Daniel of the Year

I love the fact that WORLD Magazine has countered Time Magazine’s Man of the Year, with Daniel of the Year. This year’s Man of the Year is the American People, or should I say, “You” which shows the farce that this award has become. As for being the Man of the Year, along with all of YOU, I would like to say in my acceptance speach to Time Magazine, “No thanks. You can keep your silly award.” (By the way, does this mean that we can now list the Man of the Year award on our resumes?)

The beauty of this is that WORLD Magazine has countered this silliness with a true award of significance, known as the Daniel of the Year. This award is given by WORLD to those who have stood for the truth and righteousness of God in the face of our pluralistic culture. They are not looking for those who are popular, but those who do not mind adversity for God’s truth. Previous winners of the award include Kenneth Starr, John Ashcroft and Franklin Graham just to name a few.

This year’s winners are Peter Jasper Akinola and Henry Luke Orombi, both of who are Anglican priests in Africa. The two are now serving as bishops to many of the churches that are pulling out of the The Episcopal Church here in the United States. (See earlier post here). The churches refuse to be led by those who are open to ordaining women and homosexuals, and blessing same-sex unions (they are never marriages). The two men have been standing in the face of adversity for years, whether it was living under the oppressive arm of dictators like Idi Amin, or whether they have been under the attack of Muslims. They definitely deserve the award and we can learn quite a bit from these men when it comes to standing for Christ. They are not backing down to the pressure of liberals in their denomination and continue to stand for the truth. Read the entire article here.

I think it is a wonderful that they are standing against the Episcopal Church here in the United States, especially given the fact that it has cost them financially to do so. TEC has supported them for years, but both men willingly turned down that money because they see TEC as corrupt for moving away from Biblical principles.

  • Standing for biblical authority has not been without cost, including financial. Orombi told WORLD his province turned down $400,000 a year when it declared impaired communion with the Episcopal Church. Episcopal headquarters at that point offered to triple its giving but Orombi refused. “Do they think this church runs on money? And if it did run on money, would American money solve our poverty in this country?” Orombi says conservative churches in the United States have made up some of the difference.
  • Asked how much it cost the Nigerian church, Akinola is quick to answer: “As far as I am concerned, nothing. The church that we inherited was a church that was vastly dependent on Western aid and what we now call handouts. As a result, the church was not able to determine what was available for local resources. No more.”
They have also stood against liberal interpretations of Scripture that are being presented by TEC. They refuse to accept homosexuality as anything less than it is in Scripture: a sinful lifestyle that needs to be repented of. Those here have tried to say that the men in Africa don’t fully understand the situation, but they counter that by stating the following:

  • Orombi says homosexuality is “nothing new” in Africa. The Ugandan church has a century of martyrdom behind it, and the first Anglican martyrs in 1886 were burned to death in large part because they refused the homosexual advances of the king. And “we don’t spare the polygamists,” Orombi said, noting that he himself is from a polygamist family. “I understand what it is to live within a polygamist marriage, and I’m not going to condone it because I know it is not within God’s will.”
  • Sexual practices that depart from Scripture, Orombi said, “are not a boxed-up thing for the Western world. It’s a human failure to understand God’s primary design and His calling on us. . . . Do you think the prostitutes are so happy because they are there where they are? This is the injustice of humanity. We tell them it is sin. We don’t want to call it anything else. The problem in America and the Western world is they don’t want to call it sin. They want to give it another name. We don’t want this.”
Finally, I will leave you with this great quote from Akinola: “We must accept our boundaries in the Anglican Communion. Unity at the expense of truth is not faith.”


24 & Nina!

OK, finished watching the first season of 24! Yes, Jack Bauer survived (somehow I knew he would). But the biggest twist to all of it was Nina. Could not believe she was a double-agent. Didn’t see that one coming at all.

The good thing about finishing the first season, besides the fact that I’m only 4 years behind everyone else, is that our public library has seasons 2 and 3. I won’t have to rent the next two seasons.

Kudos to the Virginia Episcopals!

In case you have not heard, two large Episcopalian Churches in Virginia pulled out of the oldest denomination in America to realign themselves with the more conservative Episcopalians in Africa. You can read the full story here. The two churches are found in Falls Church, Virginia and Fairfax, Virginia. I have to applaud both congregations for standing strong in the face of radical liberalism.

Any time anyone stands for the truth of Christ, it will be a costly endeavor. In this world of warped tolorance, it takes courage to do so, especially given the mounting hatred the world has towards Christians. These two churches will probably be accused of everything short Satanism for their stand. After all, what they are holding to is that reality that the Bible is true in all that it affirms about God, and tell us about man.

It is that latter portion of this reality that has the Episcopal Church splintering despite the claims of Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. She is part of the reason that it is splintering, so she cannot say that it isn’t. The other aspect is that of ordination of homosexual priests. No matter what you say to a liberal, they will do everything in their power to sanction this sin as being orthodox. Any honest reading of the Bible will prove otherwise. But then again, since when to liberals ever read the Bible honestly? They don’t. They do what Paul warned us would happen in the latter days, twist the words to be pleasing to their itching ears.

But the point of this post is to applaud both churches for doing was is right. They are standing on the truth and rejecting what their denomination has been putting forth as truth for a number of years. This takes courage, after all, they are leaving the oldest denomination in America. May the Lord bless them abundantly for standing for righteousness.

As Jesus said: “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your rewards in heaven, for so they persecuted the propehts who were before you.”

Welcome Gayle

I like to tell you about the new blogs I post on my blogroll to the side. I recently added Gayle’s blog, My Republican Blog to the site. I’ve been reading it off and on for a couple of weeks now and I do enjoy her insight. The bonus to it is that Gayle lives in the motherland: Texas, with her husband. She also blogs with Old Soldier, who I have written about as well. The two share the site, but I think she does most of the blogging there since he writes at his own site. Go to both, they are worth reading. Her Franctured Friday posts are worth reading and you will get more political cartoons like the one I posted here.

As for Gayle, she is a Republican and she doesn’t like taking a lot of bull from those who trash Bush (you can only imagine that since she does live in Texas, the Motherland!). She says in her profile that she won’t tolerate it, which I like. Allow me to quote her, quoting Old Soldier: “flaming idiots do not make it into my comment streams; those who do present ideas, opinions, positions, and add to the discussion by being courteous and sticking to the issues.”
She then goes on to say: If you want your comments posted you will treat me, the hostess, just like you would if you were in my home. I’ve been blogging long enough now to have many internet friends whom I truly cherish. Trashing any of them will not get your comment published either. No Bush Bashing will be posted. Yes, I know he’s not perfect – who is? – but we are at war and he is our elected President. Bashing Bush only serves to feed the enemy, something I will not be a party to.

Simply because of that alone, she is worth reading. So go check out her site and enjoy the reading. Welcom Gayle.

Spike in Readership

If you read this site on a regular basis, you know that on Wednesday, we saw a real spike in the number of readers for my blog. It all took place because I was writing about the Liberty Bowl with USC and the Houston Cougars. Read it here.

Well, the INTERN, decided to make a post about my blog on the USC section of rivalry.com, a site the dedicated sports fan attends on a regular basis. Because he did that, I had more than 300 hits that day. In fact, I had 330 hits in one day. It was exciting to have that many people visit. Many of them were rabid fans who thought I was bashing the Gamecocks or giving some special insight as to why the Cougars are going to beat the Gamecocks. No, I have no special insight, other than to say that the Gamecocks are acting especially cocky about the Liberty Bowl. Their attitude seems to be, “it’s only a Conference USA team.” And there is something in the Bible about pride… and about the fall that comes quickly thereafter. So, while I do not offer any sports analysis to the issue, I do offer spiritual analysis. Gamecocks, beware. Take your opponent seriously. Humble yourselves and work hard, and you might just win this game. Cougars, they think little of you. Therefore, endeavor to work harder and prove yourselves. You have a wonderful opportunity to knock of the Gamecocks.

But the point of this post is that it was fun having all those in the sporting world stop by. You can see the graph shows a definite spike in the normal reading of it. The humbling aspect is that not that many people read my blog. I’m OK with that. I still enjoy writing it. (I know, spend more time on the sermons and the books… but…)

Let’s play with our yogurt!

Feeding LBB has always been a challenge, but even more so since he has come down with bronchitis. Nothing tastes good to him except cookies, which he has learned to say. Although it comes out more like, kuukaght! And this has become the word of choice, sort of like “ungawaa” was the word of choice for Tarzan. (You have to be a bit older to remember Tarzan movies. Therer were probably 300 of them, and combined, they had a vocab list of about six words for Tarzan, “ungawaa” being the most popular).

LBB, can you say cookie? Kuukaght!
LBB, can you say duckie? Kuukaght!
LBB, what noise does a Gamecock make? Kuukaght! (The INTERN taught him that one!).

Anyway, he hasn’t liked eating a lot lately and even some of the stand bys are failing on us. Particularly yogurt. That was a morning staple when we couldn’t get him to eat cereal or anything else. All he likes to do with it now is play with it. He gets the spoon, puts some on the table and then rubs all his fingers through it. There must be some sort of joy in doing this because he does it every chance he gets. Not sure why.

But it got me to thinking about one of the INTERN’s seminary classes that he was telling me about several weeks ago. The INTERN said that the professor had the class sit in a circle, and one by one, they were to go around and whisper into the ear to the person next to them, the one thing that they had wished their parents had told them while growing up, or since then. Of course, this was one of those touchy-feely classes that make most of us puke. But apparently the professor is really good at passing this class off as some kind of deep theological training necessary for people desiring to go into the ministry. Did I say how it makes most of us want to puke? Needless to say, the class is a huge success, after all, it has nothing to do with God or theology or the church, just sitting in a circle, looking at our favorite gods, namely, ourselves. The INTERN told me the professor had just about everyone in tears at the end of the class.

Because of that, I gave it some thought. What was the one thing I wanted my dad to say to me? What deep desire do I have that would be satisfied if my dad told me one thing? I thought of it. “Timothy, my son, the five million dollars in gold coins is buried underneath the back tree of the ranch. It’s yours my son, go dig, now!”

OK, probably not what the professor had in mind. But since the guy is into mush, I thought of another exercise he and his little acolytes could do in one of their classes. How about smearing themselves with yogurt, just like my son does. It would be a great exercise in finding that inner child. They could smear it all over their faces and hands and then lick it off. Sort of a find yourself, break for a snack, exercise. It might even raise the intellectual level of the class to my son’s level.

The sad reality is that I hope my son grows out of it someday. I don’t think the professor ever will because he is Kuukaght! (Which in this case means: dumb as yogurt!)

Warren Speaks Out

Rick Warren, who I criticized below in three different posts, has responded to those criticisms. OK, not mine criticisms in particular. But, he did respond to all the criticism he received. I got this from World Magazine.

  • Warren insisted to Saddleback members in a statement his visit was “neither official nor political.” He acknowledged he should have been better prepared: “We would have handled some meetings differently, watched our words more closely, and been more aware of the agenda of their state press.”
  • But taking issue with “inaccuracies, misquotes, and misperceived motivations” passed along by Christian media, he asked: “Does it seem ironic to you that some believers trust Syrian press releases without even checking with the Christian pastor they criticize?”

Yes, he should have watched his words very closely. A lesson we could all learn. But I’m just not sure this does it justice. As for his last statement, do you think if I called him up, he would explain what really happened?

I still believe he should not have gone unless he was prepared to stand for the truth. As I have admitted before, most pastors are people pleasers. Given that is the case, and given that he was going to Syria, he should have guarded every word with much care and attention and remember the ONE he is really trying to please.

Beta Blogger

Dee asked me how I liked the new Beta Blogger? Let me give you a run down of it. First, in order to get going under the new beta you have to create a google account. Since I have issues with google, I don’t like this.

Secondly, the appeal was that I would be able to change things more easily with my template (the way the blog looks). But in switching to their new, changeable templates, I found that I had lost a lot of the items on my blog that make my blog unique to me. Yes, I was then able to change the colors of the appearance, but I had already learned to do that. I lost the baby-due date counter, Haloscan, and the comments section. I lost my promo for both the I love my cheesecake.com and Mitchell Fix’s book, Blame it on Adam. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, I was not able to put them back under the new template system. It doesn’t let you tinker with the html, therefore, once you lose that stuff, you are limited to what they will allow you to add to your template, i.e., promo icons for blogger, adds for blogger, other gadgets for blogger.

OK, for those of you who don’t know, I’m powered by blogger. That is the system I use to blog. That being said… I don’t need to say it again. It is on the template already.


As for other things like the dashboard, they changed it. I liked the old dash board better. This one is less defined and more jumbled in appearance. All this to say, the New Beta Blogger, is not as good as the regular blogger. Granted, I may be missing som things, but I think what they are really doing is making it easier for first-time bloggers, not those who have been with it for a while. If you are a first-time blogger, go for it. Otherwise, don’t be fooled. You will be deeply disappointed.

All Things to All People?

Now that I have had more time to think about it, and I have read LMC’s post and thoughts upon the issue, I do believe Rick Warren is making a mistake. I posted on it here, and here. For those of you who do not know, it seems as though Rick has made two errors in judgment over the past couple of months. The first was that he went to Syria, and while there, made the statements that it was a peaceful nation for both Christians and Muslims to live. Of course, that is true as long as the Christians accept the fact that if they truly practice their religion, it will result in persecution. Christians are persecuted in Syria. That is a well known fact, so to say something like that is ill advised and does not build up the body of Christ there in Syria.

The other issue was that he invited Barrack Obama to speak at a conference on AIDS at his church. Again, I held my criticism towards Rick because Obama was not speaking at a worship service, but a conference.

Now, I may be wrong, but I believe the reason we see men like Rick Warren doing these things is that he thinks he doing right by operating under the principle found in 1 Corinithians 9:19 For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more. In other words, principles be damned if it means I can win more to Christ.

Not that Paul would have ever said such. But I take it that most mega-churches do this as if it were a noble thing. They are willing to look the other way when it comes to sin and wickedness so that they may reach some for Christ. I don’t think that was ever Paul’s intent. What he is saying is that he will give up his freedom in order to reach some, not give up his principles in order to do that.

Remember, the same Paul who wrote those words was also the same Paul that called for the Corinthian church to cast out the immoral brother from the fellowship. He is also the same Paul that barred women from the pastorate and men who did not meet the strict qualifications. He is the same one that scolded the Galatians for believing another gospel all together. He was not calling for an abandoment of principles in order to reach the lost, but setting aside freedoms in order to do so.

In other words, he is not advocating that we go a sleep with prositutes in order to reach them for Christ. Those who abuse the passage in 1 Cor. 9, never seem to realize that Paul would have never tolerated many of the abuses in the church done in the name of 1 Cor. 9.

As for Rick, I think he should have spoken boldly to his hosts in Syria. That is what Paul would have done. Remember the time that he stood before Herod? He didnt’ compromise his position so he could win their friendship. He stood for the truth knowing that it was going to cost him. No, Rick should have been honest with his hosts. If he was not going to be honest, then he should not have gone to Syria. He should have stayed home. He did nothing to further the gospel. He should have told them that when they persecute his brothers and sisters in the Lord there in Syria, that they are truly persecuting Christ. He should have told them that they would have to answer for that some day. He should have told them that they were sinners and they they should flee to the cross of Christ to find true forgiveness. As it stands now, what has he accomplished? What truth did he stand for? The truth of compromise? No, there is no room for compromise for those who are ministers of the gospel. We must stand for the truth.

I’m not saying we stand for the truth with an ungentle spirit, but we still need to stand for it nonetheless. But then again, men like Rick and the mega churches that they reprensent have been soft on the truth for years now. They have been compromising the truth for years. So it should come as no surprise that he would compromise on the truth in other areas as well. Is he truly being all things to all people? Maybe so. So much so that he is acting more like one who is lost, than one who has the message of the gospel.

Testing the New Beta

OK, just testing the new beta blogger by google. They have taken over Blogger, in case you didn’t know. They are snapping up every e-company they can find and putting their Google flair to it. The evil Google empire grows and grows. This is my test of it!

Had to add a picture to make the post worth while. LBB has learned to really get into his smiles here of late. He clenches his teeth, bares as many as he can and waits for us to laugh. We always oblige. He so cute. I am biased.

My Dad Rating

I have to say that every time I start the day by giving LBB chocolate milk, my Dad Rating goes through the roof. He loves it. Even when he is in the worst mood, if I say those magic words, “would you like some chocolate milk?” He laughs with delight. He loves the stuff. And he loves his bananas as well. I don’t always give him the chocolate milk, but I always try to start the day with a banana. It’s part of our morning ritual. I give him a banana and then he plays with his cereal. After all, the banana fills him up.

It’s so much fun being around him when he is in a good mood. Today, I was trying to take a quick nap on the couch, while waiting for the termite man to come by, and LBB asked me what I was doing. I told him trying to go to sleep. The next thing I know, he hits me in the face with a pillow and runs off. Being half out of it, I just chuckled. The next thing I know, he puts his night, night, Teddy on my chest and runs off again. Then he comes back with his lamb, the one that plays Jesus Loves Me when we wind it up. He ran off again. Finally, he came back with his blanket and put that on me. He had retrieved all the items from his crib because dad wanted to take a nap. It was priceless.

He then proceeded to crawl all over me, lest I think I might get some sleep. He is so much fun. And to think, come April, the fun will double!

Alistair Begg

OK, you may have questions about Rick Warren, but I have no questions about Alistair Begg and his ministry. Go here to see an interview with him that aired in Ohio by channel 5 there. He explains the gospel very clearly and answers the questions of “what about the billions who never hear the name of Christ.” It’s worth listening to. He also addresses the fear of not being good enough to get into heaven. It is quite a good interview.

BTW, Alistair Begg is one of my favorite preachers. I love listening to him, and guess what, he’s actually a Baptist. I know, the irony of our LORD.

Rick Warren & Syria

OK, I did find a story on Warren’s visit to Syria, (at WorldNetDaily) and it is controversial because Warren is saying that the Christians and Muslims live there in peace. And, of course, they do. If the Christian so much as steps out of line in Syria, he is arrested, tortured, etc. Rick’s comments are not helpful, but misleading.

I think that Warren was probably trying to say something nice about the country he was visiting. It is like visiting one of your neighbors whom you have had problems with, and instead of focusing on the problems, you want to say something nice so as to not start up problems and have an apple pie thrown in your face. So you say, “my, that is a very nice couch you have Mrs. Cleaver,” all the while nudging your spouse not to sit on it lest she come down with some sort of gangrenous disease because of the crustiness of said couch.

Remember, Warren isn’t in the habit of saying things that are negative. He always wants to be positive and upbeat and never say anything that might offend anyone at all. Therefore, he is not going to say to the Syrians, “Hey, quit torturing my brothers and sisters in the LORD.” That might lead to his own torture, so he says something nice.

I believe this is wrong. Part of the roll of the pastor is to say what needs to be said, albeit with as much gentleness as possible. If Mrs. Cleaver’s couch is hideous, don’t say it is a nice couch. That is not letting your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no.” Perhaps, it would have been best for Rick not to say anything at all, or even go to Syria at all. But I won’t criticize him anymore than what I have said. Maybe there is more to the story that we don’t see. Please don’t think I smooching up to Rick, I’m not. Just giving him the benefit of the doubt here.