Little Joey!

Yes, these are the latest pictures of Little Joey. We had them taken on Monday, which is appropriate that we have so many pictures of him and he isn’t yet born. But that is the life of living with a shutter bug!We found out that he will be a big baby by the time he is delivered. His head is already measuring the size of a 29 week old baby, two weeks ahead of where he is, and he already weighs 3 lbs. He will probably rival Little Stinker’s size when he was born. Andrew weighed a tad under 10 lbs, and was 22 inches long.

So it stands to reason that Joey will be a big baby as well. The first picture is just the regular sonogram and you can see his profile. The second one is the 4-D picture, and while not all that clear, you can see the image of his face. We think he will look as good as Andrew! (Yes, we are biased… but we have also been told that Andrew is a good looking boy from those who are not so biased).

Andrew continues in his Little Stinker ways but he has also been really good here lately. We are winning the battle of getting him to sleep in the big-boy bed. When given enough warning, and told that it is time to get into bed, he climbs right up in the bed and goes to sleep, even for his naps. But the night terrors do continue. A night terror is a phenomena that occurs in children from ages 2 to 6 and is much like a cross between sleep walking and a nightmare. He can look right at you and not recognize you, all the while screaming in fear. It’s hard to watch, but we are getting along. The one thing we have discovered about them is that he comes out of them more quickly if the television is on. (Not something we like, but we will do it to get him out of the terror).

We have also discovered VeggieTales and silly songs here of late. The latest Tale is about Gideon and the latest silly song is about Lance the Turtle, Aloha Lance! I can tell there are a lot of silly songs in my future, Lord willing!

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