I Haven’t Forgotten

No, I have not forgotten that I have a blog. I’ve just been really busy with unpacking, and trying to stay above water. I will get back to this soon… I hope, and continue my commentary on the world, my life, politics, religion, sports, Aggie sports, Texas Aggie Sports, my boys, and a host of other things.

The above is a picture I found of the inland passage up in Alaska. I’ve been through it, but was too busy working on the ship to take pictures.

ART — By Andy

While at one of the local restaurants in Gruene, TX, Andy took the above photos with my camera. He has an interesting eye for photos. In fact, he is probably one of the greatest 4-year-old photographers to come about in the last 15 years! The first shot is called “Wood Grain.” The second shot, one that I think he particularly likes, is call “Ketchup Bottle.” He likes Ketchup.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed eating the chicken-fried steak at the Gristmill Restaurant in Gruene, TX (pronounced Green, TX. It’s German… the first vowel is silent when there are two vowels together). The restaurant is in an old mill over looking the Guadulupe River and really captures the Texas culture in this area. The food was excellent, along with the atmosphere, since we ate outside overlooking the river. The weather was here and I wish you were beautiful… (a little Jimmy Buffet lingo there).

Quick Note

Just wanted to give a quick note: We are in Texas for a job interview that is going very well. We are among the Mesquite and Cedar trees, Austin stone, and saturated in the Texas culture. We are loving every minute of it. Tomorrow: Mexican food!

Hopefully, we will get some Texas barbecue as well. My poor wife is mad because she is missing out on the Mexican food. I will have to bring her some. Please pray for me and the job interview. We love the people, and so far, it seems like a great fit.