Good Southern Food

I was perusing Facebook this morning and noticed that my friend Andrew M. had a post about a women in South Carolina asking for “diet sweet tea.” That was humorous in and of itself because “diet sweet tea” is called “unsweetened tea.” I know that you can add those poisonous pink packets of powder to the tea to make it taste sweet and have less calories, but I’m convinced it is better for you┬ájust to add the sugar to the tea and drink it that way.

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Tennessee Food

As most of you know, we moved from South Carolina back to Tennessee in the last month, and one of the delights to the move is the food here. Like the food in Texas, it seems to be much better than what we found in South Carolina. I’m not bashing SC, it’s just that their tastes in food are far more mild than what we are used to.
Friday night we had the best Mexican food this side of the Mississippi River. Our favorite restaurant from 5 years ago is still here and doing well. It’s called Los Portales (Elisa says that means The Windows. I thought it meant lost outhouses…) We love the restaurant so much, we’ve eaten there twice now in two weeks. Elisa commented that it seemed like the Mexican restaurants were not as good in SC. She is right. I think the Mexicans there have toned down their food so the locals will buy it and eat it.
Not only have we had Mexican food twice in as many weeks, we’ve also had barbecue twice. Once at the Pig House, and today at the Back-Yard Barbecue, where they had brisket!!! Yes, that ever loving brisket that Texans love so dearly. Granted, for some odd reason they want to ruin it by putting cole slaw on it, but once you tell them to keep their cole slaw, it was like being back in Texas. I never could say this openly when we were back in SC, but I will say it now: “Your barbecue ranks right above Alpo!” I know, harsh, but it’s so true. In fact, I’m willing to bet that canned Alpo with the right sauce, is better than SC barbecue. So please, people of SC, don’t ever, ever, ever, boast about your barbecue. Blah! (OK, I’ve just crossed the line into bashing… forgive me).
Anyway, it’s really good to be back in part of the country where using spices liberally is common. (One of the few ways to use the word “liberal” or one of it’s cognates on this blog!)

Packing Up!

Yes, just letting you know, I haven’t quit blogging, but very busy packing up the house. Two PODS arrived yesterday, and we are busy filling them up with our possessions. Our ETD (Estimated Time of Departure for those of you in Rio Linda), is this coming Sunday. We will no longer be residents of the great state of South Carolina.

We made a lot of friends here, and will miss all of them. Hopefully, we will still be able to keep in touch with many of them.

BTW, the picture is from our vacation last week. Some of the members of NCPC were gracious enough to let us use their beach house down at Edisto Island last week. We had a wonderful time! This picture is of me holding the boys, and keeping them from being swept out to sea. We went to the beach JUST to look for shells, but they had other ideas. They wanted to jump in the waves, so… we did!

MSU beats Texas A&M!!!

Yes, you heard that correctly. Midwestern State University, MY alma mater, BEAT Texas A&M! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA!!!!

Nope, not in football, although looking at the last few games, that might actually be a possibility. I have to admit that I have been very embarrassed by my university caving in to the NCAA and changing their name from the Midwestern Indians to the Midwestern Mustangs in order to be PC. However the disappointment and embarrassment stemming from the change, I have to admit that I am proud of the lastest fact I just read. So, I just had to barge into Timothy’s blog and post it for you all to read!

How, might you ask, has little-bitty, MSU from the Falls beaten the great and awesome Aggies? Consumers Digest published a report in June 2007 that stated that Midwestern State University was the #1 best value for Public Colleges and Universities. Texas A&M, the only other Texas University listed among the 50 (of 209) schools rated #45. That’s great that they made the list. I imagine that they’d be about the same on that football list right about now, but being #45 on THAT list, isn’t quite as good. BTW- Fredicus Internicus, you might be happy to note that USC Aiken made the list as well, the only school from South Carolina. Drum roll please!! They BEAT Texas A&M as well! USC AIken is listed at #27.

According to the article in Sunwatcher, MSU’s magazine, Consumer Digest made a formula that used student performance, student-to-faculty ratio, 4-year graduation rate, 6-year graduation rate, the number of PhD’d faculty, plus the cost of tuition and room and board to determine the 50 best values.

Midwestern State University is number one! WOW!!

“Hail to Midwestern,
Hail maroon and gold,
We praise alma Mater,
As days of old!
Long live the INDIANS,
Long may they stand!
Onward to victory,
On hand in hand!”

Spurrier to A&M???

On the football forum at, there was a report that A&M may go after Steve Spurrier at the end of the season. That would be fun. Gamecock nation would definitely hate that.

But would that be a move up, or a lateral move? No, it’s not a move down. A&M has a National Championship to its credit and is known nationally. South Carolina doesn’t have quite the clout, but it’s not far behind. I grant that if Spurrier stays there for 10 years, South Carolina will have the clout.

Check out the discussion here.

College Football Roundup

Texas Aggies
It’s time once again for our football roundup, starting with the Aggies. The Aggies beat Montana State in their opener on Saturday. Nothing fancy, just a good solid game, in which both defense and offense showed up to play. There was some question to that when the game started since MSU scored on their opening drive. But the defense picked it up and the offense scored 38 unanswered points.

The victory helped the Aggies move up in the AP Poll, from 25 to 23. This, no doubt, was helped by the fact that Michigan exited the polls all together after losing to Appalachian State. What an upset that was. Michigan was ranked number 5 in the polls. They are completely out of the polls because Appalachian State is a Division AA school. It’s sort of like Baylor University beating the Dallas Cowboys. It just shouldn’t happen. But it did, and really sent the Wolverines packing.

The Aggies face Fresno State on Saturday. The two teams have never met before so it should be interesting. Fresno State is coming off a 24-3 victory over Sacramento State. They have had good success in the state of Texas, going 20-10-1 against Texas schools. But their victories come against Rice, SMU and TCU. All that to say, A&M should win this game.

LSU Tigers
The Tigers opened their season with a victory over Mississippi State, 45-0, showing why they are ranked number 2 in the nation. But they face No. 9 Virginia Tech this week at home, for their first real test. I’m pulling for the upset, but not expecting it. The Tigers seems to have a lot going for them.

South Carolina Gamecocks
The Gamecocks were not impressive in their victory over Louisiana Lafayette. But Fred seems to think that was part of the plan by the coach, Steve Spurrier. The coach didn’t want to show the Georgia Bulldogs anything for their game this Saturday. Yes, that could be the case. But since they didn’t have their starting quarterback, I believe it will be difficult for the Gamecocks to overcome the Georgia Bulldogs. All that to say, the Dawgs will win the game.

Sorry Fred. But that is my gut feeling.

BTW, I’m questioning my attempt to cover football all together. It seems to take a lot of time, and I don’t get to watch any of the games since I don’t have cable, and my household has been proclaimed a “non-sports watching center” by one of the prominent members of the household. So…