Blogger Quarterly Report

If my blog was a company, you would want a quarterly report. Well, here it is.

We’ve been steady as a blog for the past seven months. We’ve averaged about 1,200 hits per month, along with about 175 comments per month. The last bad month was in November, when I took a month off from the church, but still managed to blog at times. The high month was last October with 1,402 hits that month.

The high comment month was February with 237 comments posted. Remember, February is a short month, so it was really spectacular. I would probably have more, but I usually discourage the ne’er do wells that visit other blog sites. In other words, you start making a defense for Jeremiah Wright and his theology, I’m going to bounce you faster than sippy cup off the kitchen floor! After all, there is no defense for the man’s hatred. But that is not the point here. The point is that my blog is worth your time and effort.

Now that you know these stats, you know that your time here has been well invested.