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Texas Aggies Have a Real Chance to Upset Arkansas Razorbacks

“Real” = word used to make sure you look at the headline… as if there really could be an upset here.

“Upset” = only if A&M’s defense accidently backs over Ryan Mallet’s ankle and injures him for the rest of the season.

“Reality”= Bleacher Report predicts a high-scoring game with the Hogs winning 41-31. I think they need a reality check. Sure, A&M will score lots of points, but won’t come close to winning the game.

“Turnover” = Jerrod Johnson’s new middle name. Jerrod “Turnover” Johnson. He’s like the candy man, giving the opponents all the candy they want. He throws into coverage while wide receiver streaks down the middle of the field, all alone, screaming “throw me the ball. Just get it somewhere in this vicinity and I will score, just throw me the ball.” The pass, thrown into triple coverage, is picked off once again.

“Coach” = the guy named Mike Sherman, paid $5 million a year to stand on the sideline with plastic sheet full of cartoon in order to keep his mind occupied during the game. And imagine, my wife and Dad got into me for calling for this man to be fired. OK, maybe I was wrong. We will know sometime on Saturday. Otherwise, fire HIM! No, I don’t feel sorry for him. He makes $5 million stinking dollars a year.

“Mediocre” = where Aggies seem to feel the most comfortable when it comes to their sports team.

OK, you can see that I don’t have high hopes for the game on Saturday. Sure, let them prove me wrong. I know what will happen. The Aggies will have a short burst of enthusiasm, mixed with luck, and take the lead at some point in the game. Then they will begin to think they are playing La Tech, revert to their mediocrity and die a quick death on the field. All the while, my hopes will go up, only to be quickly dashed.

Even after last week’s loss to OSU, even a win would not have felt all that great. They looked so bad, it was hard to watch. I probably won’t watch the game this Saturday. Too painful.

Not only all that, but add this tidbit. There is apparently a curse on A&M senior quarterbacks. Look at this piece by Brent Zwernerman of the San Antonio Express:

Perhaps the long-forgotten Dustin Long got it right — by hitting Highway 6 before the dreaded curse hit him.

Seven years ago, Long quietly transferred prior to his senior season, therefore avoiding the blight that has befallen every other Texas A&M senior starting quarterback this century:

The Curse of Dino Babers. Or Kevin Sumlin. Or maybe Vance Smith. As you see, the Curse still needs a proper name. The current A&M senior quarterback, however, prefers another “C” word.

“Coincidence,” Jerrod Johnson said, smiling. “It’s just one of those things.”

One of those things? Every A&M starting quarterback since the turn of the millennium has put up worse numbers his senior season than the year prior — and led the Aggies to a worse record. A senior year is when it’s all supposed to come together for a quarterback — not fall apart.

“It’s the beauty of sport,” Johnson countered. “You’ve also got baseball Hall of Famers who go 0 for 30.”

Johnson’s logic aside, who’s to blame? Let’s retrace the curse to its roots. Eight years ago, then-coach R.C. Slocum demoted Babers from offensive coordinator after some awful play-calling, prompting the scorn of a woebegone Babers. Slocum replaced Babers with Sumlin, the current  Houston Cougars coach who showed plenty of promise but never got to truly display his talents when the Slocum regime was dismissed at the end of the 2002 season, leaving long-suffering A&M fans wondering, “What if?”

Maybe poor Smith can be blamed. When the rangy quarterback signed with the Aggies in 1998, Slocum gushed, “He can throw it from here to Navasota.” But alas the dashing Smith, with a head full of wavy hair, rarely even threw it from College Station to College Station, before fading into oblivion prior to his senior year of 2002 — a symbol of unfulfilled deep (really deep) passes.

“I wish I could put my finger on what’s causing (the curse),” the affable Johnson said, gamely playing along while shaking his head. “But I can’t.”


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Texas A&M Has Best Wide Receiver Corps in the Big 12

More good news for the Texas Aggies. Foxsports Southwest has ranked the Aggies receiving corps the best in the Big 12. Given that Jerrod Johnson is ranked really high as well, that will give the Aggies one of the top offenses in the Big 12 and the nation. I really hope the Aggies live up to the all the expectations and beyond. This really could be a banner year for them. Here is what Foxsports wrote:

1) Texas A&M: The Aggies have the most talented wide receiver corps in the conference. It is difficult to know which receiver is the best among them: Jeff Fuller or Uzoma Nwachukwu. Fuller led the team in receptions (41) and touchdowns (7) in 2009, while Nwachukwu led in receiving yards (708). A&M also has two other receivers looking to make more noise in 2010 with sophomores Brandal Jackson and Ryan Swope.

May they have a banner year.

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Texas Aggie Quarterback Jerrod Johnson Ranked Number 1 in Big 12

I like this. David Ubben with Espn.com ranked the top five quarterbacks in the Big 12 and Jerrod Johnson is ranked number one. After that, I quit reading! Whoop!

Here is what Ubben had to say about Johnson.

Johnson topped our overall players rankings, so there’s no surprise he leads the quarterback rankings too. He threw a league-most 30 touchdowns and ran for more than 500 yards and eight scores. He needs to improve his accuracy (59.6 completion percentage), but you could probably say that about every college quarterback. The talent around him at receiver and running back makes his job easier, and he sounds ready to make the jump. Better numbers won’t do anything to validate him as a star. All that’s left is to win games — more than the six the Aggies won in 2009.

O, I can’t wait for College Football Season to begin!

As you can see, he also ranks Johnson as the best player in the Big 12. Yup… it could be a really sweet season. Here are Ubben’s comments from that post, the Top 25 players in the Big 12!!!

No. 1: Jerrod Johnson, QB, Texas A&M

2009 numbers: Third in the Big 12 with 3,579 passing yards. Led the Big 12 and finished No. 5 nationally with 30 touchdown passes, while throwing just eight interceptions. He also rushed for 506 yards and eight touchdowns on 145 carries.

Most recent ranking: Johnson was unranked in the past offseason’s ranking of the conference’s top 40 players.

Making the case for Johnson: I remember sitting down to make this list over a month ago and complaining that unlike the 2009 season, there wasn’t a clear candidate for the conference’s best player. When people say “Jerrod Johnson,” that’s not the first thing people think. There are still plenty of people outside College Station whose response would be, “Who?” Six wins in 2009 is a part of that.

But looking at his production last season, it’s clear that he is the Big 12’s best player and the top performer at its most important position. Only one quarterback (Blaine Gabbert) threw for more yards and only one quarterback (Austen Arnaud) ran for more yards. Johnson has plenty of talent around him to help produce those numbers, but he’s the guy that makes it all go. He’s big, smart, elusive and does whatever is necessary to move the ball.

He’ll have the ball in his hands a lot in 2010, but he’ll have the Aggies’ fate, too. If he plays well, they’ll have a chance at winning the division for the first time in a decade. If he plays poorly, they won’t improve much past six wins.

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