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A Clear Understanding of the Left

What is amazing is that no matter how much their bias towards the right is presented before the public, those on the left continue in their accusations of the right regarding the shooting in Tuscon, AZ. You would begin to think that the constant exposure would be enough to silence them, but they press on in their idiocy.

Here is this from Foxnews:

On Sunday, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank defended an earlier column of his in which he wrote that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck should still be held accountable for inspiring gunman Loughner and others to violence.

Appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Milbank said: “Both are finally being held to account for recklessly playing with violent images in a way that is bound to incite the unstable.”

But that stance simply ignores the truth, said Tim Graham, director of media analysis at the conservative Media Research Center.

“Facts are secondary,” he said. “I think that liberals are invested in story line of Oklahoma City — incivility leading to Oklahoma City– (and) they’re going to try to do it again with Obama.”

Milbank’s remarks on CNN stem from his Washington Post column from Jan. 11, in which he wrote: “While the accusations sometimes go too far — there’s no evidence that either Palin or Beck inspired the Tucson suspect — the heat is well deserved. Both are finally being held to account for recklessly playing with violent images in a way that is bound to incite the unstable.”

Citing no evidence on the CNN program, Milbank said Palin and Beck deserve to be in the hot seat.

“It probably wasn’t a driver in this case—we don’t know for sure—but it’s a driver in so many other cases,” Milbank said.

When asked by CNN host Howard Kurtz whether it was fair to hold a talk show host responsible for what some violent or perhaps unbalanced person does because they like a media personality, Milbank replied: “Yes, Howie, in the aggregate … [they] need to worry about that fraction of 1 percent who just might be driven over the edge.”

This is there attempt to lay blame simply in terms of silencing anyone on the right. As in, “if its possible that what you say, espouse or believe might lead to someone committing horrendous acts of murder, especially when there is no evidence that the two are related, then you need to shut up… or ‘be civil’ as we on the left like to say.”

What they are saying, as those in the Nanny State love to say, is: if someone gets hurt, then we must make a law to stop anyone else from getting hurt, and prosecute anyone who opposes our own view as co-conspirators. See the next cartoon for that one.

I really love the part about spoons and Oprah.

The Gunman Is To Blame In Arizona Tragedy

Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the Ethic and Public Policy Center in Washington, called the comments by Krugman, Durbin, and other liberals “sickening.”

“People were taking a terrible human tragedy and using it as a political club, and there wasn’t even a moratorium of 24 hours, or even 24 minutes,” said Wehner.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for those on the left to start trying to link Jerry Lee Loughner to people like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and the Tea Party Movement. Loughner is the 22-year-old man who gunned down a federal judge, 8 others and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Giffords is still in critical condition and with our prayers and the best medical treatment available, she should recover. (Above quote found here and here).

I knew the moment that I began reading about this gunman on Saturday that the left would try to pin the shooting on the right. Never mind the fact that this guy reads Karl Marx and idolizes Hitler, both socialists and leftist. The blame-game that the Democratic party relishes in started immediately. They are so accustomed to laying blame that they could not wait until some true facts were brought about. To try and link a nutcase and his actions is nuts in itself because we cannot control anyone other than ourselves.

Loughner truly believe in mind control and thought he was the one in control. He was. But only of his own actions. Let me clue you in: the one responsible for the shooting deaths of those on Saturday was the shooter, not anyone on the Left or the Right. Yes, Loughner read Mein Kampf, but that does not mean that Hitler is responsible for the death of the federal judge. Loughner is.

I know those on the left are itching to turn this into a political football. But to so means that they need to look at themselves as well. The moment that one of them screams for gun control is the moment we need to turn it back on them, and say that if you are going to scream for gun control, are you willing to ban all the books that Loughner read as well? Are you willing to ban those ideas that he fixated upon as he concocted his crime?

Guns are not to blame for what took place on Saturday. As much as I would like to lay blame on political ideas, they are not what caused the shooting spree. Loughner and Loughner alone is to blame. Not his childhood, his parents, his schooling, his lack of social skills, his lack of income, his eating habits, etc. He was the gunman, he is a killer, he needs to be dealt with accordingly.

UPDATE: Check out Neil’s post on this subject as well, here. Neil’s blog has the following and much more concerning the left’s hypocrisy:

This is just the latest excuse by the left to avoid making their case. Once again they can’t actually connect the violence to anyone on the right so they ask to be given a pass.

  • They couldn’t prove the Bush memos were real, but wanted to stick with the story anyway. This was the genesis of “fake but accurate.”
  • They couldn’t deny that Joe Stack (who flew his plane into an IRS bldg.) quoted the Communist manifesto favorably and disliked George Bush, but labeled him the “Tea Party terrorist” anyway.
  • They couldn’t deny that Richard Poplawski’s only connection to Glenn Beck was that he was disappointed in Beck’s debunking of a conspiracy theory he believed in. They continue to suggest Poplawski was a fan.
  • They couldn’t deny that Pentagon shooter J. Patrick Bedell was a registered Democrat and a 9/11 Trutherwho disliked Bush, but they wanted him to be a Tea Partier as well.
  • They couldn’t deny that Clay Duke was a leftist inspired by a left-wing movie produced during the Bush years, so they mostly said nothing at all.

I’m leaving out a bunch more. The census worker’s death who was blamed on the right, but which turned out to be suicide. The “right-wing” shooter at the Holocaust museum who turned out to hate Christianity and Fox News.

Also see the following story from Byron York. He writes about the hypocrisy of journalists urging caution after the shooting at Ft. Hood, but were quick to lay blame for Saturday’s shooting at the feet of Sarah Palin.

In Tucson, Arizona, a 22 year-old man named Jared Lee Loughner opened fire at a political event, gravely wounding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, killing a federal judge and five others, and wounding 18.  In the hours after the attack, little was known about Loughner beyond some bizarre and largely incomprehensible YouTube postings that, if anything, suggested he was mentally ill.  Yet the network that had shown such caution in discussing the Ft. Hood shootings openly discussed the possibility that Loughner was inspired to violence by…Sarah Palin.  Although there is no evidence that Loughner was in any way influenced by Palin, CNN was filled with speculation about the former Alaska governor.

I was hoping to hear Rush today on this issue but I wasn’t able to listen. Here is what he posted on his web site:

RUSH: What an embarrassing weekend it has been for the media.  I mean, utterly, childishly, silly embarrassing.  I knew it was going to happen the minute I heard about the shooting. I got on the horn with some people, said, “You wait. It’s in the template. It’s gonna follow.”  So predictable, so childish, so immature, and it has led to a number of people making abject fools of themselves. The Sheriff of Pima County has made a fool of himself.  I don’t know if he knows it yet or not.  Most in the State-Controlled Media, the Drive-By Media, are illustrating why we call them “the Drive-By Media.” They are literally making fools of themselves to take an incident like this and to try to turn it into a political advantage by accusing people that have nothing whatsoever to do with this sordid, unfortunate event, as accomplices to murder.  It’s silly on its face.

I hope no one buys into this garbage by the MSM. They are doing just what Rush said, fitting this into their template for their own political advantage. Sickening.

Federal Judge Turns Central Valley California into Third World

I hate the hard lessons of liberalism, and this is one of them. When a federal judge ruled two years ago that water used to support the crops of Central Valley could no longer be used in order to save a stupid fish, he brought third-world conditions upon one of the richest farming areas in the country. In other words, in one ruling, he put thousands out of work and turned the Central Valley into a waste land. This is why liberalism never works. Liberals always value things like fish more than human life (see the abortion argument). Here is what Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Fresno is the agricultural capital of America. More food per acre in more variety can be grown in the fertile Central Valley surrounding this community than on any other land in America — perhaps in the world.

Yet far from being a paradise, Fresno is starting to resemble Zimbabwe or 1930s Ukraine, a victim of a famine machine that is entirely man-made, not by red communists this time, but by greens.

State and federal officials, driven by the agenda of environmental extremists, have made it extremely difficult for the valley’s farms, introducing costly environmental regulations and cutting off critical water supplies to save the Delta smelt, a bait fish. It’s all driving the economy to collapse.

In the southwest part of the Central Valley, water allotments as low as 10% of normal have created a visible dust bowl. The knock-on effect can be seen in cities like Fresno, where November’s unemployment among the packers, cannery workers and professional fields that make agriculture productive stands at 16.9%.

Other Central Valley cities such as Hanford-Corcoran, Merced, Modesto, Stockton and Visalia-Porterville have similar jobless numbers, the highest in the country. The Wal-Mart Foundation notes that “24.1% of families in this community (Fresno) cannot afford regular meals compared to a national average of 9.2%.”

That’s right — a community that supplies a quarter of America’s fruit and vegetables is begging for food. City officials and the media seem oblivious to this irony. “Even if Fresno doesn’t finish first (in WalMart’s Facebook contest) the fight against hunger will still come out a winner,” the Fresno Bee crowed, citing publicity.

Fresno was ranked dead last at 102 as the worst city in America to do business, according to a 2010 MarketWatch survey. Four other Central Valley cities made the national bottom 10 — Bakersfield, Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton.

If that’s not a sign of a distressed region, what is? Fresno shouldn’t know the meaning of hunger or poverty, given its natural bounty.

It’s high time the greens who did this to the richest farmland in the country be held accountable. Far from bringing greenery, their disruptive agendas have left central California a wasteland.

Is this fish worth it? Not at all. Remember, the people that live in Central Valley are far more valuable than the fish. Should we seek to save the fish? Yes, absolutely. But not at the expense of the men, women and children who live in the Central Valley. They have the right to farm for food, and for this federal judge to rule otherwise is far beyond his authority. No entity has the right to deny men and women the right to grow food for themselves and for others. This is far beyond the pale of his authority and he needs to be ripped out of office, and made to live in the valley with the poor that he created. But alas, liberals are liberals. The judge will remain comfortable and well fed because justice is lacking. He will remain where he is because other liberals think he is justified in depriving basic human needs in view of the stupid fish.

Remember, to liberals, humans fall lowest in the pecking order of things. To them, causes, ideas and animals are far more important than basic human needs. Since those there in the valley have to turn to government for help, they are even happier. That is part of liberalism goal: to get us all dependent upon the government. If they can do that and keep a stupid fish undisturbed, so much the better.

For those of you who understand what I’m saying here, please, never buy into the line that liberals do things because they care about people or care about children. They don’t. If you do something that deprives people of basic human needs, then you do not love them nor care for them. You only care about your feelings and things that do not matter. Liberalism, and the Democrats who support this kind of foolishness need to be rebuked for their lack of love towards their fellow man. What they are doing is true hatred. May they be driven from power and live in the poverty they have created for others.

Hattip: HotAir.

Democrats Have Always Been the Party of Slavery

One of my beefs with the Democratic Party is their constant lie on slavery. They always try to pin slavery on Republicans and conservatives, yet, it was the Democratic Party that truly was the party of slavery and the Ku Klux Klan. They were and continue to be the party of slavery, only now, their form of slavery comes in the form of the welfare state and the burden of taxes on the people.

Remember that Obama said he would not allow taxes to increase on the middle class? Yet, come this January our taxes will increase in many ways. Not only did the Dems fail to extend the Bush tax cuts, but taxes on our health insurance will go up, making it more difficult to afford health insurance.

The Democrats also continue to be the party of racism. When there is someone getting racists, it is always those on the left doing so. Just take the case of Alan West, who is running for Congress out of Florida. He is black, conservative and running with the Republicans. Yet, he has been called every thing from Uncle Tom, Oreo, etc., etc. Not by those on the right, but by those on the Left.

Just listen to his own words.

Notice that Alan West doesn’t let it bother him. He is going to press on being conservative, American and Republican regardless of the racial slurs thrown at him by the Left. He also mentions the fact that the Dems are continuing slavery.

As long as the Dems try to get the country dependent upon government, using oppressive legislation like Obamacare to do so, they will continue to be the party of slavery.

Another thought that occurred to me when I first begin reading and thinking about this issue is why the Democrats have never apologized for slavery. Since they are the party of slavery, should they not lead the way in apologizing to blacks across the country? You will hear blacks from time to time demanding an apology from America, but they won’t start with their own party. They seem to imply that it should be Republicans who should apologize first, even though it was a Republican President, known as Lincoln, that brought about freedom for the slaves. It was also Republicans who helped get the Civil Rights bill passed back in the 1960s. The Democrats couldn’t do it without the help of Republicans, because there were too many Dems like Senator Robert “Sheets” Byrd who blocked the legislation (he was a member of the KKK for years.)

But alas, Democrats won’t apologize for slavery because they still believe in the principle of slavery. Only now, we are the slaves working for the Government, or shall we call it: Master? They want us to work and work and work giving our hard-earned money to the government so they can have more power and control over us.

I think Kevin McCullough captures these thoughts well on an article he wrote for

McCullough writes:

“And they have a right to be impatient about the pace of change. I’m impatient!”

While the American public has far more right to express those words in regards to the President’s policies, it seems this week, President Obama had it backwards. Speaking to a group of voters (barely 3000–remember the days of 100,000 plus with fake roman columns) under the age of 40, the President attempted to make the case that Americans should stick with his party in the November elections.

His attempts to get people to stick with him are truly in vain. The more he speaks, the more desperate he seems.

McCullough continues:

Yes, if he felt he was impatient in seeing change arrive, imagine all the people that feel further away from it than when they voted for him twenty-four months ago.

But it was what he said next that has evoked such curious reaction.

“It took time to free the slaves…”

Directly begging for voters to stick with he and his party in November, his words conjured up loads of emotion.

If one is to properly understand the analogy the parallel to be drawn would be to portray himself as a Lincoln-like, emancipating sort of character in 2010. If one is to be in fierce agreement with what he said one would be forced to analyze who Obama was referring to as slaves, and by necessity who he implied were the slave masters. Lastly, if the statement was to make any sense at all one would have to address the definition of “free.”

McCullough makes the case that Obama doesn’t know what true freedom truly is. He confuses slavery with freedom and vice versa. The expansion of government is costing our freedom every day. Every time he passes new legislation, the government expands and our freedom shrinks. I believe there is a reason theologically. The more that our country looks to government to solve our problems instead of God, the more we are given over to government. God warned the Israelites that this was the nature of government in 1 Samuel 8:10 ff, when the people demanded a king instead of letting God be their king, the king would start taking from the people and demanding things that did not belong to him.

The same is true of our government today. Our government continually demands that which does not belong to it. We have gone so far way from the biblical teaching of government. The purpose of the government it to make sure there is protection from foreign invansion and to carry out the laws passed of a civil society. This has fallen by the wayside because of Liberal Democrats, who deny the existence of God in any political entity, thinking the end all and be all of justice is the government running every thing from our health care to how much fat we consume on a daily basis. This mentality can only lead to tyranny and greater slavery. And that is what the Democrats are all about since their entire purpose in serving and governing is the expansion of government. They have never condemned slavery, because they still believe in slavery.

McCullough is far more gracious and continues:

Obama confuses freedom for slavery.

He has read of others who did free slaves. But he himself comes up short.

For anyone that forcibly coerces so many others into poorly run, horribly inefficient public policies to the degree that their very life depends them–may fancy themselves as historic.

But they are not setting anyone free from anything.

He is instead the new slave owner, operating the ultimate plantation, funded on the broken backs of tax-payers, who are in need of a civil revolt to restore what had belonged to them–self determination.

Link, here. (Hattip: Wintery Knight for the Alan West video).