GA Updates — Updated… And finally finished…

I’m here in Dallas with my family for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America. I think this is the 37th meeting of the GA. I will post updates at the church’s unofficial blog: Grace of Aiken Blog.The first post is here. I will bring up the overtures as I learn more about them.

The Second Post is Here!!!

Final post on the events here!!!

I’m hoping to get some pictures of our golf tournament up on that blog next week when I get back. Also, there will be news of the church there, especially our up coming Evangelism Explosion VBS. It’s quite unique when it comes to VBS themes. Instead of just teaching kids about the gospel, this version, teaches kids to share the gospel. The goal is not only to share the gospel with the children, but teach them to share it with their friends using the Evangel Cube, an interesting little tool that the kids love. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, just wanted to let you know that on this trip I have visited with several bloggers. The first was Heath, who I mention from time to time. We stayed with him and his family in Jackson on the way to Texas. It’s always a join to spend time with Heath. God has really gifted him in many ways, although I’m not sure he would feel comfortable with me saying that.

I even ran into two of his professors at the conference, Derek Thomas and Guy Waters. Both spoke highly of Heath, and said he was an excellent student. You can visit his site here.

I wrote earlier about visiting with Julie and her blog below on the post Meers Burgers.

I also got to go to lunch with Gunny Hartman, of Semper Reformanda (Always Reforming). Both Gunny and I were at A&M and DTS at the same time, but we didn’t know one another. We went to lunch at Red, HOT & Blue for some barbecue to talk about things Reformed, and all the people we know. We know quite a few of the same people, but just never connected while at DTS. In fact, he is responsible for several of those people becoming first Calvinistic, then Reformed in their theology, through his infamous Slooge Sheet. It’s a document of nothing but Scripture that shows the Biblical truth pointing to both Calvinism and Reformed theology (a redundancy I know…). I have yet to see the Slooge Sheet, but can’t wait to look it over.

All in all, this trip back to Texas has been wonderful, but tiring. Both boys have been cranky beyond belief, and Andy keeps saying, “Can we go home?” Not just yet. We are leaving Dallas today for Brenham, TX, for Father’s Day, and then we are going home on Monday… Lord willing.