solid chance to win the NFC championship. But the credit had to go to Favre; he had to throw a spectacular pass at the end, so television announcers would swoon. So he heave-hoed a dramatic across-the-field pass. It was intercepted, and the Saints won in overtime.

Perhaps you are thinking, “It was just a dumb mistake, and the whole thing happened in a couple of seconds.” No. Two years of Favre’s life built up to that moment. For two years, Favre has insisted that entire NFL franchises, the Jets and the Vikings, become thralls to his celebrity. He has used his stature to demand, demand, demand — the crux of the demands are always attention and publicity for himself. Now he is brought low. In two of the past three seasons, Favre has lost in the NFC Championship Game. Each time, his team seemed poised to win at the end; each time, Favre’s final play of the game was a disastrous interception. And each of those title losses was in overtime — to punish Favre for his hamartia, twice the football gods allowed him to come so close, so close, then denied him. Favre has been brought so low, he is now being laughed at in Wisconsin, and he has only himself to blame. Aristotle would not be surprised by the ending of the Favre saga. If, of course, it was the ending.

The point is that to save one’s self, one must die to one’s self. In other words, when it’s all about you, failure will follow. Favre should know this. The goal is to win the football game, not get all the glory. Let’s learn from Favre. Others first, especially Christ. How I bet he is lamenting his decision on that last play.

Freedom of Religion Presupposes Proselytizing

I love this article by Michael Gerson of the Miami Herald. He points out that freedom of religion presupposes that those in that religion will proselytize. This came about when Brit Hume suggested that Tiger Woods should turn to Christianity in order to find forgiveness. See my first post here. Hume’s suggestion brought about the ire of many on the left. But Gerson responds by writing:

But the American idea of religious liberty does not forbid proselytization; it presupposes it. Free, autonomous individuals not only have the right to hold whatever beliefs they wish, they have a right to change those beliefs — and to persuade others to change as well. Just as there is no political liberty without the right to change one’s convictions and publicly argue for them, there is no religious liberty without the possibility of conversion and persuasion.

This will not sit well with the left. They will do anything they can to silence the truth because the truth presupposes that the left needs to be saved from their sins as well as those on the right. The left is very comfortable in their sin, sort of like a 2 year old and his stinky diaper. No matter how much reasoning one does with the 2 year old, the 2 year old likes the stinky diaper more than he does the process it takes to remove the diaper.

BTW, on another note, Keith Olbermann went off about this as can be expected. His big comment was that Christianity was offering a “get-out-of-jail-free card.” The lefty is so daft that he nailed the point exactly, but failed to see it. Christ does offer a get-out-of-jail-free card, but the card is for being free from the wrath of God, and eternal damnation. It is free. Christ paid the cost. By believing in Christ, Tiger would be free of God’s wrath for breaking the Seventh Commandment, Thou shalt not commit adultery. There would probably still be some earthly consequences for his adulterous behavior, but in the eyes of God, he would be free. I hope that Tiger does take up the cross and trust in Christ. But that will never happen unless someone like Brit Hume is brave enough to point him in the right direction. Again, kudos to Hume for being brave enough to endure the wrath of the left, so that Woods can be free of the wrath from above.

Britt Offers Tiger Woods the Gospel!


This is great! Britt Hume went so far as to offer Tiger Woods the gospel of Jesus Christ, and apparently, it has unbelievers in a tizzy. Kudos to Hume. He even says in the interview that “all hell breaks loose” when the name of Christ is mentioned. He’s right. Satan always breaks loose at that name, and so do his minions.

I hope the Woods listens to Hume and repents for his sins. That is the only place forgiveness can be found, in Christ. I know Woods is a Buddhist, but that offers no real hope or forgiveness. That can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Hebrew Warnings

I really am enjoying preaching to my new congregation. They are loving my sermons and so am I. But allow me to give credit where credit is due: The Holy Spirit receives all the glory. Without His power, my sermons are nothing at all. Thankfully, the Lord gave Him to us in full-measure.

My sermon this morning was taken from Hebrews 3:7-15, one of my favorite passages.

7 Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says:

“ Today, if you will hear His voice,
8 Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion,
In the day of trial in the wilderness,
9 Where your fathers tested Me, tried Me,
And saw My works forty years.
10 Therefore I was angry with that generation,
And said, ‘They always go astray in their heart,
And they have not known My ways.’
11 So I swore in My wrath,

‘ They shall not enter My rest.’”a]”>[a]

12 Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God; 13 but exhort one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. 14 For we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end, 15 while it is said:

“ Today, if you will hear His voice,
Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.”

The following is part of my sermon… BTW, the Spirit really got me preaching this morning, I never finished this sermon.

This is where we come to our text. The writer is trying to help us see that we need to stay true to the Faithful Son. He has just told us that Jesus Christ, the Apostle and High Priest of our confession, is greater than Moses, and that we will be partakers in the House of God if we hold steadfast to the end.

In fact, He writes: …consider the Apostle and High Priest of our confession, Christ Jesus. The idea is that we re to fix our eyes upon Jesus Christ. We are to consider and ponder on him, to thoroughly and carefully take note of Him.

It is the idea that we are to fill our minds with the thoughts of Christ Jesus. If there was someone of greatness we are ever to ponder, it should be Jesus Christ.

It is in this setting that we pick up the warning.

Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says: “Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, in the day of trial in the wilderness, where your fathers tested Me, tried Me, and saw My works forty years.”

Here is our first point, that as believers, we must listen to the voice of God.

The writer of the Hebrews says that the Holy Spirit says these things. This is important, for it shows us that the Third Person of the Trinity is involved in our lives and in speaking to us. Part of the inauguration of Christ’s Kingdom was confirmed by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.

While that day was very special, we must acknowledge that this type of movement by the Holy Spirit is not normative for the Christian life. Just as the death and resurrection of Christ were one-time events, so too is the pouring out of the Spirit in abundance on the Day of Pentecost.

Yet, this does not mean that the Holy Spirit is not involved in our lives.

Many will say that they hear from the Holy Spirit all the time. But rarely do they mean through the words of Scripture.

One commentator put it this way: “Everyone is always looking to see what the Holy Spirit says. What the Holy Spirit says is right here in the Bible.”

His point is that there are no further “words from the Lord” to be had. They have all been given. If someone says that they have a “word from the Lord” for you, you might simply ask them what the Scripture reference is for that word. For if that “word” cannot be found in the Bible, then we should not listen to it. And if it can be found in the Bible, then there is no need to listen to the person with the “word.” Go straight to the source.

Authority… we must understand that what we know is from the Scripture alone. The Spirit testifies to our spirit, and we hear the voice of Christ.

So let us listen to what the Holy Spirit says, for He is giving us a warning and reminding us of the dangers of our own hearts. Where do we hear the voice of God? We hear the voice of God through the word of God when it is faithfully preached.

What is God trying to do through the writer of Hebrews, and Psalm 95? He is trying to warn us and in doing so, He gives us an example of those who did not heed the warning.

“Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, in the day of trial in the wilderness, where your fathers tested Me, tried Me, and saw My works forty years.”

The voice of God says: “Today.” Whenever it comes to faith, the admonition is for it to happened Today. This is for two reasons: first, the word of God is always appropriate. It never stales or gets old or outdate. So often in seminary the professors were always trying to stress that we needed to make God’s word relevant for today. That is a ridiculous notion. God’s word is relevant for “today” and always because it IS God’s word. Relevancy of the word is not something the pastor does, it is something the word is by its nature. Because God has spoken these words, makes it relevant for all times. It is as Hebrews 4:12 reminds us, sharper than any two edged sword.

The second reason we need to be reminded to act “today” is because to put it off until tomorrow is to buy into the lie of Satan. (Elaborate)

That is what Satan wants us to do when it comes to the things of God: put off studying the Bible tomorrow. Pray about it tomorrow. Forgive that person tomorrow. Believe on Christ tomorrow. Wait until tomorrow.

The admonition in Scripture, especially the one we are looking this morning, it to do these things today. Never put off the things of faith for another day, for you may not have another day after this one. James 4:13ff Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

Therefore we should act to the admonition of scripture “Today.” And it is always “Today.”

What should we do “Today?”

Hear His voice.

We should listen to the voice of God “Today” and every day. This is where we go for wisdom and understanding. This is where we go to be rebuked and corrected. This is where we go to know the Mind of God, not the mind of the world. We listen to Him “Today” and everyday.

John Brown writes: “The prophet calls on his countrymen not to be inattentive, unbelieving, impenitent, and disobedient, as their ancestors were.”

God is saying, “Don’t be like your ancestors were, who were rebellious against Me. Instead, listen to My voice.”

The Scripture is constantly filled with admonitions to listen to the voice of God, to hear and obey.

John 10:16 “And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice.”

It does us no good whatsoever if we hear about God and hear about His word, but do not listen to it. If we do not put it into practice, it is useless to us. James 1:22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

OTHERWISE we will be just like those who hardened their hearts. They refused to believe God and what He said He would do.

Happy New Year!

Well, we started the year in Aiken, SC, and now we are in Jackson, TN. Overall, we are better off because we are with a better church. But we are still without a permanent call. The Lord is really teaching us to wait on Him. That is a tough lesson. I hope and pray that He will answer soon, and we will not still be without a permanent call in 2011. But we must say, His will be done, not ours.

May all of you have a blessed New Year!