Yes, another milestone. You can see I like milestones. They let you know that you have traveled another mile. This one is that I have had 2,000 hits on this page since starting to count back on June 16th of this year. The interesting thing is that it has only been since September 2, that I had 1,000 hits. That is 1,000 hits in seven weeks. It took eleven weeks to get to 999, and seven weeks to get to 2,000. Not sure what a perctage of increase that is, but you can see, it is an increase.

Now the fun part. I have had hits form Singapore, Macua (where is that???), Turkey, Greece, Bucharest, Argentina, Candada, Japan, North Korea, the U.K. (especially Ireland, but it lists it as U.K. Newbigging Fife. Is that a town in Ireland?), France and Switzerland. There is also someone that hits my page from “Unknown Country.” Not sure where that it, but apparently the tracker can’t determine which country it is. Maybe you would like to guess.

Now, while I have 2,000 hits on this page, this is really nothing compared to Little Miss Chatterbox. Back in June, I got the idea of putting a counter on my page from Dee at LMC. She remarked that she had just surpassed 20,000 hits. That’s a lot of hits. But since that time, the time it took me to get to 2,000 hits, she has gone from 20,000 hits to 32,162 hits. That, my friends, is a popular blog. On top of that, Mike’s America has been hit 49,501 times. Those are two major blogs, IMHO.

Of course, both those sites deal pretty much in politics, which generates a lot more interest. But still, you have to hand it to Mike and Dee, they own a certain corner of the blogosphere pie. Congrats to Dee and Mike for doing so well and keeping us informed politically. BTW, do you two realize that most newspaper editors would drool to have that kind of circulation? (Actually most newspaper editors do drool by nature. They can’t help it if they have to ride the small bus to school.) You might want to market yourselves. Advertisements mean big bucks!

On the other end, there are some blogs on my blog roll that are getting no hits because they don’t write anything. We miss you, and you know who you ARE! Your initials are KC and JW. O wait, I removed JW’s because I needed the space. But if he were to start blogging on a regular basis and let us know what is going on in NOLA, I would put it back. I also miss Heath’s blog. He was more theological in nature, but it was good theology. (Heath, there are ways to keep malcontents off your site… it’s called haloscan.com. That is what I use to block the malcontents on my site. Gives me great joy in doing so.)

OK, enough miles stones for a while. It will be at least seven weeks before I pass 3,000. And I recently passed the 100th post mile marker. It will be quite a while before I get to 200 posts. I’m averaging about five posts a week.

BTW, the 2,000 hit came from Louisville, KY. I imagine that is from Dan T., since that his where he resides. Blessings on Dan and thanks for stopping by.