One of a Kind

Andy was finishing his cereal. He ate all the Fruit Loops and picked up the bowl and slurped down the milk in the bowl. He looked at me and plopped the bowl down in front of him with a grin. Toast time! Shocked that Andy ACTUALLY ate all of his meal, I asked “Who are you?!”

Andy looked at him, pointed up and said “One of a kind!”

He certainly is!


2 thoughts on “One of a Kind

  1. Yes, they say the funniest things! I can remember early one morning when Samuel was three he came into our bedroom and climbed up in bed with us and said rather matter of factly “It’s morning time.” I then told him I wasn’t getting up quite yet and I would like to hear a story (this used to be a routine of ours). He said, “once there was a tiger and a lady.” “Ooohhh” from Mommy. He began again, “The tiger ate her all up!” I exclaimed, “Oh Samuel, that’s a sad story!” Samuel looked at me with a sly smile and said, “But, the tiger was happy.” I still chuckle when I think about it. Cherish the moments they pass quickly.Wanted to let you guys know I deleted the blog as I was just spending too much time at the computer. I may start up again someday as it was really a creative outlet for me but when I feel I can be more disciplined. Blessings, Julie


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