No Sleeping Late

Usually, it’s Andy. He will stand at my side of the bed and shout, “Get up!” This morning, it was Joey. He was in his crib jumping up and down screaming for anyone to come and get him. So I did. I felt like it was a good time for us to spend the morning, drinking coffee and pink milk, eating bananas, and doing whatever he wanted. That meant chasing him.

Andy finally got up and it’s movie time! This morning’s selection: Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again! Andy likes it because it has funny cowboys in it.

BTW, the photo was taken by Andrea P. She came over on Friday to take pictures of the boys, and we put on their cowboy hats.


One thought on “No Sleeping Late

  1. Hi Julie,Thanks for your comments. I’m sorry to hear about Samuel’s trip to the ER. Poor little guy! Tell the girls congratulations on the fair. I have a hard time reading your blog using Firefox and Safari, and can’t comment well. For some reason, it pulls all your posts and comments over to the side bar and is blocked by the items there. I don’t know if it is my computer or Homeschool Blogger. Yet, Timothy can read it with out problems from his computer at church. It sounds like it’s my computer having issues with formats. It as a personality all its own, it seems. I think I’ll name her Bertha, maybe Peach… since she’s an apple. But, Bertha fits somehow! We saw one of those banana spiders the other day on a walk. It was huge and so beautiful. I used to have a pet spider in my car when I was in college. I wonder how and what it ate. That idea is a little disconcerting. It was a chunky, black wolf spider. We also have these HUGE spiders around here that carry their babies on their backs. When you squash them, the babies run off her back and all over the place. Eew! People used to believe that the bites of tarantulas were deadly. So to cure the person, they made them dance and sweat it off. The music is called Tatantellas. The kids might be interested in that with the unit. Ironically, a spider with one of the deadliest poisons is the Daddy Longlegs. However, it cannot hurt anyone because it’s chalicerata(sp)- fangs- can’t pierce the skin.I think spiders are so neat and beautiful, but I have a healthy fear of them too!


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