Fractured Friday

Timothy’s Narrow World of Sports
Two issues this morning. Golf. Yes, golf. I went golfing last week as part of the PGA (Pastoral Golf Association, I’m the president. I was golfing with three other Presbyterian pastors.) We went to the lovely Mount Vintage Golf Club just north of North Augusta. It was by far, the nicest golf course I have ever played. I would rank it up there with Augusta National, but I’ve never been to Augusta National. Hopefully that will change at the next Master’s.

The point is that had one of those GREAT shots on the15th hole there. I was off the green only a few feet, but a good 35 feet from the hole. I decided to chip it up onto the green and get as close to the hole as I could, but alas, the ball defied me. It went straight in the hole. All four of us went from being Presbyterian pastors to Pentacostal tongue speakers for the next 30 seconds or so. It was truly a shot of beauty. One of those shots that is good for the memory books for a long time.

But I must give the credit to the Lord. I remembered later that I prayed before taking the shot: “Lord, help me do well…” That He did. Being the good Presbyterian that I am, I have to say that the shot was predestined before the foundations of the world to go in by Christ! So I can’t claim all that much. He get’s the glory. But it sure was sweet.

Texas Aggies Update
I have not been writing much about the Aggies lately because they are in the cellar of the Big 12. Yup! They are horrible as a team. We can say all the things we want, like “it’s a rebuilding year.” “The coach and the players are still getting to know one another.” “Coach Mike Sherman is having to play with Coach Fran’s players.” But all those are a bunch of excuses. That didn’t happen to Urban Meyer down at Florida when he arrived. He went on to win a National Championship with the other coaches players and is one of the top programs in the country. The point is that the Aggies are horrible. To my horror, I even read an article last week that said the Aggies have become the Baylor of old. That means that the Baylor of old is no longer the Baylor of old. Ouch! Baylor is better than A&M. Ouch!

This week, the Aggies play Kansas State. There is an outside chance that the Aggies can win this game. That would improve their record to 3-3. After that, there are not many teams left on the schedule that A&M has an outside chance of beating.

This is why we were so excited when they announced the 2009 football schedule last week. It gave us something to look forward to.