And it’s a….

Gummy Bear! Yes, our unborn child is only the size of a gummy bear. We went to the doctor on Monday and got to see our child for the first time, via a sonogram. The little Winston-Abby was wiggling, and turning and twisting around as we watched. LBB even watched for a moment or two, but I don’t think he understood. WA had a wonderful heartbeat of about 180 beats per minute, which is good for a gummy-bear sized baby and is about 1.83 centimeters long (that’s about 1 ¾ inch in length).

Everything seems to be progressing along quite normally, although we did find out the Winston-Abby had a twin early on in the pregnancy. The twin apparently didn’t make it long. We are trusting God with that one.

On Wednesday WA turns 9 weeks old… now, how can I say that? Because WA hasn’t been born, but is 9 weeks along. So WA is not 9 weeks old by normal standards… we need to rethink our aging system!

Yesterday, (Tuesday), LBB turned 21 months old in standard regular aging system, but is more than 2 years old in the new, “Timothy aging system…” wait a minutethat means I’m well over 46… NOPE, we stick to the old aging system! I will NOT reach 50 before my time!