To My regular readers:
I was hoping to do a post on the fact that my site has received 1,000 hits since June 16, 2006, when I placed a counter on the site. But when I sat down and looked, it was pegged on 999! So… 999! Thanks to all those who come by and browse, and all those who come by and actually comment. So far, on my third attempted at blogging, I’m much more pleased with the site. The comments are cordial, the posts are fun and the sparks and fireworks have been few and far between.
My goal has been to comment on life, not “pick a fight” as William Wallace said in Braveheart just before the Scots routed the British on the battlefield. There are plenty of sites to pick of fight at… not here. Thank you for coming by and visiting.

BTW, some have asked why count at all? I don’t know. It’s fun to see that someone is stopping by. Why post at a 1,000? Why not? My next post on the number of hits will probably be at 1,500. Before then, I hope to cross the threshold of 100 posts! Another mile marker.
God bless…