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Putting Asunder What God Has Joined

Bill Smith, a fellow teaching elder in the PCA, has put together a great piece on divorce over at his blog The Christian Curmudgeon. The Westminster Confession of Faith has given two reasons for divorce. The first is that of adultery, in which the offending party has had actual physical relations with someone other than their spouse, thereby breaking the one-flesh union of the couple. The other is desertion, in which one spouse leaves the other.

He discusses both positions and shows that the two reasons are biblical. He also gives us a good section on the church’s responsibility in the matter:

What is the responsibility of the church? The church’s responsibility is (1) to train its youth according to the Biblical teaching regarding sexuality and marriage; (2) to do everything possible to strengthen the marriages of its members; (3) to uphold Biblical standards regarding the grounds for divorce; (4) to approach every troubled couple with love, understanding, and help with the goal of restoring the relationship; (5) to support the party who does not cause the divorce*; (6) to minister to the needs of children for whom divorce is almost always destructive; (7) to seek pastorally, with humility and showing grace, to help the erring party to repent and find forgiveness, according to his/her profession; and (8) as a last resort to use the Bible’s disciplinary process (Matthew 18:15-20; 1 Corinthians 5:1-13; Galatians 6:1) to uphold the honor of Christ, to protect the purity of the church, and to reclaim the person who (it is be hoped) had temporarily gone astray.

Read the rest of the article here.


PCUSA Theological Liberalism Leads to Biblical Stupidity

The PCUSA, the liberal leaning and Bible ignoring Presbyterian denomination that most people know about, decided this past week at their General Assembly that when it comes to same-sex marriage, Scripture is just a bit too confusing for these mental giants to come to any serious conclusion on the topic.

Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of saying the Bible is against it, since it condemns homosexuality in every case that it is mentioned in Scripture, AND since marriage always means between one woman and one man, that there just wasn’t enough evidence for them to rule whether or not it was right or wrong.

Here is a bit from The Layman Online:

Scripture too confusing to use

The tarnished centerpiece of the committee’s recommendation, however, was an amended overture from Sacramento Presbytery, which read in part, “We decline to take an action that would have the effect of imposing on the whole Presbyterian Church (USA) one interpretation of Scripture in this matter” of “what the Scriptures teach concerning the morality of committed, same-gender relationships.” The best this committee and then the whole General Assembly could do was to declare formally that Scripture is too confusing, too subject to varied interpretations to unite around to decide matters of same-sex sexual morality.

Is same-sex practice right or wrong, according to the Bible? “Well, ya know, we just can’t decide,” has now become General Assembly’s official position. This position is intended to “be brought before each presbytery at a stated meeting in which the report from the 220th General Assembly (2012) is given.”

Yes, these erudite reprobates just couldn’t come to any conclusion about what Scripture actually says when it comes to same-sex marriage. It is just way too complicated.

Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this O so difficult topic. Every time marriage is mentioned in Scripture, ten times in the gospels alone, it is always between a man and a woman. Jesus spoke to the issue as well, and every time He discussed marriage, it was between a man and a woman.

Therefore, same-sex marriage is an oxymoron, since two people of the same sex cannot be married. It is outside the definition of marriage.

Also, since every place that homosexuality is mentioned in Scripture, it is in a condemning nature, meaning that it is never spoken of in a positive light. Also given the fact that homosexuality is a result of idolatry in Romans 1:18ff, meaning that it is part of God’s wrath, we can safely assume that homosexuality in any form, wanted or unwanted, is a sin.

For some odd reason, the erudite reprobates cannot see these truths. It’s just too complicated for these well-educated apostates to figure out. Given that, if you are a member of a PCUSA church, I recommend one thing: run!

Run to the nearest church where the gospel is actually preached. Run to the nearest church where the Bible is actually believed. Run to a church that sees the Scripture as authoritative, not as just a guide to happy living. Run from these apostates as quickly as you can. Not only have they gone from thinking themselves wise, they became fools, they have actually become stupid in the process. They are not even trying to disguise their stupidity and foolishness with some erudite thinking. They are just plain stupid is as stupid does. So sad.

FYI: Please note that the PCUSA and the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) are not affiliated in any way, shape, form or fashion. The PCA is my denomination and we actually believe in the authority of Scripture. You will notice that in our denomination, we have no women pastors. That is usually the first sign that a denomination is going apostate.After all, once the denomination punts the roles of men and women given in Scripture, everything is subject to change as well. This doesn’t mean that we do not see men and women equally valuable in the church, but we have different roles in the church, just as the Three Persons of the Godhead have differing roles in our salvation.

The Aquila Report

Just wanted to let you know that I submitted one of my posts, Vindication, for publication at The Aquila Report. It’s an un-official blog of the Presbyterian Church in America and covers what the denominations are doing, theological issues, and ministry lessons. You can get there by clicking here.

I’m also adding it to my blog roll so you can get to it via my site in the future.

The Actions of the PCUSA on Ordaining Homosexuals Should Not Surprise Us

A friend wrote me on Facebook, wondering what was up with the Presbyterian Church (USA) coming to the decision to ordain homosexuals. I’m not sure, but I think he thought I was a part of this particular denomination. I am not. I’m a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. Yes, I know, they sound a like, but are vastly different in our beliefs, as you can see from the recent actions of the PCUSA.

The PCUSA decided that it was high time to start ordaining homosexuals. Given some of the statements made by those in on the decision, it really is no surprise. Just read what the church’s officials said concerning this decision in a report from Foxnews:

Top Presbyterian executives issued a statement to the church acknowledging that “some will rejoice while others will weep,” at the decision.

“However, as Presbyterians, we believe that the only way we will find God’s will for the church is by seeking it together — worshipping, praying, thinking and serving alongside one another,” the executives wrote. (Emphasis added).

Did you notice anything missing in that list? How about the Bible? Are they reading the Bible and seeing what God’s word has to say? Are they submitting to God’s word in this decision? Nope! Not at all. In fact, Al Mohler asks the question, “can they really submit to the Lordship of Christ without submitting to the Bible?


Here are Mohler’s observations:

While this action deals specifically with ordination standards, it is really about the larger issue of homosexuality. Most observers expect that the decision to allow same-sex marriages will follow closely.

But even beyond the specific issue of homosexuality, the church faced two of the most fundamental questions of Christian theology — the authority of the Bible and the Lordship of Christ. In making this change, the church clearly affirms that one may submit to the Lordship of Christ without submitting to the clear teachings of Scripture.

That is a fundamental error that leaves this denomination now in the implausible position of claiming to affirm the Lordship of Christ while subverting the authority of Scripture. The removal of the constitutional language about marriage and chastity, coupled with the removal of the language about repentance from what Scripture identifies as sin, effectively means that candidates and presbyteries may defy Scripture while claiming to follow Christ.

Clearly, this action could not have happened without this denomination having abandoned any required belief in the full authority, inspiration, and truthfulness of the Bible long ago. This most recent decision sets the stage for the total capitulation of this church to the normalization of homosexuality — an act of open defiance against the Scriptures.

You cannot be submissive to Jesus Christ, or His Lordship if you deny His word and ignore His word. As Neil has labored to point out about what the Bible says regarding homosexuality, there is nothing ever said or referred to about such in the Bible.

Here are Neil‘s statistics:

  • 100% of the verses addressing homosexual behavior denounce it as sin in the clearest and strongest possible terms.
  • 100% of the verses referring to God’s ideal for marriage involve one man and one woman.
  • 100% of the verses referencing parenting involve moms and dads with unique roles (or at least a set of male and female parents guiding the children).
  • 0% of 31,173 Bible verses refer to homosexual behavior in a positive or even benign way or even hint at the acceptability of homosexual unions.

Hard to argue with what Scripture says. However the people in the PCUSA are not arguing at all. They are simply ignoring the Bible all together. In doing so, they have created God in their own image, a god that is no longer holy. This god is more like the gods of old during Israel’s day that were constant temptations for the people of God. Gods like Molech or Baal. Gods that are fat, indulgent, fleshly gods that are all loving of all as long as you indulge in their particular sin.

When you think about, this really is what is taking place. I will not be surprised when we get to heaven and find out the truth behind the demons of Baal and Molech, only to find that they are the demons of liberal theology as well, because they both do the same thing. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians that those who were sacrificing to these gods, were actually sacrificing to demons: Rather, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God, and I do not want you to have fellowship with demons (1 Corinthians 10:20). Remember those that worshiped Baal were into unrestrained sex with the temple prostitutes, including homosexuality. Those who worshiped Molech, were into sacrificing their children in the fires of Molech.

Liberal theology tells us that unrestrained sex is OK, along with sacrificing our children through the means of abortion. We don’t have to make much of a leap to help us see that the demons behind Molech and Baal, are the same demons we see in the apostate church today, saying unrestrained sex is OK, as well as killing our children. This is the danger of departing from God’s words. The moment we say that it doesn’t mean what it says, or even it doesn’t apply to us today, is the moment we open ourselves up to being given over by the Triune God, to our fleshly lusts and perversions (Romans 1:18ff).

This is why we must press on with what God’s word declares and not water it down. Homosexuality is an abomination and those who participate in it have no hope of eternity with Christ (1 Corinthians 6:9). They certainly don’t have any hope if we give up on the word of God as well. Who is left in the PCUSA to tell the homosexual or lesbian that they are out of God’s declare will? They think they are being loving by affirming this sin, but they are truly being hateful. Why? They are leading these people to eternal destruction. If they are truly loving towards the gay man or woman, they would tell them the need for repentance. This is not feeling sorry for your sin, but turning away from that sin and towards Christ. After all, He did not die on the cross in order to leave us in our sin. He died to rescue us from the punishment of that sin and to deliver us from it on this side of glory as well.

Those men and women in the PCUSA will never hear this message as long as they remain in that denomination because they have turned away from the true hope of the gospel. As my friend wrote me, “sad.”

In Memory of Georgia Settle

She was like that sweet aunt that everyone in the family looks forward to seeing. Georgia Settle, the quiet side of Paul Settle, was always a joy to be around and always had a smile for those she knew.

This quite, gentle saint went home to be with the Lord this past Sunday and I only found out late yesterday. Her death was not a surprise. We knew that the sinfulness of Alzheimer’s was slowly taking over her body. The ravages of the fallen world claimed this lovely and dear sister in the Lord, and our Savior freed her from the death we all still face.

Who could not help but miss Georgia. She was a model of gentleness in a world that is fixated on violence. How we need more women and Christians like Georgia.

I got to know her through her husband Paul, a man that helped start the PCA back in 1973 out of his garage. Paul and Georgia were a perfect couple for the PCA and for guys like me. He is one of the reasons that I am Reformed Presbyterian in my convictions and in the PCA. It was through Paul’s teaching and guidance, along with Georgia’s cooking that I learned about the Reformed Faith, Calvinism, the Doctrines of Grace and the PCA. I am just one of many that have been touch through the ministry of Paul and Georgia.

I think at one point I was able to count up almost 10 men that came through Dallas Theological Seminary and graduated with Reformed convictions because of Paul and Georgia’s ministry to us. Any of you who know DTS, will know this to be an oddity. While we agree on some of the fundamentals of the faith, we differ on many more. Paul was an assistant pastor at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, was was only a few miles away from DTS. Because of the size of the church and solid reputation of some of the speakers that PCPC drew, we couldn’t help but be curious. Plus, for some of us, the arguments of Dispensationalism do not hold water. Given that, we were looking for answers that were more in line with what we were finding in the Bible. Paul was more than glad to help. It never hurt matters that Georgia was willing to cook breakfast for us as we asked Paul our questions. Truth be told, the strongest argument Paul ever made for the Reformed faith was his gentle and biblical response to my bold assertions. If ever there was a man gifted as a peacemaker and teacher, it is Paul.

And Georgia was his perfect match. Gentle, kind, sweet, and a great cook. Like I said, it was through their ministry to guys like me that helped me grow in my understanding of God’s word. They had a ministry to those young men who wanted to know more about what it meant to be Reformed. Georgia would cook, Paul would teach. I didn’t think it could get better than that. I was single at the time and the idea of having a breakfast with big biscuits, eggs, jams, jellies, bacon, sausage, coffee, tea, juice, etc, everything that made a great breakfast a great breakfast. As a single man, I couldn’t pass it up.

On top of that, some of the other men that were attending the breakfast were all guys I really looked up to. Mike Bowen, who is now an associate pastor in Tyler, Texas, Jeff Hatton, pastor in Waco, TX, his brother Pete Hatton, in Edmond, OK., and Marc Corbett, who had the audacity to start up an RUF chapter at Liberty University, and so many others who I know I should mention, but their names slip my mind right now. They are all a testimony to both Paul’s gentle instructions and Georgia’s great egg and sausage casseroles.

That ministry slowly came to an end as the sickness slowly to over Georgia’s mind. Anyone who has gone through that know that it is harder on those who have to help the sick than those who are sick. Paul slowly moved out of ministry so he could take care of his lovely bride of 54 years. What man wouldn’t? Especially given her sweet nature. I haven’t spoken with Paul in years. I knew his life was fully involved with his loving care to his bride, so I left him alone. I have prayed and am praying for him today as he says goodbye to Georgia.

The memorial services are being held in Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC, where Paul and Georgia served for years.  It is only fitting that Paul and the rest of the body of Christ say goodbye to her there. They made their initial mark in the PCA out of Greenville. I wish I could go. But I can’t. So I write this memorial to her. May the Lord raise up many more great women like Georgia, and may He comfort our dear brother Paul as he grieves the loss of his wife.  What a testimony both have for the Lord. May He use Georgia’s memorial for His glory.

Here is the link to her obituary.