The Point Exactly!

Last week, I made the comment that I didn’t think what Vick did rose to the level of scorn he was getting. This cartoon completely captures what I was trying to say.


A Round Up

Funny, how now that I’m unemployed, I have no time to blog. Here are few thoughts.

  • Obama is still overreaching his Constitutional authority, this time, by using his czar’s who have no Constitutional authority whatsoever. Michelle Malkin has a piece on this.
  • I’m without a job. Sunday was my last day. I don’t feel a sense of freedom as of yet. But hopefully, it will come, and then, shortly after that, I imagine the worry of joblessness will hit. Right now, I take comfort knowing the LORD is taking care of me and my family. Also, knowing that I’m not alone in being unemployed.
  • I think the Michael Ramirez comic about Michel Vick is as tasteless as what Vick did to send him to jail. In other words, I disagree with Ramirez, which is a rarity. Vick served his time. His profession is football. His crime was not so heinous that it should prevent Vick from ever playing again. I think we should just drop it. As for the image of the NFL, it’s not a religion, just a game. Teams are not awarded points by the characters of their players. If they let drunkard’s and murderers play, why not a dog killer? Sorry, I know I’m supposed to be outraged by the dog killer, but there is no greater crime than killing someone made in the image of God (when it comes to killing). Dogs are not endowed with that image. They are stupid beasts. Yes, we should take care of them and not use them for sport, but killing them doesn’t warrant the treatment that Vick is receiving since he has served his time.

The Good-O-Meter

I really like this video for two reasons. The first is that it’s called The Good-O-Meter. I’m a big fan of meters. Like the Fru-fru meter, which is a meter for men, and how fru-fru they are… In other words, if they know things like what a valance is, or how colors all go together, and such, the fru-fru meter pegs out. Guys like Larry the Cable Guy have no fear of the fru-fru meter. It mostly applies to the 1980s sensitive types like Alan Alda and Ted Danson, of Cheers fame.

The other reason I like this video is it is an excellent illustration of God’s grace. Watch it and see.

Thanks for the hattip by Rivka.


OK, I was going to blog on how people are rising up against the search and seizure of the health care system by Washington politicians. But… my lovely bride has said that it probably not good for me to focus on something like that at this point in my life. So you can read what was going to talk about here.
Instead, I get to tell you about Joey, who is running around the house with a rice-crispy cookie, trying to keep it from Rylie, our dog. Of course, Joey is screaming “Mine! Mine! Mine!” Anyone who knows or has ever had a 2 year old, will know that the word “Mine!” is the chief operating procedure of any 2 year old. If they see something, they will proclaim “Mine!” If they have played with something, “Mine!” applies. If you have something they want, “Mine!” again. In fact, the chief problem we face with 2 year olds is that they think all things belong to them. Our chief lesson to them is that… “no, it doesn’t!”

But alas, this often times does not work, especially when I get a cookies and cream milkshake from Chick Fil-A. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell Joey that it’s Daddy’s shake, “Mine!” wins out and he gets it.

Come to think of it, it seems like the politicians in Washington are acting like a bunch of 2 year olds. Every thing they see, they are claiming it as “mine!” This, of course, is the very reason that King George got summarily dismissed as leader of those in the Continental United States. Hopefully we can dismiss those 2-year-old King George’s in Washington soon.