Shelob is DEAD!

Yes, after three months of stalking, stomping, swating, spraying and trying to smash, we have finally killed Shelob. She was a black widow spider that made her home on the corner of our house. For some reason, these spiders pop up every where and when they do, we set out to kill them.
Our favorite technique is to take the propane lighter we use to start the grill and roast the little babettes! But for some reason, Shelobe was much too quick. Every time we got close to her, she would scurry back up into the siding of our home. There were a few times I tried to roast her up there too, but it’s just not a good idea to stick a flame up inside your wall.Shelob met her demise Friday August 4, 2006. We has some guests over to play games and we needed a break. I grabbed the flash light, and the new bottle of chemotherapy my father in-law bought for just this occassion. We filed out of the house. I knew that I had to act quick because Shelob has learned that as soon as I click on the flash light, she needs to head for cover. This time, I waited. I crept to the very corner that she has made her home without turning on the light. Needless to say, this made it more exciting, for all I knew, she was crawling up my leg.

I hit the light. And there she was. As quickly as I could, I sprayed her with the chemo… she immediately went into convulsions and died. We celebrated.

And then, my mother in-law made an attempt to tell me of the importance of spiders. She quickly gave me her reasons for not killing spiders, even though she knows that I subscribe to the John Wayne theory on enemies: “the best spider is a dead spider.” Which also applies to snakes, terrorists, roaches, mice, terrorists, rats, centipedes, terrorists, and any other critters that might find their way into or around our home. Did I mention terrorists? (I actually hold Black Widow spiders in higher esteem than terrorists. After all, they do contribute some good to society as a whole. They kill bugs.)

But Shelob is no more… Last night, while cooking steaks, I took the torch over, found her crumpled body and cremated it!


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