A "No Duh" Moment

(Timothy has had an awful day today. After having to have some tests run, he found out that the pharmacy sold him $2000 worth of medicine for the tests. Apparently, they can’t just order one vial, but have to order a whole box- ten vials, at $200 a piece, and non-returnable. They didn’t bother to tell him any of that. So, after discussing that with the pharmacy, they decided to charge us ONLY $700 for the vials. We donated them to the doctor for indigent patients who need the test, but can’t afford the medicine. I can’t understand WHY they can’t, can you? Anyway, needless to say, Timothy needs to work on the sermon, so I decided to blog for him.)

After reading through some of Neil’s posts over at 4 Simpsons I had a moment of clarity through the fog of my Spring cold- a “No Duh” moment.

The reason why atheists want to say there’s no heaven, no God, no Jesus, and the Bible a bunch of unfounded myths written and supported by self-righteous, deluded zealots, is so they won’t be held accountable for their sins.

They will not have to face an all-powerful, all-knowing, holy, and perfect God and have their sins judged. Their salvation is the belief that when they die they just simply go away, being turned back into dust. Ironic isn’t it, that their idea of salvation is annihilation? To them, that fantasy is far better than the reality of facing angry and wrathful God and eternal damnation. Come to think of it, if I wasn’t a believer, that sounds better, too.

The thing is, they do know the truth. They do know what their destiny is without Christ. All of nature points to it. That’s the reason why they cling so haplessly to the theory of evolution and vehemently deny ID. If there is a Creator, then all that Christians are saying is true. The Bible is true. They cannot have that, for they smell their death. They have to believe in evolution to feel more comfortable about what happens when they die.

The poor guys though, they can never clear the knowledge of their sin and its consequences from their being though they create theory after theory to try to remake and redefine their version of eternal life.

We cannot redefine what God has told us. Belief and faith in Christ for forgiveness and salvation IS eternal life with Him in heaven. Nothing else can get us there. We will all face God one day.
Some with Christ.
Some with only their theories.

Heavenly List

This is a “what if,” list. Meaning, I don’t seriously take this to be the case. But what if when believers get to heaven, we find there are many things that that we thought for some odd reason, would not be there. Here were a couple of my thoughts. Please, add yours to the list in the comments section and I will update it later…
1. Yes, of course we have chocolate!
2. Yes, of course your dog Joey/Casey/Rylie is here.
3. Yes, you will find a 36-hole golf course on the north side of heaven that is excellent this time of year.
4. Yes, there is a yatch club on the edge of the crystal sea. There is a regatta starting in a few eons… and yes, you can build your own boat if you would like.
5. Yes, we will let you build your own mansion if you like.
6. Yes, you can review the history of the world in the archives section of the library… but why would you want to? You’re in heaven!
OK, those are just a few of them that I came up with while drinking a hot cup of coffee…. (7. Yes, we have the best coffee!) while Rylie is at my feet chewing on an old Limbaugh Letter. He’s such a fun dog.