Conversations with Pre-Schoolers

Yes, my boys are at it again. Humoring us in the normal course of the day.The Boy Who Knows Everything
As we were driving home from Kroger the other night, Andy, all of 4 years old, proclaimed in the back seat of the minivan that he was the boy who knew everything! Yes, everything! I really didn’t think that would start until he got into his teens, but I’ve always thought he was a tad bit ahead of the curve when it came to intellectual matters.

I couldn’t let it rest. I just had to test his great knowledge.

“Andy, since you know everything, what size shoe do I wear?”
Without much pause, “Your shoes are bigger than your footprint!”

I laughed the rest of the way home.

The Boy Who Knows His Name
As I was trying to get Joey in bed the other night, he started to get up one more time. In my “authoritative” voice, I said, “You lay down young man!”
He responded: “I’m not a young man, I’m Joey.”

Authoritative voices were replaced with voices trying to remain in control.