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“Gay Marriage” Shows Us Why Theology Matters

StraightPrideOver the weekend I came across an article by Dr. Peter Jones who pointed out that the recent shift by supposed “conservative” pastors on the issue of homosexual marriage, is due to the fact that they are theologically illiterate. Jones was commenting on the recent article by Dave Thompson of BlueHead Publishing who rips Genesis 2:18 to shreds when he admits that man should not be alone and concludes that gay people should be able to be with other gay people.

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The Left Screams for “Justice!”


OK, let me be upfront, my cynical levels are off the chart. I know that I’m supposed to drop into prayer mode for the victims of the Boston massacre yesterday at the annual Marathon held on Patriots’ Day, but my ability to be shocked by news headlines has wained. After my initial emotions ran their quick course, my thoughts turned to how the “left” would respond by demanding more be done in the way of giving Obama more power and removing more rights from Americans.

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Roundup That Matters

Just a few things going on that I’m able to comment on, and not able to pass up…

What Makes You Think the “Democratic Party” Has Changed? – Great piece by a woman that identifies herself as FDF NY (Ayesha Kreutz?) on how what I’m calling the party of death, the Democratic Party, hasn’t changed much since its inception and identification with the KKK. She writes:

I look around see these inner cities that are devastated by broken families, abortion, poor education (which borders criminal), high incarceration rates, illiteracy, drug infestation and general black genocide; and I see the power structure is mostly all democrats, in city after city and for 15 and 40 years and I have to ask you people what in the world makes you think the “Democrat Party”, which …was the party of the KKK, Segregation and now socialism has changed. I mean I hear you all say it and I hear a lot of these folks say a bunch of sweet and “well intentioned” things but when I look around and see the pain, devastation and brokeness, it seems like they are feeding you a line of bull… just the same old planned genocide and eugenics, they wanted all along only more cloaked, today, in fancy elitism and patronizing niceties. So again I ask, what in the world makes you think these people have changed from their past?

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The World Hates You!

This was originally published on September 20, 2010.  Please note that I was preaching at Grace Pres in Jackson, TN. I’m no longer preaching there.

How would you like the responsibility of preaching those words to your congregation? I had the opportunity and privilege to do so yesterday. I say privilege and opportunity because it is always a privilege to preach God’s word to His people. But yesterday’s message was difficult. Who likes to say, “Hey, guess what? As a Christian, know that the world will hate you.”

I couched it in terms of an ad agency. How the ad agency reveal that truth? How would it go over if our church ran ads “Come to Grace Pres, where you will be taught about the world’s hatred for you.

This is the truth of the gospel. When we become Christians, we are plucked out of the world by Christ and made His disciples. “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”

As a Christian, we must realize that we are no longer members of the realm called: the world. We have become members of the Kingdom of Heaven, and that means we are automatically at odds with the world. This is a wonderful reality for us in the long run, but in the short run, it means that we will suffer persecution and hatred from the world.


Because the world first hated Christ. If we just look at the number of times that John talks about how Jesus was not received, or rejected or hated or threatened with death, we see that the world absolutely despises our Savior. The rejection is complete. I know that there are those who like to say things like, “Well, I love Jesus Christ but cannot stand Christians.”

This is an out and out lie. Jesus said that if we love Him, then we will keep His commandments, and His commandments are that we love one another, i.e., fellow believers. So to reject Christians, is to reject Christ. To reject Christ, is to reject the Father. Welcome to the realm of the world.

However if we are of Christ, then we to love one another because the world will hate us. We need to stick together as believers and encourage one another. I believe this is one of the reasons that Jesus said three times in His upper-room discourse: “These things I command you, that you love one another.” He knew that the world would hate us as well and we not only need His Spirit in us, but also one another. This is why we are to remain together as a body. To separate ourselves, is to distance ourselves from Christ and His Kingdom. This also opens us up to the attack of Satan. Remember, he prowls around like a roaring lion. Roaring lions never go after the pack, but after the sick and the young and those who are alone. So we are to stay together.

We must also realize that when the world does display its hatred for us, we are to rejoice. Listen to Christ’s words from the sermon on the mount:

Matthew 5:11-12 “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.  Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

If we did not have the future promises given to us by Christ, the warnings of the world’s hatred for us would be sorely depressing. But we are given a wonderful promise: great is your reward in heaven. When we suffer for His name, then we should rejoice and be glad because we have a future hope that far exceeds anything we may have on this side of glory.

There is nothing here in this world that will last, or compare to the infinite joy and beauty we will have in glory with the Lord. When we remember this reality, we can endure the hatred of the world. For the love of Christ far surpasses any love that the world has to offer for us, for Christ’s love is enduring and far more fulfilling. The world’s love for its own is passing and in the end, a lie. It’s not true love in the sense that it does not seek the best interests of those who experience it. It cannot truly satisfy or fulfill those who yearn for it.

When Jesus tells us that the world hates us, we should rejoice because we really do not want the world’s love in the end. His love is far better. The sufferings and the hatred we may endure are only temporary. But not His love, or His Kingdom, or His promises. In view of all that, rejoice that the world does hate us. It means that we are standing for righteousness’ sake and suffering for His name. That is a blessing.

Yesterday, in my sermon, I mentioned this video. This woman is standing for righteousness’ sake. She is standing against killing the unborn especially black children. Watch the response to her. One man, white and liberal, tries to bring up adopting babies, as in, if you are really pro-life, you will adopt babies. Guess what? There are plenty of people wanting to adopt children in the U.S. If we would stop aborting all these children, then there would not be waiting lists for adoption.

The point is that you see the world’s hatred against this woman as she stands for righteousness’ sake. Please watch the video and support the movie if you can. It’s from The Runaway Slave movie.

You can see more about this movie here. It’s put together by C.L. Bryant, a black pastor who is conservative and is trying to show the dangers of socialism, progressivism, etc.

Hattip to Neil for the video.

Obama Could Be a Tyrant Because He Is a Tyrant

Over the past couple of weeks surrounding the debate over the Second Amendment, those of us on the right have put forth the reason that we have the Second Amendment in the Constitution: It was there so we could protect ourselves from the rise of a tyrant.

The left keep telling us Second Amendment is there so we can continue hunting. They act truly magnanimous in making these claims. But the Second Amendment was not given because the Founding Fathers loved hunting. It was given because they hated tyrants, specifically the tyrant they were living under in King George.

The Founding Fathers understood human nature for what it was. We are all fallen individuals with sin natures and any one of us, given the lack of restraint while in power, could rise to the level of a tyrant. This was the reason for putting the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers wanted us to be able to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. Tyrants arise when there is no restraint. The Second Amendment is part of that restraint.

This truth about the Second Amendment also negates those who are arguing that the Founding Fathers had no idea about the fire-power weapons have in our current day and age. This is a moot point, since the Second Amendment was given to protect us from the fallen, human heart in power. The power of the weapon is moot since it is the heart behind the weapon that makes it dangerous. Therefore if the government has rocket launchers, so too should the people, so that they can protect themselves from their leaders.

Another problem we have coming from the left is that our country and nation has been teaching the “inherent goodness” of humanity for so long that to suggest that someone as benevolent as Barack Hussein Obama could become a tyrant is just outside the pale of normal collective thought. How could such a nice man do something so wicked and evil like suppressing his own people?

He could do so because he already is doing so. Just his position and strong support of a woman’s ability to have her unborn child killed shows he already has the heart of a tyrant. The real reason for abortion, 99 percent of the time, is a matter of convenience on part of the woman who is pregnant. Obama supports this position and even goes further in his statements than the law allows, arguing for the right to kill a child of a botched abortion. His statements and positions on abortion show us his heart and show us that he is not beyond suppressing one class of people for the rights of another class of people.

By the way, a right is not a right if it means removing the rights of another person in order for that right to exist. Obama is more than willing to ignore the rights of the unborn for the convenience of the mother, and have tax payers pay for this convenience. I don’t know his personal reasons for taking this position, but I do know that it does show the heart of a tyrant. Any man or woman in power willing to wipe out a portion of society for the benefits of another part of society shows that they have tyrants hearts.

Therefore when we bring up the possibility that Obama could become a tyrant, we need not go far for evidence. He has already proven himself to be a tyrant in the sense that he will suppress a class of people simply for convenience sake.

This is why we need the Second Amendment in tact. It’s not there to protect our right to hunt or to shoot targets. It is there to protect our freedoms from such men as the president. If we allow this freedom to be removed, it will only embolden the tyrant that is within the president right now. The only thing keeping him from seizing the controls of this country more so is the possibility of retribution from the masses. He needs that warning and needs the reminder. He is there to serve the people, not the other way around.

One last point, the tyrant within doesn’t exist just because he is a Democrat. It exists in all of us and we need the restraints that are placed in society to keep tyrants from ruling all of us. This is why we are to pray for the president, not only that he makes wise decisions according to God’s wisdom, but also so that the Holy Spirit will restrain him in his sinfulness. We would need to pray the same thing if a Republican was in office. There are tyrants in all of us and we all need restraint.

Pray the Election Goes Pro-Life

That is my prayer for Tuesday’s election. I pray that it goes pro-life. I hope the LORD raises up candidates that will stand for the unborn and not just those who have that position, but will actually do something about it. It’s not good enough that a candidate has pro-life views if they do not do something about it. That is why I was so upset with George W. Bush. He had both houses of Congress and did nothing. I forgive him. But having a pro-life stance and doing nothing about it are two different things.

That is my hope for this coming Tuesday. Those who hold to pro-life views would win and those who do not hold those views would lose. I pray for that both on the national and local level. After all, as I’ve said before, does a candidate truly stand for us if he will to allow the slaughter of the most innocent in our society? The candidate that does that is truly a candidate of death and their hands are bloody.

Bishop E.W. Jackson Points Out Inconsistency of Democratic Party for Christians

The Bishop E.W. Jackson speaks out against the Democratic Party, saying that it is antithetical to those of us who are Christians. I’ve been saying it for years, how can the party that cherishes killing the unborn have anything to do with the Light of the World? How can the party that recognize two men in an unholy relationship have anything to do with the ONE who said it was an abomination to Him? How can the party the cherishes every level of sinful and rebellious behavior have anything to do with the One who submitted Himself to the death of the cross out of humble obedience?

The Democratic Party and Christianity are incompatible with one another. Christians should leave the party and not vote for those who stand with them.

Here is the Bishop E.W. Jackson saying the same thing from his perspective as a black Christian. I truly am encouraged by his words. Even though he is speaking mainly to black Christians, he reminds us that we need to stand with God, not some political party or candidate. God is the One who will take care of us, not the fallen government. Speaking of which see the second video in which Dr. Barbara Beller points out just how ridiculous it is for us to think that Obamacare will take care anyone at all.

I Am Anti-Gay, and Pro Chick-fil-A!

I know from the title that those on the Left will immediately brand me a hater and go right to hating me and my beliefs, but that is the world we live in. They will also try to silence me since I don’t fit into their model of what is “acceptable.” Again, this is the world where we find ourselves. We live in a world that does not value truth, or those who stand for it, because the world loves darkness rather than light.

Regardless of these realities, those of us who know the truth need to be willing to stand for the truth and stand for Christ who represents that truth. This is all the president of Chick Fil-A Dan Cathy has done. He said his beliefs are that marriage is between one man and one woman, and this has the Sodomite Left in a tizzy( Sodomite is the biblical term for those who practice the sin). Never mind that the Bible, which is the center of Cathy’s faith, condemns sodomy and never mentions marriage in any context other than it being between one man and one woman.

You know the firestorm that has errupted since that was made public. We have mayors from Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia telling Chick-fil-A that they are not welcome and others on the right planning a Chick-fil-A day! I’m almost tempted to drive up to Albuquerque on Wednesday just to participate.

What I believe we are seeing are those of us who are conservative/Christian/moral, etc., getting fed up with the LEFT and their absolute intolerance of our beliefs and values. We are tired of being excoriated for following principles found in Scripture, for having beliefs that don’t lead to immorality, for having to hide the truth that sin is sin, and homosexuality is one of the biggies when it comes to God’s word. We are tired of moderate Christians (at best) embracing those who are gay and living that lifestyle, telling them that they are OK that way, and ignoring the truth of God’s word. We are tired of gays trying to redefine marriage so they can live their morally bankrupt lives. We are tired of pastors who refuse to speak to the issue because they are more concerned with being liked, than speaking the truth. (See Voddie Baucham’s piece on “Gay Is Not the New Black” for an example of one of many pastors willing to stand for the truth).

I know, gay people are people too. I’m not calling for witch hunts, or cross burnings, or lynchings or any such Democratic polices of the past. What I’m calling for is a right to believe in God’s truth and to be able to declare with the freedom we have been given by our Creator. He has made known His truth to us, and it gets old seeing those who call themselves “Christian” capitulating to values and morals that are outright condemned in Scripture. It’s time to stand up with Cathy and others like him who are tired of having the Left define what is right and wrong. Remember, the Democratic party, which is the champion of the Gay Movement, is the same party that approved the lynchings of blacks in the South. It is the same party that was on board with segregation, and now on board with the killing of innocent children. I will not join hands with such people either openly or privately. As a Christian, we need to stand up against that which is sinful, both openly and privately. This means being willing to stand against that which Scripture condemns.

That is the beauty of Scripture. Let it declare the truth of these realites. In other words, we don’t have to invent words or phrases or any other such thing in order to declare the truth. We are simply to declare what it says. That is sufficient, the Bible is sufficient for these things.

In my title, I wrote that I’m anti-gay. This is true, not because of some level of meanness I may possess toward gay people. It is true because the Bible is anti-gay. As I, and others, have pointed out many times, there is not one single passage of Scripture that says anything positive about homosexuality. Every passage that speaks to the topic condemns it outright. Let the word dwell richly in our hearts so we can see what is sinful and what is not.

The Bible is also anit-adultery, anti-lying, anti-stealing and anti-idolatry. We are to stand against all these sins as Scripture does. The Left has so artfully cast the argument to make us think and feel like we are being hateful when we speak the truth. This, of course, is the lie of the Left. They have made that which is an abomination to the LORD seem normal and many who claim Christ as our Savior have stood quietly by and said nothing out of fear of their condemnation. This must stop. We must continue to fight the good fight and declare the truth, even when that truth is not palatable to the LEFT. Am I anti-gay? Yes, I am. But that is because Scripture is as well. Where Scripture condemns, we need to stand with it. Where it embraces, we embrace as well.

We are not being mean spirited by doing so. Only as truth is proclaimed will God use it to change the hearts and minds of the lost. Being bullied by the Left into silence is actually being mean spirited because we are capitulating to the lies of Satan. We have done this for far too long. We must not be afraid of declaring the truth.

I know there are many who continue to speak the truth and have so for many years. But to those who sit by silently, and try to have gay friends so as to seem open minded, you are the ones that are truly mean spirited. You value your comfort and desire to be open-minded and accepting more than you value the gay persons eternal salvation. That is what is truly mean spirited. You have your salvation and because you desire comfort over confrontation, you are not willing to share the truth with others so that they too can have salvation as well. Any who do this need to repent, and lovingly speak the truth.

UPDATE: I got the following from Facebook friend Maria:

Kathy Stahlman Hildebrand -
There are those of us who define all sin as God defines it in Scripture. And we freely admit that we are sinners, as is declared in Scripture a…nd borne out in our lives. We count on the finished work of our Redeemer for redemption, and we hate the sin (in ourselves more than anywhere else) that sent Him to the cross and that jeopardizes our fellowship with Him. Other people do not look to Scripture for their definition of sin, and some refuse to believe there is such a thing at all. It’s logical, I guess, if they don’t believe in God, they don’t believe it is possible to sin against Him.

But what has ALWAYS seemed odd to me is how this word HATE is assigned selectively to anyone who is against a few specific sins but not against other sins. That is, if I think it’s wrong to lie or cheat, no one accuses me of “hating” liars and cheaters. I merely say what they (or I, when I do either of those things) are doing is wrong. All the politicians and Hollywood stars that think murder is wrong (unless the victim is still in the womb), do I accuse you of hating murderers? No. I don’t. HATING a person has nothing to do with it. The pro-life movement is a prime example. It is now energized and driven very much by those women who have experienced the grief of having an abortion. They do NOT hate the women who struggle with this sin; they are there to tell them they don’t have to struggle any more.

UPDATE NUMBER 2: I should have already included this, the Chick-fil-A song by comedian Tim Hawkins:

Use Obamacare to End Abortion

Yes, I’m extremely disappointed that the Supreme Court rule that Obamacare is nothing more than a tax increase. That being the case, the Court said that Congress has that right, so the country was just handed the largest tax increase in history.

I also recognize that there are those who do not have insurance and need it, however, I don’t believe this was the way to go. Since we are on this trajectory, now is time for Republicans to formulate a plan to end abortion through Obamacare. How? Simply by using this bureaucratic monster to delay women in getting abortion.

When a woman seeks to get an abortion, require that she must sign up for a three month course that teaches her the full implications of abortion, both biologically and psychologically. This way, she is not duped into believe that the life in her womb is just “pregnancy material.”

Once this course has been completed, then she needs to apply to a special board of health officials that will interview each candidate for the surgical procedure to take place. Then, she must file the appropriate paper work in triplicate… submitting it to all the appropriate branches of Health and Human Services, or department heads, who must read the forms, agree that she is a candidate for aborting, and grant her the service. At this point she must apply to another committee for an assigned and appropriate physician to perform the procedure and once he has passed all the legalities to perform the abortion, then he can do so.

But wait, there is more. Since the abortion doctor must also have the right number of nurses, they must apply for permits and be authorized to help the physician in this procedure for THIS patient, and once that is approved, then they too can assist in the procedure.

Once all this is done, the child, who is now 18 years old and graduating from high school, can be aborted… only by then, it will be too late.

Honestly, I’m trying to find some empty silver lining in all this. I really am shocked that it was Justice Roberts that sided with the liberals on this issue. What an absolute disappointment.