Learning to Read

We are trying to teach Andy to read and it has been a challenge. He doesn’t want to learn. He likes watching movies, and loves for us to read to him, but doesn’t want to read himself. So, I’m about to ban all movies until he learns to read. I don’t believe this is an ability issue. The boy can memorize all kind of songs, and even will recite the Lord’s Prayer, etc. So I know he has the ability. But he just doesn’t have the desire.

Hopefully the desire will be there after we give him a tad bit of incentive!


NCAA Picks!

OK, I’m sure ALL of you are waiting on baited breath (what does that mean), for the latest news on my NCAA basketball picks. Guess what? Yup, you guessed it. I stink at picking teams. I’m currently at 71.5 percent right, but there is no way I can get any more right from here on out, because the two teams I have left in the final four, UNC and UConn, I have both losing. My other final four picks, Louisville, and Duke, are not there. Of course, that means the bracket is over for me. My current rank: 1,320,176. I’m sure to drop before it’s all over.

If you filled out a bracket, how are you doing???

If you want to look at my bracket, you might be able to by clicking here.

John 3:16 Not Welcomed at NCAA Tournament!

Good! I’m glad. Please, don’t get me wrong, I love John 3:16, but let’s not kid ourselves. Holding a sign of John 3:16 at a sporting event is not bringing people to the LORD. It just irritates people. God has given us the means to use in order to bring people to Himself. It is very simple. Preach the gospel to the lost. That is it. Holding up a sign with a verse on it is not what He has told us to do. You would be far more effective standing outside the arena and preaching than holding up a sign.

In the following video you will see a security guard taking a sign from a fan. WND reported on it. And there will be those who go over board about how our rights have been violated. If we truly believe that the church will grow by holding up a piece of poster board with John 3:16 on it, then good. Violate our rights. Force us to advance the gospel by the means He has given us, not the silly lazy methods we’ve been relying on for years. Perhaps another reason the church is so weak. Here is the video:

Remember who started the sign waving. It was Rainbow Man. He ended up killing himself in prison. Hardly orthodox at all. So while the NCAA may ban signs of John 3:16, remember the means God has given us to advance the gospel. It’s preaching the gospel. Not a mere reference to it. So before any of us get upset about our rights, let’s remember the methods God has given us.

See the article here.

Young Life — Aiken’s 17th Annual Golf Marathon

I’m stepping out on faith with this one. I’ve decided to enter Young Life’s 17th Annual Golf Marathon. It’s a charity event that helps raise money for the Young Life chapter here in Aiken. It’s 100 holes of golf in one day! For those of you who are golf novices, a typical round of golf is 18 holes. Playing 36 holes in a day is a real stretch for most golfers. So you can see that playing 100 holes of golf is really out there. It truly is a marathon.

From what I gather from fellow pastor Mike Phillips, it’s quite a day of golf. What makes it possible is that you play in teams of three, and each round is played with different rules. For instance, one round you play best ball, then captains choice, then your own ball for a round… then… I have no clue after that.

Now why am I stepping out on faith on this one??? Well, if you know me and my big old 47 year old body, I’m always injuring myself doing very simple things, like… picking up my two boys, at the same time. Walking. Sitting down. Being tackled by my two year old. Cutting grass. Breathing, etc. So, I’m really trusting the LORD to protect me on that day, and during the coming days, so that I can actually play in the tournament. It will be by HIS hand if I don’t injure myself in the preparation for the event, or during the event. This is truly and act of faith. Especially given the reality that by the time the tournament arrives, I will actually be 48!

How Can You Help???
I know that some of you would like to help me in my endeavors to play in this tournament. You can help in two ways. First, pray for me, so that I don’t injure myself in the coming days. Secondly, and this is the big one, support me. The tournament raises money by people donating money per hole played. In other words, you can support me by donating $1 per hole played, or more if you are inclined. That would be a total of $100 if I play all 100 holes. All the proceeds go to the Young Life chapter here in Aiken. This is the organizations primary fund raiser for the year. So we need to do well.

If you would like to help support me in the tournament, financially, then let me know in the comments section and make sure you put your email address in there so I can contact you. Don’t worry, I don’t give out email address to anyone or use them for marketing purposes.

As for the organization itself, here is one of their purposes: Young Life brings the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of adolescents with an approach that is respectful of who kids are and hopeful about who they can be. They are a non-denomination Christian organization that seeks to bring the gospel to the youth of America. You can check out more by going to their web site.

I hope you can help. I will post training progress as we approach, and pictures, if possible. Thanks.

The New Calvinism

I don’t read Time Magazine, but a friend pointed out to me yesterday that they had an article on Ten Ideas Changing the World Right Now. The third items was The New Calvinism. What they mean by that is the same Old Calvinism, because Calvinism is nothing more the biblical theology.Still, the article was rather enlightening because of the fact that a secular media has taken note of something we have been seeing for years, a slow shift back to true biblical theology.

Calvinism is back, and not just musically. John Calvin’s 16th century reply to medieval Catholicism’s buy-your-way-out-of-purgatory excesses is Evangelicalism’s latest success story, complete with an utterly sovereign and micromanaging deity, sinful and puny humanity, and the combination’s logical consequence, predestination: the belief that before time’s dawn, God decided whom he would save (or not), unaffected by any subsequent human action or decision.

And also:

Like the Calvinists, more moderate Evangelicals are exploring cures for the movement’s doctrinal drift, but can’t offer the same blanket assurance. “A lot of young people grew up in a culture of brokenness, divorce, drugs or sexual temptation,” says Collin Hansen, author of Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists. “They have plenty of friends: what they need is a God.” Mohler says, “The moment someone begins to define God’s [being or actions] biblically, that person is drawn to conclusions that are traditionally classified as Calvinist.” Of course, that presumption of inevitability has drawn accusations of arrogance and divisiveness since Calvin’s time. Indeed, some of today’s enthusiasts imply that non-Calvinists may actually not be Christians. Skirmishes among the Southern Baptists (who have a competing non-Calvinist camp) and online “flame wars” bode badly.

Calvin’s 500th birthday will be this July. It will be interesting to see whether Calvin’s latest legacy will be classic Protestant backbiting or whether, during these hard times, more Christians searching for security will submit their wills to the austerely demanding God of their country’s infancy.

This is a great sign to see. Hopefully, when we finally get off this idea that we somehow have something to do with our salvation, i.e. my false god of a free will when it comes to my salvation, and realize that our salvation, and every aspect of our lives, are for His glory and not ours, then the gospel will really take a hold of the church once again.

By the way, do you get the idea that I really hate this idea of man’s free will??? To me, that is the biggest plague on the gospel of Christ and stunts the effectiveness because by holding on to my free will, I rob God’s glory in saving me. Yes, I did make a choice to believe in Jesus Christ. But that was only AFTER His Spirit move in my heart, renewed me, regenerated me, caused me to be born again, gave me spiritual life, that I finally desired Christ. In other words, without the movement of the Holy Spirit, then I’m still dead in my trespasses and sins. Yes, I had a choice, but not until He moved. So who gets the glory? God does.

I truly believe that when true Calvinism is preached, which is the true biblical gospel of Christ, then the Spirit will truly move. In fact, according Iain H. Murray, in his book Revival & Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism 1750 – 1858, the only time that true revival has ever come is when Calvinism was the dominant theology of the day. Charles Finney brought on nothing more than emotional manipulation, and did more harm to the church that many try to say today. By the time he arrived on the scene during the Second Great Awakening, the Awakening was already over.

Now from this, don’t think that I don’t believe in evangelism, or calling people to trust in Christ. I do. I just know that if they truly trust in Christ, that is because of the Holy Spirit’s actions, not mine or the person who believes. He gets all the glory.

Don’t Miss This

Ok sports fans. This has to be one of the most enjoyable highlights of the basketball season: Syracuse Orange and the U Connecticut Huskies go into six over times to finish the game.

We Missed It!

Yes, I’m afraid we missed the great celebration of: National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, which was March 10th. According to Feminist Kathy Pollit, the abortion providers really needed some love on that day. She writes the following on her left-wing blog:

Obama’s victory may protect Roe v Wade in the Supreme Court, but state legislatures are doing their best to pile on the obstacles and restrictions: mandatory ultrasounds are the latest fad, with bills being considered in eleven states ( because apparently women are so stupid they might not realize they’re having an abortion because they’re pregnant). Heaven forbid that we actually show that the child in the womb of a woman, is actually a living child. That darn truth is likely to cause a woman to reconsider killing her child.

And then, as Michael Winerip reported in an unusually thorough piece in Sunday’s New York Times (in the Style section, sigh, along with the rest of the girlynews), the women’s health activists who form the backbone of many clinic staffs are retiring and proving hard to replace in the more conservative and rural regions, like upstate New York, the South and Midwest. Doctors, nurses and technicians are reluctant to work in clinics in anti-choice places where they will be picketed, socially ostracized and forced to protect themselves daily against possible violence. As opposed to the daily violence that they inflict upon the babes in the womb every day. I think given a choice, the doctors face nothing truly serious.

Low pay is another factor: anti-choicers love to talk about abortion as a business, but adjusted for inflation, the price of a first trimester abortion is about what it was thirty years ago, although security-related costs have skyrocketed — one reason why clinic staffers make about half what they would in another specialty.

My heart really goes out to these poor doctors that have to live under such threats of violence. Nothing like the violence those face in the womb when one of their clients enters their office. But hey, I’m being cold towards these poor killers… er doctors and nurses. And o, the travesty that these men and women face with all that low pay. How can we live with ourselves?

Hopefully conditions and the truth will prevail and these doctors and nurses can pick up some of the love from the unemployment line that Obama will make sure is there.

As for next March 10th. Maybe we should have our governors declare it National Day of Mourning for the Millions of children who have died at the hands of the feminazis and their warped view of life Day! It might be a great day to mourn, fast and pray for the entire wickedness that is put forth as… women’s rights.


I love good political cartoons, because they really capture the truth on a lot of subjects. The first two show us the press/left’/liberal’s/Democrat’s hatred for Rush Limbaugh. There are far more serious problems in this country than Rush Limbaugh. Of course, they are seeing him as Enemy No. 1, and will do anything to silence him and those who voice opposition to their policies. After all, it’s talk radio that has caused all are problems in the first place. (That being… pointing out the fallacies of the left). At least, according to them. Forget that stuff about Freedom of Speech… that just comes from some archaic document that needs to be thrown out… at least while Obama & Co. are running things…

O really? Good. The left needs to be scared.

And finally. The following that makes a drastic point.

Why would God bless us with prosperity and peace since so many of us are set on turning away from Him? This is disheartening because all it shows us is that there is a vacuum where God should be in our hearts. Whenever that vacuum isn’t filled with the Living and True God, He allows it to be filled with other things. Yes, I believe Islam will become a greater problem for us in the U.S. This is just a hunch, not a prophecy.

Please don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end like David Wilkerson. He is the pastor who reached out to druggies and gangsters back in the 1950s and 1960s. He has a wonderful book called The Cross and the Switchblade. He is now telling us that some great catastrophe will befall New York City in the fall, and it will be so great, it will spill over into New Jersey. He writes:

“An earth-shattering calamity is about to happen,” he writes. “It is going to be so frightening, we are all going to tremble – even the godliest among us.”

Maybe so. But I would say that one has already taken place in those areas. A rejection of God’s word and of God. That is the greatest of all catastrophes. This plague of unbelief has been affecting our country for years already. We’re just too caught up in this world to see it.

I wish people like Wilkerson wouldn’t write things like that. The canon is closed. I don’t believe God it talking to us via prophets any longer. He has given us all the revelation we need. If the 66 books of the Bible are not enough, then a catastrophe to wipe out New York won’t do the trick either.

The Many Messy Faces with Joey

Some boys just have a propensity to pour things on their head, or smear it on his head. The first is Red Velvet cake. The second one is some sort of linguini pesto sauce. I guess he thought it would taste good and smell good. And finally, the last one is after he got some baby powder to add to the pesto sauce. I’m hoping he grows out of this fascination with dumping things on his head very soon.