Sir Chocolate Face

Once a month, we celebrate Family Night Supper in the church. And once a year, I actually cook for the event. Yesterday, was my day! I baked a cake, which I learned from my mother while growing up. It is one of the few things I know how to bake, and I’m told it was worth the effort for me to learn. I’ve actually tweaked the recipe and made it my own. I figure that once you do so, it is yours. Others may disagree… but someone had to teach Betty Crocker how to make a cake at one time. I don’t think she invented the cake.

Here is Andy after I gave him the icing jar. I have not learned to make good icing as of yet. It’s a lot easier to by a jar of icing than it is to make it. I did make an attempt back in the late 1990s at my own icing. All my guests ended up scrapping the icing off to eat the cake.

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