Cheese Rolling

And now, from the Department of the Silly and Absurd Department, we have a video from the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling competition of 2009. This event involves rolling a round block of cheese, down Cooper’s Hill just outside of Gloucestershire England, and competitors race down the hill after it. To make the event even more relevant and necessary for today’s world, competitors where funny costumes and sometimes, very little at all (Look for the thong-wearing men as they fall down the hill.)This event is not for the faint of heart, as contestants do get injured falling down the hill. But be of good cheer, there were no blocks of cheese injured in the making of this video. By the way, the winner gets the cheese. I do believe this event should be added to the Olympic! It’s a natural!

Here are some photos from the event!

For more information on this silly event, go here.