Do I Believe in Space Aliens?

It was not a question I was expecting this afternoon when I went to the country club to play a round of golf. One of our new employees was asking me about my Titleist golf cap with the Roswell Alien logo on the side.

I don’t believe in space aliens and said as much. But I had to think about it and I have to admit that some of my bad shots this afternoon were because my mind was preoccupied with the question. The rest of my bad shots were due to the fact that I’m just a bad golfer. I do have a long game now, but my short game still sends me into the triple bogey range and beyond.

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Watch the Saban Frenzy Bubble Over if Brown Steps Down

I love hearing t.u. faithful get all excited about the possibility of Nick Saban leaving Alabama to coach the longhorns just as soon as Mack Brown steps down, which according to reports, will be tomorrow. is leading the charge for Brown’s resignation. They are reporting that Brown will step down on Friday, however, sources close to the school and Brown himself, have denied the reports.

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College Football Bowl Schedule

Here is the upcoming college football bowl schedule, starting December 21 with the Gildan New Mexico bowl and ending January 6, 2014 with the BCS National Championship. I may try to pick the winners for fun, but not right now. I will say that I am picking Auburn to win over Florida State, and the SEC will continue it’s supremacy in national championship games. I don’t think FSU has a chance.

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Sumlin Lobbied Hard for USC Job

That is the headline of a story at, that states that Texas A&M’s head coach Kevin Sumlin lobbied hard to get the job at USC before the officials at A&M gave him a raise and a six-year deal worth $5 million a year.

This is really disappointing news. I’m disappointed in Sumlin. I know that coaches want the best deal they can get, but I thought Sumlin wanted┬áto be at A&M. I thought he liked it there. I thought there was no other place he wanted to be. That has always been the impression we’ve been given, sort of like the fact that Les Miles wants to be at LSU, and Nick Saban wants to be at Alabama. Turns out that Sumlin is using A&M as a stepping stone to his next job.

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The Game of the Century!?!

My folks texted me and had me come over this morning (a walk of about 35 steps) to watch the morning sports cast about the Texas A&M-Alabama game on for this afternoon. The sportscaster doing the story has dubbed the game, “The Game of the Century!”

At the point, my Dad started telling me the real game of the century took place in the Astrodome between UCLA and his Houston Cougars, was a basketball game, and featured Lou Alcindor and Elvin Hayes in one of the most watched broadcasts of all time. He is right, that is considered the GotC, and says so on Wikipedia!

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Manziel Gets Half Game Suspension — Aggies Everywhere Dancing in the Streets

This just in: it’s been announced that Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel will be suspended for half a game in the season opener on Saturday against Rice University. The case will also be closed from this point on, according to reports. This means the season is no longer in doubt. He will be able to play the rest of the season. Las Vegas will be taking bets on A&M’s season once again. (Not that I’m a betting man!).

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Texas Aggies Football in One Week!

The Texas A&M Aggies football season starts next Saturday at noon. Needless to say, I can’t wait. The experts are predicting A&M to have a 9-3 to 10-2 season, losing to Alabama, Ole Miss and LSU. If they are right on that, it will still be a great season. I hope they are wrong about the loses and A&M has a perfect season. But that is rare, I know, especially given that everyone will be gunning for the Aggies this season.

Nick Saban will probably have a few tricks up his sleeve to stop Manziel & Co. So will Les Miles. Heck, they all will. This is why the season is so exciting. We know it’s going to be really difficult and I’m hoping the Aggies rise to the occasion.

Now, if I can just find three tickets to the Rice game.