Kudos to the Cards!

Yes, Cardinal Nation is celebrating this day. The Cardinals did pull off the win last night over the eeeviillll New York Mets and they are advancing in the playoffs to the World Series. For the second time in three years, the Cards are advancing to the Fall Classic. Last time they were there, they got swept by the Red Sox… a team of destinyyy. The following year, my beloved Astros went to the World Series where they were swept by the White Sox… a team of destinyyy. Now the Cardinals face the Detroit Tigers, a team that has been labeled, you guess it, a team of destinyyyy. It seems like all these teams from the American League are labeled teams of destinyyy because they were able to overcome the other eeevilll New York team known as the Yankees.

The Yankees are never labeled the team of destinyyy because they are always supposed to win it all, even though it has been a while since they have won it all (the longer the better). But what happens if the Cardinals actually win and beat the lastest team of destinyyy? Will the Cardinals then be labeled the team of destinyyy? Well, I hope so. The National League team has not won a World Series game since 2003. I hope that doesn’t happen again and the Cardinals do sweep the Tigers.

Hey, I know the Cardinals are not my team. I rooting for them because of Skip, Lance, Jim W., Mike Doughterty, Dave the crazy elder, and all the other diehard Cardinal fans that I have known over the years. I’m also pulling for them because I am a National League guy. (No arguments about the DH or the wasted at bat by the pitchers please. It’s a hopeless argument.) I just prefer the National League over the American. Remember, I grew up in Houston. Where you grow up has more to do with whether or not you are an American League person, or a National Leaguer. In fact, it has more to do with whether or not you like baseball. Here in South Carolina, I’m not sure most people are even aware of the MLB playoffs. They are too interested in SEC football and ACC football. But that is another blog. I hope the Cardinals go and get their 10th World Series Title.

As for NCAA football, my Texas A&M Aggies are playing at home on Saturday against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Aggies are ranked number 23 in one poll and if they win, they might move up a bit higher in the polls. If they lose, say bye-bye to the polls all together, and rightfully so. Now is the time to turn it up a notch now that Coach Fran has his defense coming together. He switched to a new 4-2-5 defense during the off season and this is the reason their defense has struggled. It is a more complicated defense than what they were using last year, but it is better once it comes together. Hopefully what we saw in the Missouri game was not a fluke, and it is coming together.

Also, I need to mention the Arkansas Razorbacks. They are ranked No. 15 in the same poll that A&M is ranked No. 23. Skip let me know last week that once my Aggies made it into the poll, they were still 8 spots behind the Razorbacks. Since Lance, Skip, Heath, James and Pat Mc… are all such big Pig Souieee fans, I thought I would start tracking them this year just to see how they do as well. The Hogs are playing unraked Ole Miss in Fayetville this Saturday. The Hogs should win and make them 6-1, but you never can tell with Ole Miss. They have enough Rebel in them to rise up on occassion and not roll over and play dead as they should. At the same time, it should be a blowout for the Hogs. The Rebels defense is ranked 98th against the run. The run is what is winning all those games for the R-backs. So it should be in the bag… No pig in a poke here! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).