VBS — It’s Over!

Vacation Bible School Finishes with a Splash!
We finished up our vacation Bible school last night with the help of the Couchton Volunteer Fire Department. One of our members, Mark Humphreville, is a volunteer firefighter and was able to get the firetruck and water truck here for a display of the equipment. He also gave a lesson in fire safety, by having the entire squad come into the building on hands and knees in the same manner that they would enter into a burning building. Mark then proceeded to tell the children what they should and should not do in the event of a fire in their homes. He told them a lot of information for their age group. But the best line was when he warned them about breathing the smoke in a fire, “It will kill you!” All the parents were thinking, “Mark, maybe this is a bit deep for this age group.” But, as far as I know, there were no nightmare because of it.After the safety lesson, we were able to let this kids climb on the truck and shoot off the fire hose. As you can see from the pictures, Andy had a blast doing it. That is Mark with the hose. The truth of the matter is that we believe Mark had more fun giving the demonstration than the children did. It really was a lot of fun.

I have to extend a special thanks to Mark and the men of the Couchton Volunteer Fire Department. They really did help make the last day of VBS special for the children. We do appreciate their help.

The following pictures are Andy & Mark, the INTERN Fred, a group photo of all those that attended VBS (and yes, that is Andy running free in the parking lot), the firefighters sending up a column of water to provide rain for the children, J.P. playing the run off, and one of the firefighters blasting the children with more water. All the children were fine. He didn’t have the water on full force and the children loved it.