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Judge Judy

OK, the trial really was a Judge Judy type of case. It involved a man, a woman, and a 2001 Ford Mustang that the woman gave to the man’s daughter to drive, while said man and woman dated one another. Apparently… they broke up! The woman wanted the car back and went to two other courts to get it back. She then filed a complaint with the Summary court seeking $4,800 to repair some of the damages to the car. She said it was is good condition at both other court hearings, and that the man and his daughter purposefully damaged it before returning it.

We didn’t see it that way. After looking at the pictures and hearing both sides, we decided that she was to be awarded some damages, but not what she was asking because most of what she pointed out as “purposeful” damages merely looked like normal wear and tear to us. There was a dent in the side door, which occurred while the car was en route to one of the other court cases. The key line that caused us to decide in plaintiff’s favor at all was that both the defendant and his daughter testified that the dent to the car happened before the court trial, and they said, “well, since we are going to have to give it back, why repair it?” Had it not been for that line, we would not have awarded the plaintiff anything at all.

So we awarded the plaintiff $1,200 to have the door repaired. We just didn’t feel like a 2001 Mustang was worth $4,800 blue book value. It might be. That was just the jury’s opinion. What was odd was that the defendant in the case seemed to be very pleased with the outcome of the case. I hope they have the $1,200.

BTW, i got to serve as the foreman of the jury. You can bet we had a good time serving. In fact, at one point, the judge stuck his head in the door and said, “hey, you need to quit having so much fun while I’m not around…

Not that we didn’t take what we did seriously. We were very serious about the verdict. But we had fun getting there.

My jury duty is now complete until the next summons arrives. I hope it doesn’t come too quickly, but it was a fun experience.

I Got Picked!

Yes, juror number 41 got picked. That is me. I will be on the jury over a civil trial. I can’t talk about the trial, other than to say that one of the plaintiffs kept nuking jurors for who knows what reason, and that is why I got picked.
I imagine this will be one of those cases much like you find on Court TV, or Judge Judy, where the plaintiffs throw chairs at one another. But alas, it may be much more boring than that. The case is tomorrow morning, and hopefully should be over by noon. I will give a full report tomorrow afternoon.

Jury Duty!

Yes, September has been one of those strange months for me. I’ve had a root canal, which took two visits to complete, knee surgery, and now, jury duty in the Midland Valley Summary Court with the Honorable Judge Carl S. Insley providing. 
I really don’t know that much about the South Carolina court system. But something tells me we will be hearing traffic tickets and drunk in public cases. I could be wrong about that. But just the location of the court, the size, etc., leads me to believe that. I will let you know later this week if I get the chance to blog. They may have us so busy deciding he-said/she-said cases that I won’t have time to blog.
Who knows, when they find out my “hang-em high” view of things, they may just let me go… but then again…

Clowning Around!

We went to the Aiken Pregnancy Care Center Life Walk Saturday morning and found these two clowning around. Both did very well keeping character, even when no one was looking. I was actually looking… which means someone was looking… I know, the contradictions of life.

Psalm 62:8

Speaking with Scripture is the BEST communication…

Psalm 62:8

Trust in Him at all times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us. Selah

Jesus is a Friend! UPDATED!

HT: Wade

Yes, from the Department of Hokie Religious Stuff, comes this wonderful song, entitled: Jesus is a Friend of Mine. This should get you going on this Tuesday morning. Think peppy, hokie, and please don’t make me listen again, type songs!

What gets me about this is no one had the gumption to tell this guy: “I know you mean well, but NO!!!!” After all, there were six other people up on stage with him. Did none of them have the discernment to say something? Or were they all hoping this was their ticket to the big time? I’m sorry, this is just too hilarious. I need to have this group come play for us on Sunday morning! That will raise some eyebrows.

OK, there is just too much out there to pass up for this post. Via Gunny and the Conservative Reformed Mafia, we have this classic dancing and singing … together… by white people. And yes, it’s bad…

Also via Gunny’s site. This news will deeply disappoint mullet connoisseur, Fred the Intern, who idolizes this man. It turns out, that Ray Boltz, yes the CCM artist who sang that great tear jerker, “Thank You” is … Gay! Read it here. Sorry Fred. I know you will never ever be able to lip sync to “Thank You” in the same manner again!

You’re Fired!

Yes, those are the words I heard from Andy today. “What?” I replied.
“You’re fired!”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Yes, my Daddy approval rating may have been down a bit since my knee surgery. I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on the floor with Andy. But I never realized it would lead to this.
“Who says you can fire me?” I asked.
“You did. You put me in charge, and you’re fired!”
“OK,” I replied.Now one might ask, “where does a 3 year old learn about being in charge, and firing people?” I have know idea.

However, I think I may have gotten my job back. I took him shopping today and bought him a Transformer. He likes it, even though it turns out to be one of the bad guys. Hopefully my Daddy approval rating will increase over the next few weeks.

Ike was bad: Markets are worse!

God is STILL sovereign. I say that because the financial storm that just hit Wall Street is probably much worse.

Asian and European stock markets were down sharply Monday amid growing alarm over the world’s financial system after a seismic shake-up on Wall Street, with Lehman Brothers saying it would file bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch being sold to Bank of America.


Lehman Brothers (LEH: 3.65, -0.57, -13.50%) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy early Monday morning and said it will slowly wind down its operations after being in business for 158 years.

This comes after the struggling firm’s two possible “white knights” – Barclays Bank plc and Bank of America (BAC: 33.74, +0.68, +2.05%) – pulled out of negotiations over the weekend. Both Bank of America and Barclays reportedly found it impossible to absorb the firm without taking on too much of Lehman’s bad assets.

Lehman filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York. The company’s broker-dealer subsidiary and other parts of Lehman was not in the filing.

Shares of Lehman brothers were down 90% to around 40 cents a share. A year ago, a share of Lehman would have cost you $60.

I called my father, who has been in the business for more than 50 years, and he was short on words. He was hurrying to get to the office to try and find out what was going on. All this will effect us more than the ripple effect of gas prices caused by Ike.

Our comfort has to be in the Lord. He is just as sovereign in financial storms as He is in storms like Ike.

From Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening for September 15.

September 15

The Safest Shelter

And a man shall be as an hiding-place from the wind and a covert from the tempest. (Isaiah 32:2)

Who this Man is we all know. Who could He be but the Second Man, the Lord from heaven, the man of sorrows, the Son of Man? What a hiding place He has been to His people! He bears the full force of the wind Himself, and so He shelters those who hide themselves in Him. We have thus escaped the wrath of God, and we shall thus escape the anger of men, the cares of this life, and the dread of death. Why do we stand in the wind when we may so readily and so surely get out of it by hiding behind our Lord? Let us this day run to Him and be at peace.

Often the common wind of trouble rises in its force and becomes a tempest, sweeping everything before it. Things which looked firm and stable rock in the blast, and many and great are the falls among our carnal confidences. Our Lord Jesus, the glorious man, is a covert which is never blown down. In Him we mark the tempest sweeping by, but we ourselves rest in delightful serenity.

This day let us just stow ourselves away in our hiding place and sit and sing under the protection of our Covert. Blessed Jesus! Blessed Jesus! How we love Thee! Well we may, for Thou art to us a shelter in the time of storm.

Sprinkling IS Baptism!

During the week, I posted on my Facebook page that I was pondering Hebrews 10:22 in light of baptism. Gunny quickly jumped on and made the suggestion that if I wanted to come back to the dark side (his words, not mine) and join the Reformed Baptist I could. I appreciate the good nature in which he broached the subject.

The problem was, I wasn’t pondering Baptism thinking that our view was wrong. I was just seeing the issue on why we sprinkle verses dunking more clearly. The Westminster Confession of Faith uses Hebrews 10:22 as one of the proof texts for sprinkling as opposed to dunking. When you first read that verse, it seems that they have made a mistake in referring to what the Levitical priests did, verses what takes place under the New Covenant. Look at the verse:

Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water

It seems that it is only referring to the priestly function of taking hyssop, dipping it in the blood of the sacrifice, and then sprinkling on the people. But in the context of the book, it cannot mean that.

The Apostles main point when dealing with the Old Covenant is that it was faulty in that it could not cleanse the conscience of the believer. No matter how many sacrifices were made, the conscience of the believers under that system were never cleansed. This is why the New Covenant is so superior. It does cleanse the conscience of the believer.

It is for this reason that 10:22 is NOT referring to the Old Covenant system, but the New Covenant. The issue of the water ties it to baptism, along with the following verse the reminds us of the confession we make at baptism: Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering. The entire section is dealing with holding fast to our confession, and remembering what we believed at baptism about what Christ has done for us.

Therefore when it talks about having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, the writer is not referring to the OT system, but the New Covenant baptism… which we believe, is to be administered by sprinkling!

So while I do appreciate Gunny wanting me to join him on the dark side of the Baptist faith, I remain staunchly and firmly a Reformed Presbyterian.