The foolishness of science

I just read an op-ed by Peggy Noonan pointing out the problem with science, scientist and global warming (Read it hear). She asks questions about why they cannot get together and have a truthful dialogue about global warming. She does an excellent job of pointing out the fact that most scientists come to the table with their bias and use their art in order to prove their points.

Their starting point is also tainted. All that they know begins in their own heart instead of where it should begin, with the Creator. Scientist, just like liberals, do not believe in the living and true God because they cannot touch Him or see Him, or measure Him in a test tube. Most of science practices their art from the vantage point of the more intelligent looking down on that which is studied and less intelligent. All that they know about our creation comes from what they can deduce. This leads to the heightening of their own pride. If they want to truly understand, then they need to humble themselve and study God. Of all the things that man studies, God is the only One in which we must submit to Him in order to understand Him. Since their pride is too much, they will never admit to their being a God at all and never grow in true understanding.

Again, I am speaking in generalities because there are scientist who believe in creation and in God. We are blessed with a man in our congregation who has been a rocket scientist for years. He also minors in the study of creation and shows that creation does point to a flood, and a short-earth age, as the Bible tells us. But like most scientists who believe such, men like this are discounted by the scientific community as some how deluded. Which in reality, shows that the scientific community is the one that is deluded. Proverbs says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. These scientist, while they may have a lot of knowledge, are truly foolish in the end because they never submit to the Creator for true understanding. They look to themselves and the world around them, but will not look to the One that brought it all about.

This is why there is so much discord in the scientific community, and why they will never really address the issue of global warming on a level that might actualy help. If global warming does exist, then we truly must look to the Creator in order to deal with it. He is the One that has set up the seasons and controls the weather. Until scientist acknowledge this, they will do nothing to help the problem, if it really exists. Their foolishness keeps them from even understanding if we do have a problem.