Top 10 Worst Album Covers!

I’m not sure how I stumbled on this one, but… these are absolutely classic. The site actually has the 50 worst album covers, but I selected 10 of those that had me in stitches to share with you on this fine Friday. Be forewarned, some of these covers will make you glad we no longer live in the 20th Century. They are listed in no particular order. (You can see the other 40 here.)

No. 1 The Electric Amish: A Hard Day’s Work! Yes, you have to love these guys for breaking with their family tradition of no electricity, and keeping it in the family with the donkey!

No. 2 Jonah Jones: I Dig Chicks! Sure you do!

No. 3. Jimmy Jensen: Understand You’re Swede. OK, I guess you want to hang on to the Swedish roots. But that doesn’t make me want to buy your album.

No. 4. Freddy Gage: All My Friends Are Dead. I found this to be the funniest one of the lot. Makes me want to run out and listen to him sing about it. But I certainly don’t want to be his friend.

No. 5. The Many Faces of Roger. Wrong title. Should be The Many Chest Shots of Roger. Ah! The 1970s and disco… do you miss them?

No. 6. Chicken Coupe de Ville. I’m not making this up. Including the smash hits: I Seen Her First , Ain’t Above Lyin’, Sc***d & Tatooed, and Wild Hogs. I’m thinking those hits were limited to the state of Alabama where the population didn’t exceed 2,500 people.

No. 7: Wayne & Charlie: Rapping Dummy. I wonder how this went over in the hood?

No. 8 Dickie Harrell: Drums and More Drums. At least she would be good for scratching your back!

No. 9… The title is in Spanish… but the artist has a great personality!

No. 10 ET: Best Friends. Obviously, he doesn’t have any best friends, or they would tell him… get rid of the outfit.