A Snapshot of the Gospel

Hat tip to Heath for sending me this story. A master of divinity student from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, Garland Mason, got to spend time with the President recently and they had the chance to talk about their faith and even pray with the President. He and his family were invited by Bush because Garland lost his brother in Iraq. Here is what Garland had to say about the experience.“We only had access to the President because my brother died. Likewise, and in a greater way, we only have access to the Father because of the death of our elder Brother Jesus Christ. The President never asked us what we had done to deserve to be there, but received us solely based on the work of another.”

That is a snapshot of the gospel. We are only accepted by the Father, because of the work of another, namely and exclusively Jesus Christ.



Blasphemy Challenge Part 3

I finally finished my sermon on the Unpardonable Sin that Christ tells us about in Matthew 12:31-32. You can go here to listen to it… and here to read the sermon. Realize the sermon is not fully written out. There are places where I only placed notes for my purposes… but you will get the idea.

Studying and praying over this sermon was quite fruitful for me and I hope my congregation. One of the things that struck me is that you rarely hear anyone preach about this sin, and the one time that I have heard it preached, the pastor went to great lengths to say that this sin could not be committed in our day. (Never mind the fact that Jesus tells us this sin will not be forgiven in this age or the age to come.) I think this comes back to the subtle Pelagian beliefs that many people hold to. This is the idea that we are born innocent, and with the right education or rearing, we will be good people.

The Bible speaks against this view of sin, and undergirding this view is the concept that sin is not really all that bad. This became evident to me when it was pointed out that some of our youth were under the impression that all sin is forgiveable. Not all sin is forgivable. Jesus tells us this. To think that all sin is forgivable, is to open ourselves up to the possibility that we treat sin lightly and do not repent from it the way we should. We should repent of all our sins, from the least to the greatest. Not to do so, is to proceed on the road to destruction, resulting in committing the unforgivable sin. As Hebrews 3:12ff warns us, we should turn away from sin daily, while it is called today, and treat sin as the heinous act that it is. To treat it lightly is to treat the death of Our Savior lightly. This is to spit upon His loving act, and we should never do that. Therefore we need to treat our sin more seriously.

The other realization, or understanding that I came to, is that most of these teens who are making these videos in the Blaspemy Challenge, (See earlier posts on the topic) are not really committing the unpardonable sin. They are to ignorant of what they are doing, and saying “I blaspemy the Holy Spirit,” is not blaspemy. It’s like those who worship God by singing “we come to praise you…” but never actually get around to praising God. The point is, that most of those submitting these videos to YouTube.com, are not truly committing blaspemy of the Holy Spirit. I do believe the leaders of this movement are. They are willfully renoucing the Holy Spirit and I believe they have committed the unpardonable sin. They are attacking the church and Christ. They are seeking to end Christianity. And were it not for Christ, I might despair.

After all, He did tell us: “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” That includes the irRational Response Squad and all the other atheists that have banded together in order to stomp out the King of kings, and Lord of lords. They join hands with Satan, and will share in his defeat. In that, I take great comfort…

BTW, before anyone charges me with being insensitive towards the lost atheists, realize that there are times to hand one over to Satan, as Paul did with several of his disciples. Yes, I would love it if the gospel took hold of these atheists and we saw them converted to Christ. But I know that they have taken many wilful steps in their rebellion, to the point that they have committed the unpardonable sin. Therefore I leave them in the Hands of their Judge. He will deal with them justly.

An Appeal to the Lost!

Charles Spurgeon wrote in his Morning & Evening, “DEAR reader, this little book was mainly intended for the edification of believers, but if you are yet unsaved, our heart yearns over you: and we would fain say a word which may be blessed to you. Open your Bible, and read the story of the lepers, and mark their position, which was much the same as yours. If you remain where you are you must perish; if you go to Jesus you can but die. “Nothing venture, nothing win,” is the old proverb, and in your case the venture is no great one.”

“If you sit still in sullen despair, no one can pity you when your ruin comes; but if you die with mercy sought, if such a thing were possible, you would be the object of universal sympathy. None escape who refuse to look to Jesus; but you know that, at any rate, some are saved who believe in Him, for certain of your own acquaintances have received mercy: then why not you? The Ninevites said, “Who can tell?” Act upon the same hope, and try the Lord’s mercy. To perish is so awful, that if there were but a straw to catch at, the instinct of self-preservation should lead you to stretch out your hand. We have thus been talking to you on your own unbelieving ground, we would now assure you, as from the Lord, that if you seek Him He will be found of you. Jesus casts out none who come unto Him.”

“You shall not perish if you trust Him; on the contrary, you shall find treasure far richer than the poor lepers gathered in Syria’s deserted camp. May the Holy Spirit embolden you to go at once, and you shall not believe in vain. When you are saved yourself, publish the good news to others. Hold not your peace; tell the King’s household first, and unite with them in fellowship; let the porter of the city, the minister, be informed of your discovery, and then proclaim the good news in every place. The Lord save thee ere the sun goes down this day.“

I can’t help but think of those who come by this site from time to time, who are not saved. They have no place in God’s Kingdom because they want nothing to do with the Living andTrue God found on in Scripture. They may allude to Scripture, they may reference it, but they don’t truly believe it. They think that their good works are enough to save them.

BUT, in reality, I also think that they know their good works are not enough to save them. Therefore, instead of accepting the God of the Bible in all His revelatory glory, they reinvent God into their own image. They make God something they can accept, because to believe in the God of the Bible would mean that the truth about mankind is that we are all sinners and do deserve hell. The last thing the believer wants to hear is that. He/She does not want to think that we truly deserve that because of the comparitive game we like to play in lifting ourselves up. We look around us and find someone more evil than ourselves and show how we are not that wretched. We are wretched. Even the smallest sin makes us so.

We need perfection. We need a holiness that cannot be found in ourselves. We need Christ. Unbeliever, especially you, will you not forsake your ways and trust in Christ for salvation. Will you please quit exalting yourself and realize that there is nothing in you that is pleasing to God? Will you not see that and trust in Jesus alone for salvation? He is the only way, truth and the life. No one will be accepted before the Father accept through Him. Will you not trust Him today?

More Liberal Hypocrisy

Hillary and the accent!
Hillary made her trip down south to try and win some votes, and in the process tried to come off as someone from the South by sporting a tacky southern accent. Most of us saw through it… She sounded stupid… Of course, if a Republican tried such a stunt, they would be skewered by the Drive-By Media. Hopefully Hillary will have plenty of time to fix some chitlins for her neighbors after the ’08 election.

Desecrating Allah!
Apparently some Republican students at San Fransisco State University held a demonstration in which they walked on a flag of Hamas. The flag had the name “Allah” in it, and therefore the school is looking at sanctioning the students for doing so. They are being charged with the descration of “Allah” (the false god of Muslims). Of course, had the students took the name of Christ in vain, or desecrated his image with a glass of urine, that would have been OK in the eyes of the administration. But not Allah. Apparently, he is a protected God. Here is the story from World Net Daily.

  • College Republicans at San Francisco State University desecrated the name of Allah by stepping on makeshift Hezbollah and Hamas flags, charged school officials who brought the students before a hearing yesterday.
  • The trouble began at an Oct. 17 anti-terrorism rally in which the students stepped on butcher paper painted to resemble the flags of the Middle East terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. The College Republicans say they simply copied the script from an image on the Internet and didn’t know it bore the name of Allah in Arabic script.
  • University spokeswoman Ellen Griffin, however, told San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra J. Saunders the university “stands behind this process” of investigating the students for possible punishment.
  • “I don’t believe the complaint is about the desecration of the flag,” Griffin said. “I believe that the complaint is the desecration of Allah.”
Wow! Allah is protected according to liberals. This is appalling. Here is more of the story.

  • The university has 10 days from the time of the hearing to decide whether to sanction the students.

  • Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, which represents the students, insisted the school has no basis for punishing them.

  • “The College Republicans engaged in unequivocally protected political expression, and it strains all credibility to think the SFSU administration does not know this,” he said. “There is nothing to try or investigate here other than protected expression.”

  • Ten days after the incident, a student filed a formal complaint with the university against the campus group, alleging “attempts to incite violence and create a hostile environment” and “actions of incivility.”

  • FIRE argues the university’s Office of Student Programs and Leadership Development could have settled the matter informally or dismissed the charges instead of pressing forward today with a hearing.

  • The legal advocacy group sent a letter to SFSU President Robert A. Corrigan Jan. 23 arguing no American public institution can lawfully prosecute students for engaging in political protest or for desecrating religious symbols.

  • FIRE asserted “incitement” and creating a “hostile environment” are legal terms not applicable to the College Republicans’ actions of stepping on flags.

  • “SFSU has a duty to uphold the First Amendment rights of all of its students, even if their expressive activity offends the religious sensibilities of some,” the letter stated.

  • A follow-up letter by FIRE urged Corrigan to call off the hearing, warning “if you continue to ignore your constitutional obligations, you risk personal liability for depriving your students of their rights.”

  • “This is not even a close call, legally speaking,” FIRE Vice President Robert L. Shibley contended. “The First Amendment protects using or destroying flags in political protest, and even SFSU administrators must realize that they cannot prosecute students for failing to respect a religious symbol.”

It’s sad that the administration’s sense of right and wrong is so skewed the cannot tell that they are in the wrong on this one. Once again, we see liberal hypocrisy…

On the Lighter Side

I saw this test and had to take it. It shows that I’m only 35 percent stoopid! Go take the test and see how you do. I’ve always said that I’m 95 percent right, half the time!

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Blasphemy Challenge Part 2

OK, I know that it seems like I’m obsessing over this issue. I’m not. But I am working through it as best I can and trying to understand exactly what is taking place with this group, Rational Response Squad. They are the group out of Philadelphia that has issued the Blasphemy Challenge, getting teens across the nation to denounce the Holy Spirit. Their purpose is to stamp out all religion, but their focus is on Christianity. They are targeting teens because they say that teens have been forced into religion by their parents. Brian Flemming, the founder, wants to throw out our values and substitute his values in their place. What he wants, is to be a god himself. He wants us to look to him for belief, or lack of belief and for our values. Of course, I would like to quote Scripture at this point: Psalm 14:1 The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are courrupt, they have abominable works, there is none who does good.”

As you can see, we can either follow this group of fools, or Christ. I’m placing my bets on Christ. The video I’ve included today is Brian being interviewed on Nightline. In it, he claims that when he was younger, he was a born-again Christian. And of course, he later saw the light and is now the guru we should follow, according to his own words anyway. The poor guy. When asked how long the Blasphemy Challenge will go on. He replied, “to the end of Christainity.” I think there is one in heaven who laughs. One who has said “the gates of hell shall not prevail…” nor, might we conclude, the raivings of an atheistic fool.

What does this have to do with Christianity?

Another one of those things that make you sick to your stomach. Kenneth Coplin leading people in the “so-called” holy laughter. Sorry, but this has nothing to do with anything I’ve ever read or studied in Scripture. Try not to watch all of it, it’s not worth it. Sad, sad, sad…

Blasphemy Challenge

It has really been troubling me what has been going on over at YouTube.com. Yes, by now, it’s old news. But it is still so shocking that the level of hatred towards God is such that teens all over the world are blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

It started with one guy telling people that the unforgivable sin was to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and then challenging as many teens as possible to do the same. The response was over whelming, more than 20,000 videos of people doing just that. I am working on a sermon, and a clearer post on the topic of when blasphemy of the Holy Spirit actually takes place. Are some of these people actually doing this? Yes, I believe so. But not all of them. Some are like lemmings heading over the cliff and are doing it because they think it cool. Those I don’t believe are truly committing the unforgiveable sin. The ones that have grown up in the church, and are willfully, knowingly doing this are. There is no forgiveness for them. But the lemmings…

Not all is bad. There are those who are refuting the challenge in wonderful ways. One man even argues against atheism, showing the foolishness of their position. Yea! Little Miss Chatterbox showed me how to post the video… here you go! Thanks LMC!

Yes, it is worth the four minutes to watch it. He is very articulate and clear, showing the atheists to be the fools that they are. BTW, he was raised an atheists and is now a believer, while many raised to be believers are now atheists. Odd isn’t it. Please watch the video.