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Roundup That Matters

I know this one is put out by Free Market America, but it makes the point. If we continue with the liberal policies of the Left, then America will fail as a country and we need do nothing to stop it. But I don’t want America to fail. I don’t want Liberals to win, or to pay for $10 a gallon gasoline. It shows the true nature of those behind the global warming movement. They are not people who are “for” the environment, but against the American way of life. They use guilt, lies and manipulation followed by regulation, regulation and more regulation in order to stop America from drilling more oil, being innovative, etc.

Watch the Video.

BTW, I had this posted in my Roundup before Rush Limbaugh featured it on his show. I always like to point that out.

Child Labor Laws are now being imposed on farmers and their children — if the above video didn’t make the point, you need to read this article as well. The American work ethic is under attack, as well as working-class farmers and their families. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I know those who did and they always have excellent work ethics. This is more government meddling that needs to stop.

Joel Osteen Declars Obama, Romney are Both Christians — Let’s face it, this guy thinks anyone who seems “nice” to him must be a Christian. What about the Dali Lama? I imagine he thinks he is a Christian too, along with David Koresh, etc.

What we are really need to realize is that Osteen has no authority to declare Obama or Romney as Christians. Given Romney’s beliefs, he is not. He is a mormon. Osteen cannot see the hearts of men and as Christ said, “narrow is the way…” Remember, the Jesus of Mormonism is not the Jesus of the Bible.

Big Oil Update: Oil is a Part of Nature

You may have heard the story that the BP Oil Spill from two years ago was causing problems for the fish in the Gulf of Mexico today. But that wasn’t necessarily based on … science. Apparently using terms like “evidence is nowhere conclusive…” gives away the fact that scientist are not even the least bit in “consensus” concerning what is causing the problem in the “relatively small portion of fish.” In other words, someone reported that fish were sick and dying and all the lefties immediately concluded that it was a result of the BP Oil Spill.

I like what Steve Maley of had to say about it:

Lest we forget, oil is part of the natural environment. Organisms have natural ways of dealing with it. Out of thousands of fish and shellfish tested for contamination, not a single tainted sample has been found. The article tells of fish found with traces of naphthalene in their bile — but you don’t eat bile.

I love those reminders. We need them in this politically correct world. Oil… occurs… naturally… in nature. In other words, oil is a part of nature, so introducing it into nature is hardly unnatural.

Hattip: Neil.

Bachmann Gets It

I love Michelle Bachmann’s position on domestic energy. She knows that we need to get the environmentalists out of the way so we are no longer dependent upon foreign oil. Here is what she said last week:

POINCIANA, Fla. (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann claimed Saturday that the United States has more fuel resources than any other country, but blamed what she termed “radical environmentalists” for bottling up American energy policy.

With untapped oil reserves in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and off the nation’s coasts, shale oil in Western states, and rich natural gas and coal deposits, she said the U.S. “is sitting on a mother lode of treasure.”

“The United States is the number one country in the world for energy resources,” the Minnesota congresswoman told a central Florida town hall meeting, arguing that in shale deposits alone the U.S. easily outstrips the total oil supply of Saudi Arabia. “That doesn’t even include … all the oil in Alaska.”

But Bachmann said environmentalists were preventing resources from being exploited, leaving the U.S. dependent on energy imports.

“Instead of thinking we are beggars out here begging for oil and for energy, we are the king daddy dogs when it comes to energy,” she said.

“The radical environmentalists have demanded that we lock up all our energy resources,” she added. “President Bachmann will take that key out of the door. I will unlock it.”

Environmentalist are nothing more than communist hold outs from the 1960s. We need to quit letting them set policy because they are not good for our economy or our country. Let’s vote for Bachmann!

Federal Judge Proven to Be Wrong

Remember the federal judge that ruled the water to California’s Central Valley needed to be shut off in order to save a fish? Turns out, shutting off the water hasn’t done one thing to save the fish. The plan, which put farmers out of business and caused the most fertile valley in America to become poverty central, hasn’t worked at all.

Here is the following from Investor’s Business Daily:

The green lobby assured everyone it knew what it was doing when it got a judge to cut water to Central Valley farmers to save the delta smelt. But while the Valley economy is now ruined, it hasn’t helped the smelt.

Some day, environmental radicals will be held accountable for crimes against the ecosystem — the human ecosystem.

Back in 2007, they convinced federal Judge Oliver Wanger to rule that the Endangered Species Act gave the federal government the right to cut water to thousands of farmers in California’s Central Valley to protect a 3-inch baitfish called the delta smelt.

That ruling turned many of the Valley’s prized vineyards and almond groves into wastelands. Jobs were lost, family farms were shut, fields went fallow and food prices rose.

But there’s been just one problem with this overreaching of the law: Cutting off water didn’t save the smelt.

A draft of a new study from the Delta Stewardship Council shows the water cutoffs had no effect on the smelt. The smelt remains endangered even as farmers have been punished with a policy that cut off as much as 90% of their water.

How about that. Common sense was scuttled to save a fish at the expense of jobs, farms and families, and the great plan by environmentalist isn’t working. But as Rush Limbaugh always points out, we shouldn’t question the results of such plans, because the environmentalists “had good intentions.” The report goes on:

Similar evidence is now coming out from the Pacific Northwest stating that shutting down the logging industry never did save the spotted owl.

In both cases, the science was highly speculative and new predatory species seem to be more likely causes. But that never stopped cocky environmentalists from saying they had all the answers — and all the power.

“Our farmers went through two years of supply cuts to have . .. better information and science, ” said Steve Wade, executive director of the California Farm Water Coalition, commenting on the report.

Wade noted that the water shut-off has been particularly hard on family farms, many of which have gone under as a result of the policies. He said their farms have been bought out by big agribusinesses, ironic given environmentalists’ hatred of that.

This really saddens me. Can we please tell the environmentalist wackos to sit down and shut up? How many times do we have to listen to them to find out how wrong they are when it comes to their science. It’s never based on good science, just speculative science. Science used for the purposes of turning the land back into it’s natural habitat.

The problem with this is that God never intended for us to leave the land in its natural habitat. Again, I’m not saying we go in and rape the land. But we are to fill it and cultivate it, and improve it and care for it. Leaving it alone, when there is a need for it, goes against God’s creation mandate, which is to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. The mandate by God still stands. Those in the environmental movement stand against this mandate, stating that the world is already over-populated and “out” of resources. What these people bank upon is our ignorance. The general population is ignorant to the true size of the earth, and the abundance of minerals and land we have. I wish I still had it, but there was a study done several years ago that showed that all the land in the United States that had people living on it was only 5 percent. That number drops dramatically if you add Alaska into the equation. We have plenty of land, plenty of oil, plenty of water, plenty of every thing we need. What we lack is the will to stand up to the environmentalist, the modern-day “end-of-the-world” preacher. Instead of preaching that the end is near, because Christ will return, they preach the end is near, because they say so. Sad.

Rush Limbaugh Points Out the Obvious: God Has Designed the Planet to Take Care of Itself

I love it when the obvious becomes obvious. For years, we have been told that oil, a natural product of the planet earth, was some sort of foreign substance that if it ever got into the ocean or on the earth, that it would destroy everything. Yet, the dirty little secret is that oil is not a foreign substance, and the earth is designed in such a way to take care of it when it is dispersed into the sea.

We are seeing this with the BP oil spill. It’s so bad, so destructive, they can no longer find the oil. The reason: the earth is designed by God to take care of the oil. I can’t say this enough. Oil is part of the earth. It is not the evil substance the environmental wackos on the left would have you believe. It is natural. And since this is true, the earth and sea water break it down. Yes, the oil spill was a problem and we need to clean up what we can. But what we cannot clean up, the earth will take care of the rest.

Here is what Rush said:

They can’t find the oil.  ABC News: “BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can’t Find Crude in the Gulf — As Size of Slick Shrinks, Experts Say Oil is Breaking Up, Staying Below Surface.” Once again, I, El Rushbo, was right. You remember how hated I was when I made this statement on May 3rd?  I was insincere and I was unfeeling and I had no compassion.  “Oh, yeah. It’s just going to break up.”  Now all of a sudden I am being validated.  “For 86 days, oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s damaged well … BP and the federal government have amassed an army to clean the oil up, but there’s one problem — they’re having trouble finding it. At its peak last month, the oil slick was the size of Kansas, but it has been rapidly shrinking, now down to the size of New Hampshire,” and it’s not even that big.

If the Gulf of Mexico is, let’s say, the Superdome and you fill the Superdome with water, the amount of oil in the Superdome is equal to a 24-ounce can of beer.  It’s infinitesimal, and it is being dissipated.  Everything I said here is true.  Oil seeps from the sea floor all over the earth and into the ocean every day.  It never surfaces.  It gets eaten alive; it gets broken down.  In fact, at the end of this ABC piece: “‘(It’s) Mother Nature doing her job,’ said Ed Overton, a professor of environmental studies at Louisiana State University.” Whoa, whoa, whoa! “Mother Nature doing her job”?  Who’s Mother Nature?  Mother Nature is doing her job?  Why doesn’t anybody ever say, “Yeah, Mother Nature is going to take care of this global warming stuff”? Mother Nature is being defeated by human beings in global warming but all of a sudden they can’t find the oil, and Mother Nature is doing just fine. Just fine.

I love it that Rush brings it back to the reason why the oil spill is being dissipated.

Okay, so they can’t find the oil.  They’re out there looking for the oil, they can’t find the oil.  They are reopening areas of the Gulf to fishing.  They aren’t gonna need $20 billion to pay people back for damages and yet they have swindled BP outta $20 billion.  The ex-CEO, Tony Hayward, who’s actually been sent to Siberia, I mean literally sent to Siberia, a BP Russian oil project, may as well be Siberia, said early on, “The ecological damage is going to be minimal here.”  He’s dead right and you pay a penalty in this country for being dead right.  You are hated, and you are despised, and you become a target.  So now BP has been swindled, shaken down for $20 billion for no reason.  There was no major destructive crisis.  The earth, Mother Nature — and to me, by the way, when I say Mother Nature’s taken care of it, who’s Mother Nature?  Mother Nature — listen to me on the left, listen to me on the left, Mother Nature, you know who it is?  God.  You spell it G-o-d. Mother Nature is God. Mother Nature is not a tree trunk.  Mother Nature is not some forest somewhere in the Amazon.  Mother Nature is the God of the Bible, the God of creation, and the God of creation taking care of all this despite our folly ’cause God loves us.

BTW, notice the picture above? We were told that the oil spill is the size of Kansas. Does that look like the size of Kansas to you? It doesn’t to me. It looks like the size of maybe Galveston island. That is hardly Kansas. This is what happens in the crisis-driven media. They try to tell us things we cannot verify for ourselves, except when NASA decides to release pictures of the spill from space. At that point, we can see for ourselves just how big the oil spill actually is. It’s not as bad as was reported. But that never brings in ratings.

Please don’t let Obama try to claim credit for this. If he does, know he is lying.

The High Priest of Global Warming Came out of His Igloo this Week.

Al Gore wrote an article for the New York Time’s saying that while he made some mistakes, global warming was still real and that all this snow and cold weather was a result of global warming. Here is what one columnist had to say about his reappearance:

If hyperbole and chutzpah had a child, it would be the opening paragraph of Gore’s op-ed in Sunday’s New York Times. Gore surfaced from the global warming witness-protection program to opine that despite admissions of error and evidence of fraud by various agencies, we still face “an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.”

Perhaps he’s trying to protect his investments as he knows them, for he is heavily involved in enterprises that deal with carbon offsets and green technology. If the case for climate change is shown to be demonstrably false, a lot of his green evaporates like moisture from the ocean.

Interestingly, it’s that moisture from the ocean that he uses to defend his failed hypothesis. The blizzards that have buried the Northeast, he writes, are proof of global warming because record evaporation due to warming is what produces record snows. Except that supporters of his theory not long ago argued exactly the opposite.

Follow the money when it comes to Al Gore. He’s not all that interested in the planet. He just wants more money so he can increase his own carbon footprint. That alone should cause everyone to be skeptical of this fraud. Gore should be tried for fraud… and now murder.

Did you hear about the couple that had a suicide pack because of global warming? They killed their children and themselves over the fraud that Gore has perpetrated. One of the babies actually survived. Read about here. This is truly sad. Gore, and his accomplices in the press, have generated so much fear over this fraud that one couple could no longer handle it and committed suicide. I really believe the best thing for all of us is to turn off the mainstream-media. They don’t care about what is true, but what sells their product. Gore and the press both wear the same harlot’s clothing.

More Global Warming Evidence Found to Be False!

This time, it is a glacier scientist who falsified information for political purposes.

The scientist behind the bogus claim in a Nobel Prize-winning UN report that Himalayan glaciers will have melted by 2035 last night admitted it was included purely to put political pressure on world leaders.

Dr Murari Lal also said he was well aware the statement, in the 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), did not rest on peer-reviewed scientific research.

Is there anyone left with a thinking mind that still believes in man-made global warming? Those of us on the right who have doubted it all along have been accused of not being among those when have a brain. OK, it’s time to put that charge back on you lefties. Do you have a brain at all? Can you think for yourself at all? Or do you still buy into global warming because Al Gore puts it forth? The same Al Gore that is making millions of dollars off the environmental industry.

It’s all been made up for political purposes by those who are anti-capitalists. Here is more of the story:

Dr Lal’s admission will only add to the mounting furore over the melting glaciers assertion, which the IPCC was last week forced to withdraw because it has no scientific foundation.

According to the IPCC’s statement of principles, its role is ‘to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis, scientific, technical and socio-economic information – IPCC reports should be neutral with respect to policy’.

The claim that Himalayan glaciers are set to disappear by 2035 rests on two 1999 magazine interviews with glaciologist Syed Hasnain, which were then recycled without any further investigation in a 2005 report by the environmental campaign group WWF.

It was this report that Dr Lal and his team cited as their source.

OK, what more evidence do we need? Scientist are not pure as the driven snow. They have motives and purposes that are less than pure, and are fully political. So before we continue all these programs that will relieve the atmosphere of CO2, which trees take and turn into oxygen, let’s look at the so called “evidence” of these scientist and quit listening to the “consensus” that Al Gore continues to put forth. Read the rest of the story here.

Climategate Continutes to Expand

A report out from scientist Joseph D’Aleo shows that U.S. government agencies simply decided to ignore data in order to continue the lie of global warming. It seems that the leaked emails has led to more and more people looking over the data we do have, and it seems that much of it has been fudged for political purposes. So much for scientists being… scientists.

As has been pointed out here before, many of those in the movement are religious zealots and could care less about true science. They are seeking to change public policy using their man-made religious faith. But I digress. The report by D’Aleo shows that data was simply ignored in order to make it look like global warming was real.

(D’Aleo) blamed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which he described as “seriously complicit in data manipulation and fraud.”

The East Anglia e-mail leak focused on the work at the Climate Research Unit there, but the director there has confirmed “almost all the data” in the archive “is exactly the same as in the Global Historical Climatology Network archive used by the NOAA National Climatic Data Center,” D’Aleo said.

But he noted that an analysis by San Jose computer programmer E.M. Smith of the data “found they systematically eliminated 75 percent of the world’s stations with a clear bias towards removing higher latitude, high altitude and rural locations.”

If this is true, then these scientists should be stripped of their scientific robes. They should be run out of town on a rail and be deprived of all their government funding (which is the worst thing that can happen to a scientist.)

You can see more of the story here.

BTW, I noted that Danny Glover relates global warming as the cause of the earthquake in Haiti. This shows the deepness of this religion that has been created. Glover is insinuating that the earthquake happened because of global warming and climate change… “this is what happens” because of what happened in Copenhagen. Suddenly, the earth is getting even with us for not doing more in Copenhagen. These lefties are deifying the earth. This is more of their religious beliefs that are coming about. See Michael Crichton’s piece on Environmentalism as Religion. When you ignore the truth, you are open to a lie and the left quickly grabs a hold of any lie that comes along, no matter how ridiculous it is. There should be no room for atheists in science at all because they are viewing the world through tainted lenses and a corrupt world view.

Global Warming is Dead!

I saw this yesterday, but wanted to post on it again. According to IBD, scientist are finally admitting that the “consensus” that Al Gore used to make his billions, is not adding up. In other words, all the alarmist using red herring of global warming to stifle capitalism is not true.

As scientists confirm the earth has not warmed at all in the past decade, others wonder how this could be and what it means for Copenhagen. Maybe Al Gore can Photoshop something before December.

It will be a very cold winter of discontent for the warm-mongers. The climate show-and-tell in Copenhagen next month will be nothing more than a meaningless carbon-emitting jaunt, unable to decide just whom to blame or how to divvy up the profitable spoils of climate change hysteria.

The collapse of the talks coupled with the decision by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to put off the Kerry-Boxer cap-and-trade bill, the Senate’s version of Waxman-Markey, until the spring thaw has led Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, the leading Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, to declare victory over Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and the triumph of observable fact over junk science.

“I proudly declare 2009 as the ‘Year of the Skeptic,’ the year in which scientists who question the so-called global warming consensus are being heard,” Inhofe said to Boxer in a Senate speech. “Until this year, any scientist, reporter or politician who dared raise even the slightest suspicion about the science behind global warming was dismissed and repeatedly mocked.”

Read the rest here.

I hope all you who bought into this garbage will be a bit more skeptical in the future. Our planet is regulated, but not by man. It’s regulated by a sovereign God, who has designed it to handle man, and all our uses. No, I’m not advocating ruining the planet. But we are not powerful enough to destroy it.

The same people who claim global warming are also those who claimed global cooling back in the 1970s. Even then, we only had 10 years before the planet launched into an irreversible ice age. But alas, many of you who bought into global warming were too young to remember this and bought into Al Gore’s lies.

Am I gloating… a bit. Forgive me for that. I’m just so sick of these doom and gloom prophets of environment running and ruining life as we no it. If we give ourselves over to them, we will move back into caves.