Terrible Two’s

Yes, LBB is moving into that stage that is known as the “terrible twos.” I wish that it was not so, but alas, our boy is just as fallen and sinful as the next kid on the block.This morning, before I could get to his room, he was already shouting the defiant “no!” He says it anytime he is in his crib, or carseat or at the table strapped into a chair. It’s his burst of energy against any restraint. It is as if he is almost saying: “I dare you to discipline me!” And of course, I do when necessary.

He absolutely hates to go into time out. For him, its the most cruel and unusual punishment. But once we go through the screaming, and he calms down, the gentle and sweet spirit return.

I’ve been told that the terrible twos quickly pass when he turns 3. This is not reassuring, since he has yet to officially turn 2! The next year and a half are going to be interesting.