October Vacation

October Vacation
As you can see from my previous post, I got out of dodge for a while and landed in Newport News, VA, where my sister and her family live. I’m actually heading back tomorrow, but got a chance to play the tourist for the day. Where? How about Yorktown. It’s about 9 miles from here, so my sister took me up there to look around. Just so happens that today is the 226th Anniversary of George Washington’s defeat of Cornwallis. What perfect timing. We got to see the Fifes and Drums of Yorktown, along with the museum, and the site where Cornwallis handed over the reigns of the colonies to General George. I know we are supposed to know all of this from our history lessons in high school. But it never seems real until you actually walk the fields where the battles took place and the victory was won. OK, we didn’t actually walk the fields… more like, drove by the fields where the victory was won, but you get the idea.My sister just reminded me that we did walk over one of the trenches… one trench is as good as any!

Madie the 4 year old!
I took a lot of pictures, but I can’t download them here on her computer. They will have to wait. The above picture is of Madie, the cutest 4 year old in the family. She is one of those wonderful children that just immediately wins your heart. We went to her pre-school open house last night for parents (and uncle!), to meet her teacher and her friends. It was one of those awkward functions that adults have to go to, in order to… well, just not sure why we go to them. But we’re supposed to, so we do. The best moment came where they were serving up refreshments. Amy (my sister) and I were not eating anything because we wanted to go out afterwards for dinner, so we let Madie snack at the table. We were pleased that she decided to settle on carrots. Then, to our surprise, she grabbed the dip, took her carrots and the dip to a table and made herself at home eating both. The dip was rendered hers the moment double dipping occurred. We could do nothing but laugh.

Quote of the Week
And the week here would not be complete without that quote of the week. We were cooking dinner tonight and Amy was telling me that some chef didn’t recommend putting butter on the noodles, but she did anyway. I wasn’t sure who the chef was, Armorall Agassy, from the Cooking Channel. I said, “Amy, you know I don’t have cable.”

“But you should have at least seen him on his commercials.”
Becoming acutely aware of my deficiency in this area of knowledge, I blurted out, “Look, I’m a Christian, I don’t have to be culturally relevant.”

BTW, I looked up the Cooking Network, the chef she was referring to is Emeril??? I looked at his picture, and I don’t recognize him. My quote still stands.