Here We Go Again!

You may have heard of the latest news concerning the so called tomb of Jesus. The archealogogists are claiming that the tomb they found was that of Jesus and Mary Magdelene. Unless you are part of the religious movement known as the DaVinci Codettes, then hopefully you will quickly see this as a ruse. The scientists are even trying to claim DNA evidence to support their theory. Read about it here.


Of course, even if they have DNA evidence, all that they can truly say is that the DNA evidence shows whether or not one person is related to another. It cannot tell us the identity of a person unless we have another sample to match it to. In other words, we can take my blood and the blood of my son and compare the two and see that he is indeed my son. But we cannot come upon a grave out west, test the DNA and say that it is the blood of Montazuma. After all, we would have to have a sample of his blood that we know for certain that it Montazuma. Since we have no actual blood of Jesus, Mary, Joseph or even any one of the Caesars that reigned during that time, there is no hope of ever determining who was in the grave of those tombs.

All that the DNA confirmed was that those buried there might have been related to one another, and are in fact, human.

What is in a Name
The other evidence they are using is the inscriptions on the ossuries, or the boxes that held the bones of people who died. One of them reads: “Judah son of Jesus” and another reads “Jesus son of Joseph.” Sounds conclusive. OK, if Jesus died and did not rise from the dead, then let us eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die (I jest of course).

Problem is, that Jesus was not the only man in that time named Jesus (assuming that this is not some sort of hoax at all). His name was a common name as well as Judah and Joseph. There is also the possibility that the names were used after Jesus had assended to the throne. But the assumption here is that there was only one Jesus in Biblical times and one Judah son of Jesus. The point is that none of this is conclusive evidence. They have prooved nothing at all. In fact, the historical evidence is in favor of Jesus being raised from the dead.

Historical Evidence
The historical evidence still supports that Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended to heaven. Where do we find this historical evidence? In the Bible. Yes, the Bible is also a historical witness as well as it being God’s word. The evidence is that more than 500 people witnessed the risen Savior, and all the disciples saw Him ascend into heaven. Therefore the evidence is that He was truly raised from the dead and did not remain in the grave as this news article is trying to get us to believe. Jesus is alive, He is not a God that is dead.

This Is Nothing New
No, this isn’t. This is just another claim from unbelievers that the word of God cannot be trusted. It is an old tactic used by Satan since… well, the first sin: “Has God really said…” This is what Satan does. He uses every means possible to attack God’s word and to bring doubt to mankind. He is successful to a certain degree. But Satan will not be successful to those who believe and belong to Christ, for His Spirit testifies to our spirits that God’s word is true. We can trust God’s word. The elect know it to be true in all that it testifies concerning God and our faith. Therefore, let the world believe the lies. Those of us who belong to Him need to remember that our God does not lie. His word is trustworthy and Jesus did rise from the dead. Amen and Amen. Come Quickly LORD Jesus.

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Worth Reading
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