Embracing Him

I love pastor’s who speak the truth. In this video, John Piper comes right out and says that he hates the prosperity gospel. I found another clip where he went into it in greater detail. The basis is that the prosperity gospel, which is a lie, focuses on the gifts, not the giver. The ultimate to the gospel is to be in the presence of God. It is to become one of His people, and dwell in His Temple with Him forever. It’s not about stuff.

On one hand, this is a time message we need to hear all over again, with the approach of the biggest and most adulterated holiday in Christendom: Christmas. Let’s face it, it’s not REALLY about the birth of Jesus. It’s about getting more stuff. Yuck! I have so much stuff I don’t know what to do with it. So much of it doesn’t matter and I wish a great wind would come along and blow it all away. I’m tired of stuff. What is important is the true Peace that is found in Him, true forgiveness, true joy. Not stuff. Stuff comes and goes. He is forever!

But I digress. Piper says it in a much clearer way. Embrace Him! Embrace Christ!

BTW, the picture is of me letting Joey chew on a rib bone when we were in Texas. It was his first taste of barbecue. Given the way he is eating here lately, I think he really will like it once he gets more teeth.