Little Stinker!

Yes, my son, the two year old, has become a little stinker. I was told about the terrible two’s, and while it is nothing that we can’t handle, it has been full of adventure. Everything from dumping his cereal on the table just to see what happens, to the grin in his face just before he splashes me from the tub, even after I have told, “no splashing!” Of course, he listens to me and then splashes me. Keeping a two-year-old boy from splashing is like keeping a fish from swimming. It’s not happening.

This morning, I dubbed him the little stinker, at which point he just grinned at me. I think he enjoys his new found status of toddler rebel in residence. It’s like every boundary is there to be challenged.

On Sunday, we had one of the families over for lunch and they brought chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We gave Andy a cookie, which he calls kukaa!, and his mother took two for herself. He quickly ate up his kukaa, and then very slyly slid his plate next to hers. Thinking no one was watching, he slid her second kukaa onto his plate, and then slid his plate back to its place and began consuming the kukaa! We were in stiches. He thought he was so sly, but I guess that was not the point. The point was: kukaa!

BTW, he is saying more words every day, or trying to. It’s fun to tell him something and knows he understands, even though he can’t say what we ask him to. He is learning a ton of lessons, most of them good, and a few of them bad. He thinks it’s ok to discipline Casey, the dog, because we do. At least he has the pecking order straight! Dad, Mommy, Andy and then Casey!

Also, the night terrors continue. For those who don’t know, a night terror is like sleep walking, only he is having a nightmare at the same time. His eyes are open, he sees us, but he doesn’t recognize us at all, and he screams and cries. It’s hard to watch, but according to the experts, he doesn’t remember anything when he eventually wakes up. They have been a challenge for us, but we are getting use to handling them.