Having Fun!

I went in LBB’s bedroom yesterday to get him up from his nap, and he had grabbed this hat trough the rails of the crib. For some reason, and I hope and pray he grows out of it, he loves this hat. So much so that when I made him take it off for lunch, he got mad. He wants to pull it down over his eyes, and then gets mad that he can see. Funny boy. He does know how to have fun. I think he will eventually outgrow this hat because he is growing so fast. In the last month, he has grown a full inch.As for other hats, the usual routine is that he wants to wear whatever hat that I’m wearing. This is happening less and less, because he has discovered that there are three hats in the house that fit his head. The one pictured, a white sailor hat, and a red Winnie the Pooh ball cap. He loves all three of them. Of course, he is cute in all three. He certainly knows how to have fun.