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OK, the entire debate is despicable. Michael J Fox should not have appeared in the political ad if he was so sensitive about being criticized for his position. (No, I don’t believe he is beyond criticism just because he is ill. He is using his illness for political gains, and is culpable). There is enough evidence to show that the ad was less than true. The entire amendment is about making cloning legal, not stem cell research, as it appears to be presented. As for stem cell research, there is no evidence that embryonic stem cell research will lead to any kind of miracle cure that the Democrats are putting forth. There is more evidence for adult stem cell research doing that. But this is one of those liberal footballs that the Libs/Dems will not let go of even though there is no evidence that it will lead to a cure. (Kind of like the religion of evolution, saying that it is sound science when it is a belief system, and not science).AS for MJF, it is sad that he would use his sickness to put this stuff forward. If the position for this amendment is so sound, then why do they need to use someone who has uncontronllable tremors to make the point. Would not a normal spokesman been just as good? They used MJF as an emotional tug, and that was wrong. My mom was in a wheelchair for 35 years, and she would have never used her disability in such a shameless way. If he is going to complain about being attacked, then he needs to stay home. He has put himself forward in the arena of ideas, and when you do that, you need to be ready to take it on the chin. I do feel sorry for him as a person. And I do wish that there were a cure for Parkinsons. But I don’t feel sorry for the attacks that he is taking. He set himself up for that, and only has himself to blame for.I just wish the Dems would start speaking honestly about what is at stake here, and quit hiding behind a man who has been given a false hope about the stem cell research. They tried to say that if Kerry was elected president, then Christopher Reeves would once again walk. Not a possibility unless we can learn to regrow the nerve system, or a complete nervous system transplant( or raise the dead at this point). We don’t, and probably never will, have the technology to do that. I hope that I am wrong, and we can overcome problems like paralysis, and Parkinsons disease. But to make promises men like Kerry and the Dems do is wrong and despicable. It gives people false hope especially in light of the fact that the amendment MJF is seeking to support has nothing to do with stem cell research. It is about cloning.I think Rush Limbaugh puts it best in this email to Katie Couric.

Rush’s E-mail to Katie Couric
October 26, 2006

Thanks, Katie, I’ll try to make it simple:
I believe Democrats have a long history of using victims of various things as POLITICAL spokespeople because they believe they are untouchable, infallible. They are immune from criticism. But when anyone enters the POLITICAL arena of ideas they forfeit the right to be challenged on their participation and message.I have not met Mr. Fox, do not know him. I have admired his work in film and TV and his appearances on Letterman were howlers. I have nothing personal against him. But I believe his implication that only Democrats want to cure disease(s) is irresponsible (as I believed about John Edwards assuring voters Christopher Reeve would walk if only John Kerry were elected). I think this is ultimately cruel and gives people who suffer these terrible afflictions false hope.As of now there is NO EVIDENCE that embryonic stem cells even hold promise, while other approaches, such as adult stem cells, already have yielded results. Michael’s TV spots mislead and misinform on this. (You might ask him about the gene therapy research at a Chicago hospital which has produced encouraging results on Parkinson’s patients. A VIRUS is inserted in the gene, which is then inserted in the brain. The Michael J. Fox Foundations has committed $1.9 million to further research on this…story from earlier this month.)

I did NOT mock or make fun of Mr. Fox. I have seen him many times on TV but never have I seen him as he appears in the ads. I read from his own book that he will not take his medications before certain appearances (Senate, 1999) in order to illustrate the ravages of Parkinson’s, which I understand and applaud. So the concept of manipulating meds has been stated by Mr. Fox, which is what caused me to question his appearance in his ads.

He is stumping for Democrats, in the political arena, and is therefore open to analysis and criticism as we all are. His suffering is NOT fair game and I am sorry if people drew that conclusion about my comments, but I believe this happens precisely because NO criticism of victims is ever allowed, at all, which as I say is the Democrat strategy in putting them forward.

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