I Survived the Golf Marathon!

Yes, I survived the Young Life Golf Marathon! Thank you for all those who supported me in both finances and prayer. I do give all glory to the LORD for getting through the day without any major injuries and for being able to finish the day.

Paul Hunt and Mike Phillips were my team members. Paul was team captain and is one of two men who have played in all 17 tournaments. He really was an encouragement for me, since I was the least skilled golfer on the team. Mike… was a lot of fun, because he kept trying to play NASCAR with our golf carts.

This was the view of my ball from one of the fairways. I’m about 160 yards from the pin. My solution is to use my 3 wood and advance the ball. I’m sure I did just that, because I don’t remember the shot after taking the picture. I don’t know how it is for most golfers, but I usually only remember my really good shots, or the multitude of really bad ones.

Here I am on the tee box. You can see how my stance and swing really resemble that of Tiger Woods.. OK, more like John Daly. But you have to give it to us big men, when the ball goes in the wrong direction, it goes with power and authority. OK, OK, even that is not true. This shot… went about 30 yards. I topped the ball. It was one of the multitude of bad shots I remember.

Even if view of the fact that I had a lot of bad shots, I actually got better as the day progressed. I was afraid that the more I played, the worse I would get, but the opposite was true. My shots off the tee started to improve as well as the fairway shots. My putts never really came together, but I really didn’t putt the ball that much until the very last round. That is due to the fact that we were playing different formats of golf throughout the day, such as captain’s choice, alternating shots, etc. I really didn’t like alternating shots at first, but on the second round of it, really enjoyed the format.

These different formats really speed up the play and we managed to play a round of golf in less than 2 hours. That is how it is possible that you can play 100 holes in one day. But even when we were playing for individual competition, we had to speed it up.

Speaking of individual competition, I won! Yup! I won a prize for having the highest score in individual competition! For those who know nothing of golf, the object is to have a low score. I won some sort of putting gizmo that shoots your balls back to you so you can practice. I traded it away for a new driver. I know, seems like I need to practice my putting. But I’m better off doing that on the putting green.

Our teams also won second place in the Captain’s Choice event. We each got $50 gift certificates to the Woodside Plantation Country Club Pro Shop. I bought a shirt with mine.

Again, I want to thank all those who supported me in this tournament. I was able to raise more than $1,300. Not bad for my first year. The entire event raised more that $41,000 for Young Life of Aiken. That will provide most of their budget for the coming year. I’m not sure, but I think this was an off year. I hope not.

Hopefully next year, I will be able to raise more money and get some of my golfing buddies to join me in the endeavor. It was really quite a day, and course. The course was really a beautiful course to play, with lots of flowers and wildlife. I saw a variety of birds, including a red-headed woodpecker. I also saw some black squirrels which were bigger than regular squirrels and much bolder. One ran in front of me and didn’t seem the least bit fearful of me or my cart. That was also true for the… rats I saw on the course. Apparently, the prestigious Woodside Plantation has a rat problem. I saw at least three. One of them ran along side my cart and showed no fear of me. He had a large worm hanging out of his mouth. I had no desire to interact with him. No, the movie Ratatouie has done nothing for my respect towards the rodents. As that great rodent killer John Wayne use to say, “The only good rat, is a dead rat.”

I probably shouldn’t say anything about the rats. Those rich people in Woodside Plantation probably don’t want us knowing that they have rodents too. (How is it that I can go from golf to rodents to John Wayne in all one posting?)