Jack Bauer a Christian?

I’ve started to watch the first season of 24 because so many people I know love the show and watch it regularly. And I have to admit that it is exciting and fun to watch. The problem I have with it is Jack Bauer, the main character of the show, is one who is extremely violent and on the edge. He’s not the kind of guy you would want to sit down with for a cup of coffee… he’s liable to take a syringe and drive the stuff into your veins in order to expidite the issue. In other words, Jack is not a real patient fellow.

His guiding principle seems to be… “the ends justifies the means, even if it means I have to kill ya to accomplish this.” In other words, he would just as easily kill me in order to get that coffee inside me. This kind of thinking falls more in line with radical Islam than it does Christian beliefs and values. Yet, so many Christians love this show.Why is that? Is it the fact that Jack knows the difference between right and wrong and we need someone like that in our culture? Is it our love for violence? Is it because he is working against Islam and killing a bunch of them?

Probably something like that. The reality is that Jack does not fall in line with typical Christian values… you know, patience, love, kindness, gentleness, longsuffering… HUMILITY, etc. Instead, he would rather send a tranquilizer dart into your leg, hack into your financial records, than wait to build some trust. But then again, I guess the unrealistic premise that the entire show takes place in 24 hours does drive him to expediency.

I must admit though, the show is well done and well thought out. The creators of the show are to be applauded for thinking of something new, instead of rehashing old plot lines.