Emergent Church

Here is another installment of the commercial out of Community Christian Church in Naperville, Il. Remember, these are the commercials that make fun of the so called traditional church goer, while advertising something new and refreshing. Many of us would agree, that what the man on the left represents is in need of a deeper understanding on what it means to be a Christian. But, I would have to say that the man on the right is not the way to go. Their view of Christianity, is to throw off all the past of what has taken place and start all over again. For them, this is the only way to be a true Christian.Never mind the fact that to be a true believer is to be part of the body of Christ, a body that includes all those Christians who have gone on before us. So to throw off the past, as so many are want to do in our culture, goes against the very Body of Christ. We sit in judgment of the past way too easily in our culture. We find their one or two obvious flaws and then write them off as wicked and most heinous, therefore, there is nothing to learn from the elders of our past.

Of course, this is nothing new to Christianity. Every age has struggled with those who felt any ties with the universal church were to be broken and cast off. Hopefully we do not make the same mistake…

But in view of the above video, I would also like to include the following posters which I found via Neil’s excellent blog 4Simpsons Blog, and the rest of the posters can bee seen at the following site: Pyromania.

The best thing about these posters is that they seem to capture the underlying problem with many in the emergent church movement. It’s based on pride, arrogance, and a complete lack of humility. They refuse to humble themselves to those who are true elders in the church. The guy and the statement below him seems to capture the attitude of the guy on the right to a “T.”

Even if Righty, in the above video, is correct about Lefty, his entire attitude towards Lefty is all wrong. There is no humility of knowing that when we do know spiritual truth, it is all by God’s grace. If Righty was to display any level of true humility, he would be more concerned with Lefty’s lack of spiritual maturity, than he would of making fun of him. Instead of throwing the verbal jab, why not take the moment as an opportunity to help him understand more about what it means to be a true Christian, or Christ follower as Righty claims. Would Jesus have treated Lefty that way? I don’t think so. I think he would have had some compassion for him and tried to help him understand that all those books are not what makes us spiritual or mature. They may help, but we must truly rely on Christ’s Spirit to bring about maturity.

The sad problem is that in the emergent church movement, there are very few with any real spiritual maturity around, since they pridefully distance themselves from the older generation of believers.